The scandal surrounding the death of defense contracts threatens military-industrial complex

The scandal surrounding the state defense order threatens the destruction of military-industrial complex

Scandals involving the Ministry of Defence and the Russian military-industrial complex does not stop. Thus, if the conflict caused by the interview Academician Solomon was like itself to itself, then timed to near Moscow air show MAKS-2011 string of scandals just shown that it is not only the price of conflict between producers and buyers of military equipment from the War Department . And it is not about the claims on product quality. Almost question about frank resistance of the defense minister and his team, on the one hand, and a number of control military-industrial complex — on the other.

Scandalous publications in Russian media flashed with indescribable speed. In this case, the occurrence of some of them without the assistance of interested persons is not the smallest level it would be unrealistic.

When the Hero of the Russian Federation, honored test pilot Magomed Tolboyev in an interview, "the Metropolitan Komsomolets" states: "What is a fifth generation fighter aircraft — is 80 years, we then flew them! They invented 30 years ago, and the show in 2011 — m "- it is unpleasant, but not very surprisingly. It does not cause particular surprise by his message that the central base of the Air Force of the Metropolitan Area of the military — the airfield "Kubinka" — willing to implement some kind of billionaire. Obviously, this is — a direct accusation to the address of Defense, but to things we have become accustomed.

But when a journalist from the same newspaper carried the shops vypuskayuschegorakety "S-300" factory "Avangard", carefully describing how things work in the enterprise, this is something new. In particular, when with all this explanation of an anonymous employee of the plant turns out that the military prick all: rocket "S-300" is no longer manufactured, missiles, "S-400", allegedly taken into service, in fact, even as it is not, and promised rocket "S-500" — generally until a myth. And the beautiful maxim, expressed by the representative of "Vanguard": "We rule the people who are unlikely to pose to myself, look like those rockets that we do. While the composition of the officials who govern our destination and the concern above, is useful for at least another three years, so that the S-400sostoyalsya. "

No, it does not just issues of cost arms underlie the conflict erupted.

But here began MAX, and on the first plan came out again prepyadstviya military procurement. In the first day of the air show as it turned out that a number of treaties which, as previously planned, will be concluded between the Ministry of Defence and Aircraft Corporation, will not take place. The first stated this at a news conference Misha Pogosyan — head of "United Aircraft Company." In this case, it was the supply ship "MiG-29K." Right behind it, "Helicopters of the Russian Federation," announced that the contract for the supply of helicopters, "Ka-52" for the Army is still under negotiation. And with the helicopters for the French "Mistral" nothing has been decided: the military to this day do not know how many to order for this ship.

Incidentally, after the scandal caused by the interview Academician Solomon, President Dmitry Medvedev gave the order to finish registration of contracts on state defense orders in the summer. Summer ends, and representatives of virtually all the companies they say that they have no new contracts for this year the state defense order

Naturally, in the defense work for us optimists, hoping that the contracts will be concluded in September or October of the year today (it's in the best case). But time is of the order process on the majority of military goods — 8, 9, 10 months, so that the 2011 state defense order, despite the insistence of government and again thwarted. And the question of whether our army advanced weapon that discussions are not only in the offices of officials, and the media, virtually one hundred percent lost their privacy.

It may very well be exactly what the publicity forced the military conflict in the end we agree with the holding company "Helicopters of the Russian Federation" and the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology. Even before the Air Show Defense signed with helicopter manufacturers supply contracts until the end of the year more than 450 helicopters. "In the framework of the state defense order for 2011 year with the Ministry of Defence signed a seven lengthy contracts Short-three and one contract to supply Ka-52 is to be signed, "- said on this occasion of the holding" Helicopters of the Russian Federation, "Dmitry Petrov, expressing confidence in all of this is that the state order of the year for the supply of helicopters will be executed. From day or for a day are expected to sign agreement with MIT — the first institution troublemaker Yuri Solomonov.

But with the United Aircraft Company (UAC), and with the United Shipbuilding Company (USC) signed agreements not. Minoboronypo still dissatisfied with the prices of the products offered, considering them to be groundless. In the end, as convincing acquainted sources, contracts for delivery of 24 MiG-29K and 65 of training Yak-130 is the total price of about 3 billion dollars to 31 August will not be concluded. This will happen only when Defense agree with the manufacturers cost.

However, there is still export orders, which representatives of the military-industrial complex in the heat of battle with the Minister Serdyukov forgets. But the head of "Rosoboronexport" Anatoly Isaykin full of optimism. Last supply of arms to Syria under previously signed contracts. In the midst of them, incidentally, the Yak-130, and various exercise machines to them. Excellent prospects, in his view, open to trade with Jordan and Bahrain. According to the forecast Isaikina, in 2011, "Rosoboronexport" over-fulfilled last year's plans to supply weapons zabugornom customers and exports it to more than 9 billion dollars. A portfolio of his company, according to Isaikina in the first half of this year reached 36 billion dollars. And the biggest volumes fall on a technique for the Air Force.

Why, talking to reporters, representatives of military-industrial complex circumvent these side issues? Is "Rosoboronexport" trades military equipment made in other countries?

What is happening now between the MIC and Defense — it's not just fighting for the money. It's also a struggle for the whole complex of interests, first, the interests of groups of people standing at the head of the opposing sides. Specifically, it defines their strategy: the military does not want to raise the noise, and the representatives of the military-industrial complex give extensive interviews and journalists lead the workshops held companies. The military and bureaucrats stride defense industry, strive to resolve all issues in their favor in the quiet rooms. Themselves in unprofitable situation industrials try "to make dirty linen in public", seeing it as the only hope for a fair, from their point of view, rassredotachivanie funds. If the confrontation drags on, the defense may simply die, leaving the army at the mercy of Western manufacturers guns.

If the managem
ent of the country does not want the situation has evolved in such a scenario, it is time to use the power for an immediate end to the conflict between the Ministry of Defense and the defense industry. It is not too late.

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