The starting point of the youth movement launches campaign to protect animals

The starting point is launching a campaign "Today dogs — tomorrow we will!"

Astrakhan city administration decided to kill 16,500 stray dogs. Youth Movement "starting point" starts the campaign in defense of animals.

The intention of the Astrakhan City Hall became known, when the portal of public procurement was posted information about the tender, in which the administration of the city of Astrakhan is willing to pay 5.5 million rubles for the shoot 16,500 stray dogs in the four districts of the city.

Astrakhan youth movement "starting point" has issued a statement about the inadmissibility of such barbarism. The blog traffic
published an appeal It says:

"Despite the fact that in November, the Dome was made a law forbidding it to do. And not only in the law, civilized society can such a barbaric way to solve the problem. There is not enough to get rid of the problem humanely., But with a light hand Municipality 16 500 000 or the innocent animals will be killed. within our power to stop it. youth movement "starting point" calls on you to take part in the campaign "Dogs Today — Tomorrow we".

Federal media have already responded to the initiative of the City Hall. Those who have learned of the impending destruction outraged. Leader of the "starting point" Alexander Alymov in his blog called the decision genocide against dogs.

Alymov says:
'I believe such a course is unsustainable. It is well known that those who will shoot mostly focus on quantitative indicators. So aside from stray dogs get a hot hand and the homeless. Greed in this case would be the main driving force. " He also posted on his blog fotgrafii killed dogs, urging the society to help the youth movement to protect animals.

Campaign to protect stray dogs begins today. Youth Movement issued a plan that is going to work:

  • A few days(From today) We will disseminate information on the Internet.
  • During this time, we will prepare street protests. And next week, we can already start them.
  • In parallel, we will keep collecting signatures.

Furthermore, the "starting point" has launched an appeal to all the political and social movements: "We call on all political forces, civil society organizations to join us. Together we can protect the dogs. Either we protect, or on the streets of the city you will see brutal murder "Contacts:
Tel: 8908611 13 June — the leader of MD "starting point" Alexander Alymov.


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