The three days of darkness. Prophecy.

Based on the information contained in the ancient sources, the star accompanies vast cloud of gas and dust. The approach of a neutron star class "propeller" to our planet, the Earth will enter its gas-dust cloud and plunged into impenetrable darkness. Probably three days of darkness, which they say the seers to be the most terrible disaster for the world. What threatens the whole of humanity? And how to escape from this terrible disaster?

As is known, the cosmic gases consist mainly of hydrogen and oxygen, helium and nitrogen. Currently in space discovered about 20 species of simple organic substances, clouds of ethanol, methane, etc. In addition to gaseous nebulae there are dozens of different substances that are beneficial to health will not name. In outer space, and report the presence of comet tails of various cyanide — hydrogen cyanide, tsianradikaly, tsianatsetilen. Revealed the presence of cyanide, which is a potent poison choking. Cyanide instantly causes respiratory paralysis. After contact with the substance in the atmosphere of the Earth from the stars and gas and dust cloud exceeded MPC (maximum permissible concentration — 0.0003 ml / l), consequences will be dire. What substance gets into the atmosphere of our planet is unknown, but visionaries unanimously recommend tight (tight) Close all windows and doors and do not leave the house.

Vision Johannes Fried (1204-1257), an Austrian monk of the Order of St. John Johannes mentions unusual cosmic cloud that its shape will remind Bears' Big Bear Nebula appears in the vicinity of the earth and fill the space on the horizon of five hundred suns (probably meaning the angular size of the gas-dust nebula in the night sky — Prim.S.V.). It is a few days, more and more will override the sun shines. At night, the moon will not shine, and the constellation of Orion, which is from the light of Jupiter would emit radiation and sends it to the Big Bear. This constellation will light nebula with its rays. "
Three days of darkness: "By this time, humanity will suffer from terror. Birds will be like reptiles and will not use their wings. Terrestrial animals in fear and anxiety raise such a noise that he will make human hearts tremble. People flee to their homes, not to see the strange phenomenon. Finally, install the full darkness which will last three days and three nights.
During this time, people are deprived of light, will fall into a drowsy state, from which many people do not come out. Especially those who have no spark of spiritual life. When the sun rises again, the earth will be covered with a layer of ash like snow in the winter. Except that the ashes will have the color of sulfur, damp fog will rise above the ground, consisting of volcanic gases.
Dead people will be more than died in all wars. In the mansions of the priests will read the book "Apocalypse" (St. John the Evangelist — Note. the author.), churches will be waiting for the approach of a large comet. On the seventh day after the return of the light, the earth will absorb the ashes and abundant harvests, which had never been before. "
From the constellation Orion drop beam of light to Earth to show the way to the location of the greatest and most remarkable man that ever lived on Earth. Surviving in this world will proclaim his ancient doctrine. And it will be announced by the Messiah millennium in the light of true brotherly love — for the glory of the Creator and the happiness of mankind. "
Italian peasant Maria Taiji (1769-1857), which was reported by the press in 1835, a vision of Jesus Christ, to tell the world that God made two penalties for the people living on earth, one in the form of wars, revolutions, and other disasters, and the other will be sent from heaven. I see total darkness over the land, which will last three days and three nights. Nothing will be seen, and the air will exude the global plague, which will take almost all and not only the enemies of religion. During these three days of artificial light will not ignite. Only sacred candles will shine and give light. At the time of the disaster believers should stay in their homes and read prayers. Someone who are curious, open their windows or out of the house, down dead on the spot.
At the time of the disaster, many of these wicked men, enemies of his church, as well as their God will be killed by the divine scourge. Their corpses around Rome will be as numerous as the fish, which, after the recent flooding of the Tiber was in town. All enemies of the Church of secret and open die on Earth during this universal darkness, except for a small part that believe in God. The air will be full of demons that appear in the form of various hideous forms. "
Fragment of prophecy, which was found in the archives of the German aristocratic family Passau
(19th century): "Winter came, and the darkness will cover all around for three days, booming with thunder, lightning will shine, and the earth begins to crack …. Damaging wind fills the night haze of poisonous dust. Bubonic plague, a fierce battle between the people … ".
Prediction Franz Kyugelbera. Upcoming events he had seen in a dream and in the waking state as color pictures movie. Vision of the future pastor Ellerhorstom recorded in 1922.

"Three days and three nights in a long darkness. It will start after the terrible thunder or an earthquake. No fire is not lit. You can not eat or sleep, and only prays. Only holy candles will be lit. The one who looks out of the window with curiosity, will meet with death. Zips enter the house, you can hear the awful curse devils. Earthquake, thunder, sea noise. One of the people will call the Virgin Mary and Christ, while others will swear. In vain they beg for an extension of their lives. Sulfur vapor and stench filled the air, as if hell on earth.
Cross appears in the sky. This is the end of darkness, the earth is a field of corpses, like a desert. People come out of their homes, quiet and scared. Collect the corpses in vans and buried in mass graves. No railways or ships do not work, no car, as in earlier times. Factories do not work, because there is no people to operate machinery. Fast pace of earlier times stopped
The remaining people as saints. God invites new priests as his apostles, Christ, you can hear the songs of praise of God and the saints. Land — this is paradise. The liturgy is celebrated just as in the days of the apostles. Total communion. Prophet hears some of the prayers in German, and the words of consecration. Evening is thanksgiving.
Angels will help people in council and action — if necessary. People pray for 8 days more than ever before in a single year. At the sound of the bell all leave work and rush to the church.
Items left in a new way will be divided between the surviving humans. The great migration of peoples people will flock to where they are needed. Mountain administrative regions with alpine meadows will be used as a community. People come down from the mountains to the plains, where labor is not so heavy … ".

Maria Julia Dzhahanet
(1850-1900) was born in a small village near the city of Blaine (in southern Brittany, France). In March 1891, Mary predicted the "three days of darkness" and other disasters that have to go through all of humanity: "three days of darkness will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On the day of the Holy Sacrament, the Cross and the Virgin … Three days less than one night. "
"There will be three days of darkness in the world. For three days the light would not come and continuous night. Should all light a candle. One candle will burn for three days. Zips get into these houses, but they do not extinguish the light of candles. Wind or storm or earthquake destroys candles. But in homes godless and those who have not found God through all of this will be suffering … Red clouds like blood, will sail through the sky. The sky will crack and thunder shake the earth. Incredible lightning, which had never been seen hitting the town. Earth is shaken to its foundations. Foamy water oceans moved onto the shore. And the whole earth will become a cemetery. Then it starts the great famine. All vegetation will be destroyed and die three-quarters of humanity. "
French nun Maria de Faudais this cataclysm predicted back in 1819: "At the time comes for three days of continuous darkness. In this terrible darkness only candles that are blessed, will burn. A candle will be lit for three days, but in the house of the wicked, they will not shine. During these three days, the demons appear in the most horrible forms and will sound horrible blasphemy. The air will become nauseous. Flash light will fall on the city streets in this strange time of year. Earth will turn over and enveloped foamy waves of the sea. Truly, our planet will become one huge cemetery. Corpses of the wicked and the righteous, will cover the soil. Famine that follows it will be huge. The vegetation of the world will be destroyed, and three-quarters of humanity will perish. The disaster comes suddenly and disaster will be global. "
Maria mentions shifting the axis of rotation of the planet, "The earth will turn over and enveloped foamy waves of the seas."
St. Giovanni Rotondo, Capuchin monk (1918-1968). September 5, 1918 during a prayer before the crucifixion of Christ in his stigmata appeared on her side, feet and hands. He argued that the January 15, 1957, he received a message from the Lord Jesus Christ to come: "I will come to this sinful earth overloaded howling thunder. Attending a frosty winter night. The rapidly growing wind forerun great confusion in the land that tremble from strong shocks. Lightning and storm clouds of the fire will ignite and incinerate everything that had contact with sin and all that somehow come into contact with it. All of this will be destroyed. The air will be saturated steaming gases. Suffocating smoke and wind will sweep away everything and destroy. Beautiful buildings in ruins.
Hour of My coming is near. Before coming to Mercy, while hard and terrible punishment. My Angels are aiming to complete the task, will be armed with swords. Their attention, first of all, be directed against those who do not believe and chuckles over the message of God. There will be many of the clouds over the earth falling fiery jets. Bad weather, storms, lightning, floods, earthquakes will occur in different countries, one after another. Tirelessly to keep rain of fire. It will begin in a very cold night. This, above all, will be a proof of God's existence.
To get you ready for this, I will give you a sign: the night will be very frosty wind is noisy, but after a while you hear the thunder. Then, close the doors and windows, do not talk to anyone except those who are in the house. At the time when the earthquake starts, not looking out, for the wrath of My Father is worthy of respect. Who has not heard this advice, he will die, because his heart will not survive the sight.
In the third night of the fire stop, stop, and earthquakes, and the next day the sun will shine. In human form on earth descend the angels and bring with them the spirit world.
Kara, who descends, can not be compared with any of the other, which God hath from the beginning of creation. Third of the people will perish.
The short time it should be hard to use, do not succumb to evil, nor give in to him. Your task and duty to be an indication of impending danger, then no excuses, do not say you did not know about. Sky for a long time waiting and alerts, but people ignore it. "
Pope Pius X about the coming days of darkness. In the world — Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto (1835 — 1914) was born in Rize, in the province of Treviso in Venice. In 1850, he received a scholarship to the seminary Padua, where he received his theological education. In 1858 he was ordained and became a chaplain. In November 1884, he was appointed bishop of Mantua.  HisparentswereGiovanniBattistaSartoandhismotherMargarits
Elected pope in 1903
Prediction: "Look at the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky. When they will be unduly disturbed and volatile, know that this day is not far off! God's judgment, as lightning! Hurricanes of fire will pour out of the clouds and spread over the earth. Storms, bad weather, lightning and earthquakes will cover the earth for two days. Shed continuous rain of fire! It will begin in a very cold night …
This disaster will come to earth, like a flash of lightning. At some point in morning sunlight change the black darkness! No one should leave the house or look out the window from now on. "

Padre Pio
(1887-1968), a priest of the Order of the Capuchins, who appeared stigmata on the body for 50 years. Predicted many future events. Canonized on June 16, 2002. Prediction of the three days of darkness: "Keep your windows are well sealed. Do not go out. Light a blessed candle, which will suffice for many days. Pray the Rosary. Read spiritual books. Commit an act of spiritual communion and love of neighbor. Pray with outstretched arms, or prostrate to the ground to many souls might be saved. Do not stay outside the house. Allow yourself plenty of food. The forces of nature will run amok and a rain of fire will make people tremble with fear. Have courage. I am among you "(28 January 1950).
"Take care of the animals in these days. I am the keeper of the animals as well as people. I'll give you some advance features, after which you have to put as much food in front of them. I will keep the property selected, including the animals, because then they will need for food. Let no one go across the yard to feed the animals. Who will come out will be lost. Close your windows thoroughly. Your choices will not see my anger. Have confidence in me and I'll be protected.
Hurricanes of fire will erupt from the clouds and spread over the earth. Rain, storm, lightning and earthquakes shake the earth in two days. Will the continuous rain of fire. It will begin during a very cold night. All this is to prove that God exists. For those who are looking at me, and believe in my words, there is nothing to fear. Because I will not forsake them, nor those who spread My message. No harm will come to those who are in a state of grace and seeks protection of the Virgin.
You can prepare for this test. I will give you the following signs and instructions: the night will be very cold, the wind will roar. After a lightning strike is heard, close all windows and doors. Do not talk to anyone outside the home. Kneel before the crucifix, sorry for my sins and ask for the protection of the Virgin. Do not look out of the windows during the earthquake, because it is the wrath of a holy God. Jesus does not want us to contemplate the wrath of God, for His wrath must contemplate with fear and trembling.
Those who despise my advice would die instantly. Wind will contain a poisonous gas that spread throughout the world. Those who suffer and die innocently will be with me in my kingdom. Satan will triumph! But after three nights of the earthquake and fire will cease. The next day the sun will shine again, angels will descend from Heaven and will spread the spirit of peace on Earth. With a feeling of immeasurable gratitude will be in the possession of those who survived this terrible ordeal, the most terrible punishment that God sent to Earth from its inception.
I have chosen souls in other countries, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, who have received these revelations so that other countries could also be prepared. Pray, pray well, so that your prayers may reach heaven. Soon will come a terrible disaster in the world, which no one had witnessed, and no one else has experienced.
As people are indifferent to these troubles, soon to come, against all expectations. Indifferently as they prepare for this unprecedented event, through which they will have to go soon. The severity of divine wrath reached Earth. My Father's fury poured out over the whole world. I again warn the world through your assistance, as I often do to this day.
This disaster will come to earth, like a flash of lightning. At some point the light of the morning sun replaced by black darkness! Since that time, no one has the right to leave the house or look out the window. I will come to you of thunder and lightning. Sinners will see my divine image. Then there will be great confusion because of this absolute gloom that enveloped the entire Earth, and many, many will die from fear and despair …
Again and again I warn people and give them the opportunity to return to the right path. But now the evil has reached its highest point, and the punishment can not be delayed. Tell everyone that the time of execution of retribution "(7 February 1950).

Elena Aiello
(1895-1961) was born April 10, 1895 in Montalto (Italy). At age 25, became a nun. Elena repeatedly appeared stigmata on the body. Because of these unusual events, the people call her "Holy." Received from Jesus and Our Lady of many revelations, including some predictions on the future of the Church and the world. The prophecy of the three days of darkness:"When the sky will be a big sign, people know that the punishment is inevitable. Fire will come and cleanse the earth of the wicked … for humanity fall fire, blood, disease, famine, earthquakes, shipwrecks and war. Some people will be cleared, while others disappear completely. Italy will be punished and cleansed the great revolution.
This will destroy all that has been done by man. Luminous cloud of fire appear in the sky, a barrage of fire to reach the world. A disaster that never seen in human history would last seventy hours. The wicked will be in the dust, and many will suffer for their sins. Then you will see the forces of light over the power of darkness. "
"It will be a worse punishment that ever seen in human history. When unusual sign appears in the sky, then people will know that the world will be punished.
I want you to know, disasters around. Fire will come down to the ground and most of humanity will be destroyed … Those who remain under my protection, the mercy of God, and those who do not want to repent of their sins, will die in a sea of fire! … Russia is almost completely burned. Other countries will disappear. Remain only a part of Italy … ".
"… If people do not return to God, will be a great war of terror and death, and finally, the purifying fire will fall from the sky like snowflakes on all nations and most of humanity will be destroyed."

The Abbot Bartholomew
in the book «De Vermis Mysteriis», edition of 1932, so the story of the appearance of an unusual star close to our planet, "like a drop of poison in the teeth viper news that will be soon. When a star shine in the firmament of heaven, which has not seen before, will rise high winds and will be a great tempest in the sea. And at night they will see the light, but not for long it shine, for him to come impenetrable darkness, and the moon will be like emerald, covered cadaver spots. Ancient manuscripts say that the moon down to earth and a lot of creatures will eat the fruit of the womb. Also rise from the waters of the ancient temples, buried in the bottom of the sea, and a woman entered the water, will suffer from the depths of the inhabitants, and they bring forth from them. A great magician, buried at sea, will take to the beach to conquer and kill mortals and mock them.
Shrinammu Aker mentions Great Jellyfish of the South of Ice and bloody glow in the sky.
May the whole earth be covered with tall forests and swamps and monstrous creatures extinct long ago, the horror of the past centuries, resurrection, will roam on it.
People will disappear from the face of the earth or become dopey cattle. "
Then Abbot Bartholomew leads ominous signs of impending cataclysm, "This is the sign of their closeness: When skies are blood-red, and from the depths of the unknown voices are heard, and when the stones and rocks begin to rot, spreading the stench around the sun and visible mist ring and moon disc its color is similar to rotting flesh, they come, and bring terror to the ground, which has not been and will not be, because he is out of time. The horror that has no name.
And realized revenge.
The Great Worm, breaking cocoon, come out to devour the stars of heaven. And the rise of the ancients.
Hazy ring around the sun, the number of not less than three, and the moon appears covered with a blue light.
Stones and rocks and rotting, oozing stench.
From the bowels of the earth hear the voices sing out terrible calls.
Pillars of white light, descending from heaven, or rising from the ground. Letters damned writings show through sacrificial blood that was shed for them. Crevices of leaves swirling smoke, killing all life.
As vortices that below — finer than a hair, and above — are huge, and hide half the sky. Meanders, they carry with speed bareback.
Clouds quickly approaching on either side to a line that has a straight line and then disappearing behind it. "
Bavarian dowser Alois Irlmayer, native Fraylasinga (Bavaria), describes in detail the future battles of the Third World War, which will begin after the terrible disasters perpetrated by the star. Vision, he watched the movies. Predicted his own death in July 1957. Shortly before his death Irlmayer said: "I am glad that I live now, because I will not have to experience what I see."
In his predictions mentioned and the three days of darkness, "I see three lines — maybe 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months — do not know exactly, but it will not last long. The islands will sink, because the sea rebel. I see the big holes on the sea, which is filled when the big waves will come back. A beautiful city located near the sea almost drowned in the sea, in the mud and sand. Other countries are located near the sea subjected to great danger, the sea is choppy and the waves as tall as a house, will foam up like something cooked underground. The islands will disappear, and climate change. January will be so warm that much mosquitoes will dance. Maybe it will be switching to a different climate zone. Then there will be no normal winters such as we know it today.
Darkness will come, which will last 72 hours. At the time of the day will be dark, drop hail, lightning and thunder are, earthquakes make planets twitch. At this time, do not leave home, just burn the candle. Who will breathe dust that falls into convulsions and die. Darken the windows and do not open them. Water and food, which will not be closed, will become infected, and one that will be stored in a glass container. Everywhere death provoked by dust, a lot of people will die. After 72 hours, it's over, but I repeat: do not leave home, just burn the candle and pray. That night, more people die than in the two world wars. Do not open the windows for 72 hours. The rivers will be so little water that they can be easily crossed. Cattle die, the grass will turn yellow and dry up, human corpses will appear black or yellow. Then the wind would send the clouds to the east. "

Famous Grigori Rasputin
the three days of darkness: "For three days, the sun disappears from the sky and for thirty days from the smoke and fog of pain cover the earth gray veil. The person will be like a mad dog, rush on this sea of suffering, his life will be agony and his only hope is death … In these times of woe and connects with a man be born of their union despair, despair is what has never been on the ground. And in these times, even the seasons change, and the rose will bloom in December, and in June will be covered with snow. "

Yegor Kuhlin
, hermit, lived on the banks of the Yenisei River, on the border of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Tuva ACCR. Believer warns of disaster, which appears from the sky: "… the darkness comes from the sky, shrouded in smoke and fire, from the womb of the earth will demonic darkness, and when will they meet each other, will not be plaguing neither strong nor weak, neither the poor nor the rich, neither bird nor beast freestyle in a cage. " Such a terrible invasion of Yegor Kuhlin predicts when the "Sun will close three moons and the earth comes the cold and darkness for three hours."
Famous American prophetess Jean Dixon (1918-1997), said that in the next century the earth will begin global catastrophe, which will begin after the war. Many visionary predictions have already been fulfilled. She mentions the three days of darkness, "Where now the water will land and where the land today, there will pour violent eddies flow, sweeping away everything in its path," "All of us will witness the shadow of the cross, shaking the ground and three days of darkness ".
The phenomenon of the Virgin Mary 55 years of Spaniard Amparo Cuevas (1980). Virgin said: "Here comes the great punishment for mankind, whom no one has seen.
Dad will crucified, and the Church will fail. St. Peter and St. Paul intervened to elect a new pope. God the Father will send two terrible punishment. One of them: the revolution, drought, famine, disease. God allows Satan to sow discord between the rulers in society and family. Other punishment will come from the sky, a devastating earthquake in the various countries and the onset of total darkness for three days. Nothing will be seen in these days when the air will be harmful and will be lighted only blessed candles. You have to stay at home to pray and ask God's mercy.
The penalty will start when the star will converge with the Earth, and fall large clouds that will burn the ground. You'll hear the deafening noise body and many of the houses will be flying through the air. During the three days of darkness, the Lord will send a team of angels. All his enemies are dead and the church, all the sinful people will perish, except for those who turn in the last minute. The penalty kill two-thirds of humanity, and the earth will be like a desert.
Warning of punishment appears in the sky to see it. Star, off the land, most likely, the world will burn in the fire in 20 minutes. Many will die of grief, but those who are with God and the Virgin will be delighted. After warnings and punishments to be miracle.
Virgin said Amparo: "The world refuses to listen to our messages and warnings that appear in many places. Do not believe in them, that the world is given a prophecy of disaster, people closed their ears … ".
Predicting the Mexican Franciscan monk David Lopez (1987) about the three days of darkness that would come during an appearance in the sky, the red cross, probably a neutron star, "First of all, the Virgin urged not to worry about all those who are internally asking for salvation and those who live according to the dictates of the Virgin. About these future events, they will be warned from within your heart for 3 — 7 days before all starts. It is encouragement and hope as those who are struggling with their heavy sins, those who do not give up and keep fighting. Lord will take into account their effort.
Three days of darkness survive adherents of any religion, as well as people who do not belong to any concessions unless their conscience will be clear, and if they accepted God in the sanctuary of his heart.
Shortly before these events, the blue sky is visible red cross. This is seen by all people. Will also be a few martyrs, directly chosen by God, who killed, but their souls are angels immediately ascend to heaven.
During the three days of darkness that will last 72 hours, the time will be counted only mechanical watch will be so dark that people can not even see your hand in front of his eyes. These days, there will be no demon who would stay in hell, because they are all in the world.
Those people who will not be in the heart of clarity and charity, see the demons and die of fright.
The most difficult to endure three days of darkness will be single people, because the demons are calling their voices loved ones of people. Therefore, be aware that it will not be your favorite, but a devil, and because in any case can not open the door and leave the house, as it is likely to get into the clutches of the devil. Doors and windows of the house should be closed and all the relatives should be possible together.
We must learn to pray earnestly now, and teach it to their children, since prayer kids these days will have miraculous powers. The best thing to do — is to give up their sins and live by trusting in the Lord's mercy.
Pray, read the Bible and take Communion!
Sanctify their homes, and that the icon of the Heart of Jesus always on a lamp or a candle — it's your other things will help you be able to clear the heart.
God wants people to return to Him willingly, not out of fear of punishment, otherwise the people will be gone.
The one who does not know to tell you about these especially important cases: about sin, about mortal sin, repentance and forgiveness of sins.
People must learn to accept death is what it is: they need to know that after death there is a judgment, and then hell, heaven or purgatory, depending on the person lived life.
Priests, pastors and rectors to prepare not only themselves, but their entire community.
They need to be the main interpreters mentioned things to come and explain what will happen. They will have to get people back to God and begin a life full of purity. Their task is to convey the message of the three days of darkness to a lot of religious people, because of future events notified many holy people, and, therefore, no time to lose. Pastors need to teach that money, fame, and things do not work, there are those values that need to worry about and put them in the first place. They have to teach people to turn to the Holy Spirit and pray to Him. "
The phenomenon of the Virgin and August 28, 1988 and 1990, sixteen Patricia Talbot
(Cuenca, Ecuador), "March 17, 1989 Our Lady said:" The times of trouble began. Grief about your faith, but the trouble comes days after the beginning of darkness. The darkness of faith, but the real darkness comes after … ".
May 18, 1989 Lady said: "When there will be three days of darkness you do not have to leave their home, so you are constantly praying, because at that time there will be false prophets, who are trying to deceive you. You know them, because they have a number on the right hand of the beast. "
May 19 Heavenly Mother declared, "This time is near. Before the days of the event there will be signs in the sky and the sun … then the kingdom of God and his justice. Start earthquakes, hurricanes, rain falls from the sky of fire. All of this will of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In those days people will be destroyed its nuclear facilities, which you have created for your own destruction. You do not know, they feel pain, warn of natural disasters, which are created by man. You're just one step … ".
Prophecy American clairvoyant Veronica Lyuken
the three days of darkness, "I say to you, as night follows day, a great darkness descend upon mankind. When the warning, which descends from the heavens, will not cause doubt, those who had sold himself to Satan, it will be seen, but they will not believe "(28 September 1973).
"… I see people who are holding on to chairs in their homes. All swinging. Shakes the very foundations of the houses. They are all afraid. Many of them run out into the street. Other close windows … but they do not go outside. They should not go out. I see great fog tightening sky — a huge mist … It consists of a falling dust.
People who are on the outside, as if turned to stone. Something happens to them. They rock like a drunken man. Now the ones that I watch, and two of them fell. They fell, but trying to get up. They fall down on his face and did not move. Now I see the darkness — a great, huge cloud of mist. And then I see darkness spanning the moon. And now there is no moon, no light. Moon is closed. I do not see it. "
Vision from 14.07. '73 "Now I see … I think that is very dark. When it gets dark, they grab hold of the throat. They fall down on his face. I see the faces of people looking out of windows. People scatter in different directions. They do not seem to know where to run. I see a closed door, and people are knocking them. Doors closed … and I see people lying outside the door. They seem to fall. Somewhere in the air is something that catches their breath, because the windows, but they cling to them and close their eyes. Oh, they can not see. The sky is very red dust. There's a big explosion. The explosion — it's almost like a bomb … this spinning ball of fire close to the globe. Behind the long tail. He gas. I know he's a gas, because I feel horrible smell. The smell of this (Veronica coughs). "

"There comes the last days of our era. To the ground close fireball resembling the sun. Everybody will see it in the sky for two weeks. Then came three days of darkness. Before that, an explosion on the sun, and the sky turns pink … In Asia and Africa will be war. People are in a panic. Those who still remain alive, will run through the streets like crazy. Smoke and dust close all. And a voice telling me for three days … three days … three days … ".

From the book "Star of the Apocalypse." Out of "Tsentrpoligraf", 2012

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