The subsequent step reboot — the alliance with Russia

The next stage of the reset - a union with RussiaIt is time for re-evaluation of U.S. foreign policy to European solidarity.

Ronald Reagan once time brilliantly used the non-existent gun — Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) to speed up the cool end of the war — a war in which no one kept fighting.

So Makar, the main purpose of SDI from the beginning was to put an end to war, cool, in other words, the division of Europe into antagonistic blocs. Reagan was so concerned that his plans for the missile defense system is not broken and that the nuclear balance worsened All-European contention that he had expressed his willingness to share these technologies with Moscow, which was then still the capital of the Russian Union.

Obama is wise to begin by repealing Bush's plans to deploy missile defense complex at the Russian border, is now trying to revive them. This trend undermines its excellent few foreign policy achievements. The existing plan to deploy parts of a missile defense system in Poland and Romania led the former and possibly future President Vladimir Putin to the public to say, "Well, where is your reboot?"

Unfortunately, Obama has proved unable to withstand the pressure of powerful lobbies, including the factions inside his own party who are so willing to support and expand our worldwide network of puppets.

As a result, President Medvedev has recently announced its intention to oppose Moscow though what actions America to deploy its missile defense system in the periphery of the RF method to neutralize Russian missile system located in Belarus, Kaliningrad and some other Russian regions.

Of course, the threat of bankruptcy can still save us from this potential disaster. Why disaster? Since it is a one hundred percent results destroys heroic and virtuous efforts of Reagan and Gorbachev, who laid the foundation for the modern architecture of European security and economic cooperation stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok, also including North America. Both sought to put an end to civilian war in Europe, which enveloped the period from the beginning of the First World War and the Bolshevik seizure of power in RF and before the second world war and war cool.

Many members of the U.S. foreign policy establishment reject the idea that our home can be a reliable partner, as no shares our values. Putin to their already long been a reincarnation of Stalin, and that they justify the obvious exaggeration of negative political processes in RF, including fraud nedavneshnih elections to the State Duma. But it forgets to mention that for the first time in the history of the Russian Federation ruling party could publicly accuse of unfair elections, and when the new Duma will begin to work, it can be a real platform for exchange of views, arguments and discussions of the political life of the country.

So Makar, Our homeland continues to own a hard, sometimes painfully difficult, but still confident way from totalitarianism to freedom. At the same time, our militarized foreign policy, dualistic monopoly of the Republican and Democratic parties in the ether, vsesuschie media, both on the left and on the right, make a unique and avoids interfering in other people's affairs republic of George Washington into something resembling fabrications Atlantis . At least, when in November 2012, the Ron Paul is not overcome, even in the revival and there is no conviction.

Rebooting should be something huge than just the cessation of our efforts on strategic encirclement of Moscow. We need to finally get out of their own zabugornyh endless wars. We need to do the first step on the road to failure from its own imperial ambitions and to the construction of a new pan-European agreement in the interests of moral, cultural and spiritual development of the peoples of the Northern Hemisphere and the Wider Europe.

Pan-Europe can raise only the revival of the inheritance of Athens, Rome, Jerusalem and Constantinople or nothing fails, but it will happen only by agreement with Russia, and in no way different.

Our homeland was reborn under Putin, as his time revived the United States under Reagan. Those of us who have struggled to send Marxism-Leninism on the ash heap of history, doing so in the hope and expectation that our homeland will rise up around his own historical greatness from the rubble of a failed ideology.

The Yankees should be proud of their contribution to the liberation of RF and tirelessly work with her to model the new paradigm of cooperation in the field of security and economy in the space of the Northern Hemisphere.

To that end, the platform of the Republican Party in 2012 to include a call to Moscow to confirm their eagerness to join the European house. At the same time we must declare their commitment not to expand NATO eastward and not have its own armed forces, including missile systems to the east of Germany.

As a result, the security of all NATO members would be guaranteed the fifth article of this block, and the post-Soviet Our homeland will feel confidence in the stability of their own western borders. This will allow her to further develop and successfully offset the enormous damage done 70 years of Marxist-Leninist government. The movement towards a strategic partnership with Moscow need if united Europe wants to solve common tasks associated with the growing power of Asian and Islamic extremism.

If, notwithstanding the lack of funds, the United States still decide to continue the development of missile defense systems, we must turn away from the placement aimed at Russian parts of the system and make it instead of opting for the creation of a joint US-Russian system of defense against threats from "the States rogue. "

We call on the presidential candidates from the Republican Party to a reassessment of U.S. foreign policy to European solidarity. Global hegemony we do not need, well, we can not afford it for themselves. Review their policies we had after the fall of the Berlin wall, but did not. Needed to catch up. Now is the time to act.

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