The Syrian army on the verge of collapse?

The Syrian army on the verge of collapse?Since this statement was made by a high-ranking defector.
Syrian Gen. Mustafa al-Sheikh, who fled to Turkey, in an interview, has predicted an apocalyptic turn of events in Syria and said that the Syrian army is at the stage of total collapse.

According to the views of the general, most likely it will happen in February of this year. According to him, the size of the army was reduced by 66%. The soldiers left the army, are in a state of utter demoralization, most of the military equipment is out of order. Most of the officers who are professed Sunnis, have fled the country or were arrested.

Readiness of personnel Syrian army is at the views of the general, 32%, and the readiness of military equipment — 40%.
Gen. Al-Sheikh believes that develops a very scary situation, which at any moment could undermine the entire region. About Gen. understand a little: for 37 years he served in the Syrian army. Very long perceived the decision to desert, before he fled to Turkey. His decision is not affected even probable repressive measures against his countless family. The cup overflowed al-Sheikh gang rape of his wife, committed fighters in a village near the town of Naha. Gen. believes that the Syrian army has become a "crazy killing machine." He is convinced that, if the last time there will be some compromise will flash whole Middle East.

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