The sixth day of the earthquake occurred in the north-west of the country

Earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred on Sunday in the north-west of the country, said on Monday Seismological Service Center of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

The epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of five kilometers and is located 25 kilometers west of the city near the border Zakataly Balakan country with Georgia.

Propulsion in the epicenter was five points in Zagatala and Balaken — four points.

The first earthquake in the same area, a magnitude 4.5 was recorded around midnight on Saturday.

On Sunday, there was a whole series of earthquakes: in 15.09 (14.09 MSK) a magnitude of 4.0, 15.14 (14.14 MSK) with magnitude 5.6. Propulsion, this time in Zagatala and Balaken was six points in Mingachevir, Sheki, Shamakhi, Gah, Yevlakh and in Gabala — three to five points. According to the Center of Seismological Service, as a result, the disaster "in some of the buildings there was a destruction." Then the tremors occurred at 15.20 (14.20 MSK) — magnitude 3.4 and 17.10 (16.10 MSK) — a magnitude of 3.0. Another earthquake was recorded at 15.20 (14.20 MSK) in the south of Azerbaijan in 23 kilometers east of the city Lerik. Its magnitude was 3.2.

In May of this year in the north-west of the country, a series of devastating earthquakes, the first of which magnitude 7.0 was recorded May 7 at 17 kilometers southwest of Zagatala.

As a result, the element has been destroyed more than 500 private homes, some seven thousand houses have come to the emergency state.

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