The Second World War. International in the army in Germany

A lot of the facts known about the history of the Second World War, each which countries were on which side. But here's what nationalities were part of the army — do not know a great group of people.
Propose to meet with the "true Aryan" German army. For those who believe that it consisted solely of its allies — is seriously mistaken. Can you imagine in their ranks not only the Germans, the Japanese and others, as well as Arabs, Indians, Azerbaijanis, Koreans and even the Africans?

This article will present photos of soldiers of Nazi Germany during World War II with a few comments.

All photos are increased by a clique.

Let's go …

The Arabs:

One of the photographs Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini. By the way, this man called Hitler a "defender of Islam" and "a great friend of the Arab people" (this is specifically for fans to quote about "Christ-chief of the German people")

Indians and Pakistanis:



Warsaw. 1944. Awarding of Azerbaijani foreign players (involved in the suppression of the rebellion)

The Armenians:

Chechens, Ingush:

Also give the word to the commander of one group of German saboteurs, Avars (one of the peoples of Dagestan) by nationality Colonel Osman Guba: Among the Chechens and Ingush, I had no trouble finding the right people who are ready to deliver, to the side of the Germans, and to serve them. I wondered: what these people are unhappy? Chechens and Ingush authorities in Sovetchkoy lived prosperously, in abundance, is much better than before the revolution, which I was personally convinced after more than four months within the territory of the Chechen-Ingush Republic. Chechens and Ingush, I repeat, nothing need that catches my eye, I recall harsh conditions and constant deprivation, which was acquiring in Turkey and Germany Gorskaja emigration. I did not find any other explanation, other than the fact that these people of the Chechens and Ingush, moods izmencheskimi against their country, led shkurnicheskie considerations.

By the way, if the USSR was used in the promotion of anti-communist rhetoric, in India or in Arab lands — the theme of the struggle with British colonialism. With that, the colonies were the allies of Germany — Italy, for example.

Agitation movement in the Caucasus:

The Koreans:

Well, about the Japanese will not even resemble — is so everyone knows. How is called the Axis? "Berlin-Rome-Tokyo. And by the way, mentioned just above the Koreans do not really like the Japanese, and for good reason. However, one photo yet lay out (on his sleeve — badge with the flag of "Rising Sun", a very rare thing):


Bosnians Muslims

Representatives of the Volga region:

The Crimean Tatars


As well as a large number of representatives of the African tribes …

I will not remind about Ukrainians, Jews and Russian purebred, about them and talk so much until now.

Once mixed the war of all into a single bloody pulp. Now accuse someone of something, in my opinion, just does not make sense. Everyone was fighting for his ideals, and sometimes, just the desire to kill, or being forced.
The aim of this review was not inciting hatred between peoples. In my opinion, you need to know and take the story for what it really was.
All good and clear skies.

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