The third world will be launched during the 2014 Olympics

Twenty-fourth in March 2011 known Russian astrologers, shamans and parapsychologists gathered to discuss forecasts for the year. But 2011 the predictions are not limited to …

"What is called the global financial crisis, it was not really the financial crisis, but only its sign. This financial crisis is ahead of us "- the audience cheered the first speaker, environmentalist astrologer Alex Kolov.

The most weighty astrological way, of course, Pavel Globa, "I now many accused that I promised to Russia peaceful year. Like, what is he quiet, just shakes Japan. But Japan's not Russia. In the world in this year of the war will be, but in our country will be fine, except for the summer — the summer will be difficult, in June — July of three eclipses in a row. And just this year, six eclipses — a catastrophic year was the last time 20 years ago, when the collapse of the Soviet Union. "

Eclipse has "created this year a lot of bad things," warns Globa: by the time of the latter, on 10 December, armed conflicts will lay the Balkans, and the Nobel Prize podlozhat terrorist bomb.

According to Globa, this year is equivalent to 1939-th — the year before the second World War, "in astrological data."

Together with frightening accuracy learned the start of the third world: March 2014-the first, exactly during the Olympics in Sochi and a maximum of five days after its completion. Where brew whole mess, Pavel Globa has chosen not to speak. Reported only that the African revolution will gradually move to Russia in the years to lay a Central Asia. A fault in the whole Black Moon. On that day, when she united with the Sun, the bombing of Libya. When Black Moon joined with Uranus, an earthquake in Japan.

In the near future, broadcasts Globa, a revolutionary upheaval is expected in Syria and Yemen. Iranian leader ousted after all — in three years. Lucky only ruler of Algeria. "I looked horoscopes leaders of all the countries in the region — said the astrologer. — The president of Algeria — the only leader, devoid of any charisma. He was born, by the way, in one day with Gorbachev — March 2, 1937. This will go quietly — give him a yacht, a villa. No revolution in Algeria will not. As for the fate of Gaddafi, then the whole problem is that no one knows the date of his birth — whether it is the year 1937, or the 1940-th. If he really was born June 7, he shall die in his birthday — just next eclipse. But I do not believe he's twin — behaves like a typical Aquarius. Recently, the newspaper wrote that he was the son of a French pilot. And publish photos pilot. I looked up — and the truth, one person. "

Parapsychologist Larissa Weiss also not predicted anything good: "Spring is a protracted, hot summer, will be produced six-fingered children and animals. I saw it within yourself. " More parapsychologist saw inside that "the commander in chief is looking for a successor, and the successor will be the letter" K ". According to parapsychologists, such internal vision it has never cheated — many do not believe now, but back in 1996, Larissa Weiss saw Ukrainian woman with a scythe, and even talked about it in an interview with a famous Russian magazine.

Now she, too, sees a woman — this woman will rule Russia, standing behind a male president. "Exactly! Svetlana Medvedev this breaks "- some of those present agreed. "And here and there, — specified parapsychologist. — This woman — not the President's wife. She is an athlete and a teacher. " "Is Alina Kabaeva?" — In the audience gasped.

Has not specified about the athletes, parapsychologist switched from Russian weather to world: Japan tryahnet more than once, and even at this year's world many people are going to die.

Tuvan shaman Andrew Dondukov reported that "in 2009, the era of the Board of the death god Yamaraja for all saved will have to answer, especially close to the gates of death this year will be on November 5th." Shaman, to everyone's surprise, confirmed the words of Mrs. Weiss — is, men have long lost their true power, and we live in an era lzhepatriarhata, which will soon be over and back matriarchy.

However, Russia will survive this change of trend easily. Its rulers remain Dmitry Medvedev — a man, who in September last year, Russian Buddhists successfully recognized the embodiment of female deities — White Tara.

"But Putin Bothisatvy not taken? Or he did not want to? "- Asked the reporter. "Putin — the military, and Medvedev yoga does. Generally there are two types of men. One type — horizontal, the military. And there is a vertical type of men — these tend to spiritual growth. Medvedev — the real king, the anointed of God. But Putin — just a khan or prince, "- said the shaman Dondukov.

However, astrologers, shamans did not believe, and almost threw his slippers: in fact, the stars say they will continue to only get worse, and shamans claim that since 2012 all will be, on the contrary, great. Some confusion out.

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