The tendency to modernize

The tendency to modernize

In the 3rd world and the former Soviet Union prefer to improve the existing armored vehicles

The situation on the market tanks is determined by two factors — Consignment of new models and the rapid development of a range of services for the modernization of old times. These criteria of the country, to buy huge amounts of armored vehicles of past generations are more inclined to improve already available technology.

Gone are the days when tank become obsolete in a short period of time. In the golden age of armored race 30-40-ies of a generation of combat vehicles invariably put off for scrap after four or five years of service. At this point in the tank parks armies of the world sometimes cost benchmarks 30-40-year-old, and those who are quite poor — and even older. The military prefer to mount on existing tanks advanced weapons systems and monitoring devices, to improve the armor protection and change propulsion. In actual fact, such an approach is profitable removal equipment from service and its substitution for the latest.

Recent announcements of the world market of armored vehicles to support this thesis is simple.

The tendency to modernize

2nd Youth

Army of Peru signed an agreement with Ukraine on "modernizing" their own T-55 tanks. It should be considered in the logic of the military strategy of building on a background of unwinding the arms race with its neighbors, first with Chile. In this case, the Peruvians not the first time trying to upgrade their existing three hundred square meters of Russian armored vehicles.

The previous attempt to update is a multi-stage tender for the purchase of a new tank, in which the Chinese defeated "Type 90-II» («remake» Russian export T-72M), ahead, namely, the Russian T-90. But the feature of the export version of the Chinese tank — MBT-2000 was the engine-transmission compartment (MTO) of Ukrainian origin. Following the announcement of the contest winners Chinese Ukrainian side denied them the right to re-supplied logistics in Peru. Is not that important question of whether it was fundamentally calculation of winning the market or just a small tactical revenge for the trouble, which at the same competition suffered Ukrainian T-84U "Hold" (the local version of the Russian T-80UD). The result is obvious: Ukraine, it seems, is ready to get a good agreement with the prospect of growth — if you remember how much more in the richest countries are not left T-54/55 tank family.

The proposed T-Peruvians 55M8A2 Tifon-2 is based on a modification of the T-55AGM. This project is the modernization of an old and widely vserasprostranennogo in third world countries Russian tank developed in Kharkov KBM. Its basis is the installation of a new instrument (optional — 125mm under Russian ammunition or 120 mm to NATO) with automatic loader (and a reduction in those crew of up to 3 people), is also more massive multi-fuel diesel 5TDFM. There is also the possibility of introducing guided weapons "Combat" (Russian analogue of the "Reflex").

In practice, this is absolutely not the T-55. Machine becomes harder to 9 tons, change the chassis, propulsion, weapons system and fire control equipment. According to a number of professionals, fighting ability, "Typhoon" approaching Russian tanks such as the T-72B standard in 1985, and definitely superior to a modification of early versions of the T-72M, widely represented in the global market. Namely, points to a fundamentally gain in mobility, a rich composition of the new unit and transmission solutions like applied to the Ukrainian T-84U "Hold."

In general, a number of professionals have expressed doubt that all three of hundreds of Peruvian T-55 will be turned into "Typhoons". Was in service with the Army of Peru machine rather age, they will require a huge amount of work to remake. Remake itself will also not cheap. In this regard, there is fluctuation in the choice of the basic platforms: would not become more profitable purchase on the same basis Ukraine "boxes" of the T-72B and carrying on their modernization works?

In this section of the project plus probable Tifon-2, in which experts point for armored vehicles — the price of a T-55 manual: it is about three times lower than the T-72. In addition, the T-55 platform well-known Peruvian military and the modernization will produce a Peruvian company under the supervision of Ukrainian professionals.

With tanks Leopard 1V, which in Chile 172 pieces, "Typhoon", according to professionals, will be managed successfully. But as a "potential enemy" for their considered and more than sophisticated tanks Leopard 2A4, 202 units of which were received in 2007 armament Army of Chile (about 30 of them later handed over to Ecuador). A total of clashes with the machines already the least predictable, but the system equipment (including managed, which caused the greatest interest among Peruvians) "Typhoon" allows them to compete successfully with these competitors.

The tendency to modernize

Heavy legacy

Not so long ago, it became clear even one deal to modernize the Russian armored vehicles. Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry has caused a partner which will help him to improve T-72 tanks, Baku inherited a legacy of Russian Union. It will be the Israeli defense concern "Elbit Systems", surpassing the competition Turkish opponents of "ASELSAN." Transaction volume, composition techniques to be made to the product and details of the modernization project has not yet been disclosed.

Azerbaijan in turn contribute funds to equip its armed forces. Painful defeat in the early 90-ies of the Karabakh militias, supported by the Armenian forces (by the views of Baku) or volunteers (say in Yerevan), urged the country to direct management attention on the state of the army. The fact that almost 20 years ago seemed impossible becomes reality uniform: in Transcaucasia turned arms race that Azerbaijan wins.

The process of strengthening the national economy and the significant increase in revenues from oil exports have allowed Baku to allocate significant amounts to ensure all the necessary forces of the republic. Armenia is obliged to live rather timidly — the expenditure part of its budget compared with the Azerbaijani military waste, which severely limits the competitive ability of Yerevan.

So Makar, these criteria Azerbaijan has no urgent need for procurement of new armored vehicles. But the enthusiasm grows to programs when upgrading: for Azerbaijani park "72-h" has about 180 vehicles, of approximately one third of them was delivered in the past year, Russia.

Details of the project are unknown, but with some caution we can imagine that at the output of the system such as Azerbaijan will receive a T-72 SIM-1 — the creation of another &qu
ot;Elbita" well-known Russian military on the basis of "five-day war" in 2008 with Georgia. In this case, it can be argued that the troops will arrive machine capable of active combat operations NIGHT MODE and in adverse weather conditions. This will provide an advantage over the armored forces of Azerbaijan "colleagues" from Armenia and Karabakh, having more of an old version of the T-72, especially in a night battle on rough terrain, which is quite possible in the criteria for the hypothetical resumption of hostilities.

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