The radiation level at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has reached 4,000,000 microsieverts per hour is an absolutely lethal dose

The spread of radiation from Fukushima 24.06.2011-26.06.2011

Robot measured the radiation urvoen indoor Fukushima, where a full-scale nuclear crises occurred at 3 rectors, and found a higher level of radiation-over 4,000,000 microsieverts per hour. This level is so high that it is 100% lethal dose for 1.5 hours after exposure.

TEPCO reported that radiation levels were outrageous found in a pair, up the ventilation inside the reactor. This same-radioactive steam later released into the atmosphere.

As previously reported, earlier radiation levels exceeded 1 million microsieverts per hour. This happened after a major new fire at Fukushima, which was completely ignored by world media.

4,000,000 microsieverts / hour = 4000 mSv or 4 Sv. 4 Sievert per hour is the dose of radiation, which is known to cause immediate death in 50% of people. Dose at 6 sieverts is lethal for 100% of people.

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