The Syrian opposition captured the Russian Embassy in the symbol of protest against the veto in the UN Security Council

Syrian opposition seized the Russian embassy to protest against the veto in the UN Security CouncilIn the Libyan capital, Tripoli, the Syrians captured Russian embassy, those expressing their outrage against Russia blocking UN Security Council resolutions.

About 200 Syrians broke into the embassy building RF in Tripoli. The attackers hoisted over the residence of the Ambassador RF flag of the Syrian opposition. Weight loudly shouting anti-Russian slogans in support of the draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria, which the other day our homeland and China vetoed.

According to the representative of Syria, the Council of State, no act forcefully against the embassy staff were not applied.
The position of Russia and China Syria Sunday strongly condemned by the United States of America, France and England. In their opinion, such acts by the Russian and Chinese management are intensifying confrontation inside Syria, which may in any moment lead to civilian war.

Deepest regret blocking the resolution expressed the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, saying that such precedents discredit the company. With the condemnation of Moscow's position made Organization Islamic Cooperation. Recall that our homeland is a participant-observer of the organization.

Project resolution developed Arab League in particular the support of the European states. The main objective of this project — to finish the violence in Syria, where since March of last year are mass protests.

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