The situation in Syria as before remains tense

The situation in Syria remains tenseFrom Syria As before coming disturbing information about the ongoing clashes between the troops of the incumbent government and the militants. The Minister of Internal Affairs of this country again confirmed the readiness of law enforcement agencies to prosecute ferociously those who violated the law.

January 28 Syrian border guards managed to repel the invasion of terrorists by Turkey. In the area of Dzhanudii placed near the town of Jisr el-Shughour, there was a fight, as a result of which several militants were killed, the others managed to flee to the neighboring countryside.

At the moment, in Syria operations are carried out by the rebel forces prosecuted in the provinces of Homs and Nahal. In Talbise crease and battles were fought between the regular army units and troops of the Free Syrian Army, during which there were dead and wounded as the one and the other sides. Deterioration of the situation observed in Aleppo, which is considered the economic capital of the country. In the quarter Marjah are arresting people who oppose the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

In the district of Damascus insurgents are active, constantly come reports of attacks on army outposts in such places as Sacbe, Hamura, Kafr Batna, Misraba, Rankusa. In some areas is transfer of military reinforcements and armored vehicles. According to "Al Jazeera", near Damascus sided with the opposition about 300 soldiers and officers of the government army. Information agency Syria SANA did not comment on this information.

Another diversion occurred on an oil pipeline in the province of Deir ez-Zor in the east Syria. There was an explosion and a large fire broke out, the struggle which was carried out in a few hours. The losses from the explosion were more than 2 thousand barrels of oil.

Mohammed Ibrahim al-Shaar, the interior minister Syria, also said that those infringing on the stability and peace in the country, waiting for the terrible punishment.

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