The situation in the Russian education is a national security threat

The situation in the Russian education is a threat to national security This year, the school went almost 13.1 million school children and a higher educational institution for more than 7 million students. Unfortunately, the situation in the Russian education, despite the endless reform (or perhaps because of it?) Cheerless.

Even ordinary citizens RF understand that the situation is almost critical. According to a poll conducted from 19 to 23 August, the Levada Center, like segodnyaschy system Education of only 2% of respondents, while 45% of people RF not satisfied with the existing system of education in the country. So the dynamics of the development of education in Russia have not fun — 37% of poll participants felt that the quality of education in RF over the last year have worsened.

The list of more fundamental problems of Russian education system in the first place is the increase of additional foreign exchange costs for training (46%), the second — the lack of enthusiasm of the students to the learning process (34%), and further down the list: the growth of drug addiction and crime at school (32%), increasing disproportionate additional costs and the properties of education (30%), the invalidity of the introduction of one state exam (27%).

On the Russian government, but prefer to ignore the countless signs of degradation once the best on the planet of the education system and convey the "achievements". "Fraud" and the creation of "Potemkin villages" have become almost the main activities of the officials of the Ministry of Education. They have some successes, such as the achievements of teachers innovators, computerization, etc., presented as the successful development of the system. But in reality, education collapses as 90 — 20 years age and early 21st century. There is a drop in property training teaching staff, leaving Russian elderly people with a high-quality basic education and youth, in the main, people who have not found the self in other areas — more profitable, with all this affects the degradation of higher education. And kids are not the same: dramatically increased the percentage of students with delayed development and various mental disorders, oligophrenics. Often in the classroom for 25 people only have two or three completely healthy child. The others — different acquired diseases: stomach problems, cardio-vascular system, musculoskeletal system, a lot of kids with visual impairments, etc. The schools fell sharply discipline mat is already commonplace thing, not only in high school, and in the middle. The real epidemic of smoking, womanizing. The situation is so dire that "eye to eye", not officially, many teachers might be happy to restore corporal punishment, otherwise this wave of degradation are not just suspended. Teacher currently being absolutely powerless. From him only require — high quality education, training toddlers (physical labor, mental, spiritual), "innovation", personal development, etc.

Silent in the official media and the "optimization" of schools — they shut tyschami. But neither Andrei Fursenko, nor his deputy Maxim Doolin reporting to the president of Russia's readiness for the opening of schools, made no reservation that in the 2011-2012 school year will not continue to operate more than 1000 (!) Russian school (this data is the head of sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko, which he read out in the middle of August this year) they are closed forever in the process carried out in RF "Reform" of the education system. In this sad list — almost 900 schools in rural areas. They are called "ungraded", because due to population decline, particularly perceptible in the countryside, there are not a lot of kids and they're easier to carry to school towns, cities. And, obviously, none of the officials of the Ministry of Education and Science are not being recalled on Sept. 1 that since the mid 90's in the Russian Federation, closed above 20 thousand (!) Schools, most of his own village. If the "optimization" of schools will continue at a pace, the Ministry of Education will soon have nothing to report: the true time in Russia, according to their data, there are about 47 thousand schools.

The total closure of schools throughout the Russian Federation typical Russian "reform," in which the basic point is the "optimization", ie, the closure of schools, kindergartens, libraries, museums, health institutions, military units, etc.

Saving motive is clear, but it affects other aspects of life in Russian hinterland. Closing schools, government, causing great harm to all villages.

This year the school will be yet another "blow": all wages will be implemented according to the principle of normative per capita funding. This system has previously entered into a number of regions, and the teachers about it formed a negative outlook. This is a very sinful for-work teacher. Introduced competitiveness between schools for pupils between teachers, between the school administration and staff of teachers (administration has its own kind of "guards", with respect to the highest wages, completely mobilized into the ranks of the "United RF"). Such liberal scheme never brought before a fall. In addition, rural schools automatically lose the city — and that of their babies less and less teaching staff, ie they will be even "poorer". This additional separation of our society is already dismembered by "successful" and "losers." Teachers in this system, "losers", with a salary of 4.8 million rubles, at least some merchant watermelons from the market over them laugh.

In addition to all the teachers just "crushed" endless papers, checks, "innovation", "modernization", tests, and the struggle for survival. They simply have no time to talk with the children and do their own direct obligations — superbly to give knowledge and inspect the progress.

Another big discrepancy that appeared in the Soviet Union — is the view that underachievement child — teacher's fault, not him or his parents. Teachers are not profitable to exacerbate the schools, and even the latest fool or a vicious bully (who would have to serve time in the corrective labor) will be given a certificate, "drawing of threes."

Need to reset the system when teacher can set realistic assessment, without regard to the administration. If the student can not or do not want to learn, it should be left to the second, third year. If he does not teach, it must be excluded from school (wipers are always needed). These kids break down all the others — it makes no sense to try to put all the same top three.

Medvedev is once again "pleased." Russian President announced the latest initiative, "the leader of the nation" is going to offer Russian businessmen from the famous list of Forbes, whose wealth exceeds 1 billion. bucks to spend in Russian schools lessons on "The History of actual success." Maybe you need to change to a different theme: "How to steal millions and not get on the bench?"

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