The situation in Syria: Nicolas Sarkozy hostile

The situation in Syria: Nicolas Sarkozy belligerentSouth American President, as you know, opposed the bombing of Syria. Such a move, in his opinion, would be incorrect. But his French collaborator Nicolas Sarkozy said that France is ready to participate in military operations against the Assad regime — though on the condition that such an operation would approve the UN Security Council.

On nedavneshney press conference in Washington, giving the proposal a comment McCain and other Republican senators who demanded the bombing of Syria, Obama said that he believes to begin military action "in the one-sided manner, as some here suggest, it would be a mistake."

South American president said that in Syria — more difficult situation than was once Libya. Obama, like before, suggested the use of a diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions. He expressed confidence that this pressure will force Assad to abandon the presidency.

President Sarkozy says differently. It is configured to military way. On Tuesday, he read specifically about the military operation. The channel "France 2" the president said that, whether the consent of the UN Security Council, he would have supported the Syrian operation. Nicolas Sarkozy said that the French army has no right to interfere in the affairs abroad, if the French are not in danger and if a military operation there is no international mandate.

For Sarkozy, the need to achieve the removal of the veto by China and Russia. He expressed the hope that the election of Vladimir Putin to the presidency "will force it to reconsider stance Syria. "

The conflict in Syria has escalated first of March when stripping the military stronghold of opposition — city of Homs. Fierce fighting has led to huge destruction and many of the victims in the middle of peaceful people. In addition, thousands of Syrians have fled to Lebanon. Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister said that violence Syria it seems more and more ruthless. The minister called on to make a "humanitarian corridor" to help the peaceful population.

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