The reconstruction of the Palace of Sports Crystal (g.Tashtagol)


In the Kemerovo region in Tashtagol opened after reconstruction Palace of Sports "Crystal". The costs were 16 million rubles.

Favorite sports establishment of many residents in the city center. Adult and children's swimming pools, a huge sports and fitness, shooting, physical therapy room, sports equipment rental are very popular among the population. For the season sports palace visit tashtagoltsev and 90,000 visitors.

In the palace of sports are educational-training classes, swimming lessons, basketball, also operates a gym, said the regional administration. Rooms visited by the residents and visitors of the area of all ages, from children to senior citizens and people with disabilities. With special children over 15 years of coaches involved in the physical therapy group. Lessons for schools, training for sports schools in Alpine skiing and snowboarding are held here for free.

In addition, the "crystals" are training district teams in volleyball, basketball, held city, district and regional competitions, sports days of labor collectives of rural areas.

Repair work carried out in record time. Renovated gymnasium roof. Parquet flooring of oak, which meets all the requirements for the competition at the highest level. Repaired large and small bath basin, fully replaced filtration equipment and water treatment.

Despite the reconstruction, increasing the value of sports in the renovated building is not planned, promised the head of the district, Vladimir Makuta.

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