The Western diet brings people into the grave before the time


By the sad conclusion French scientists. The typical Western diet is high in fat and sugar brings people to the grave prematurely. Familiar foods that we eat every day, directly affect the disease in the elderly

Hot soup with fresh white bread, juicy steak, and for dessert, of course, coffee with cream. And the cake — to set the mood. The menu is familiar to any European. But it is a set of products, scientists have recognized the most harmful to health. French experts conducted a study of red meat, white bread, butter and sweets can significantly reduce life expectancy.

However, she is to give up your favorite food is not worth it, said dietitian Maria Studenikina:

"We must, of course, reduce the amount of consumption of these products. Than red meat is dangerous — there are very many purines. These are substances that increase the amount of uric acid in the body and can lead to faulty metabolism. This is fraught with salt deposition in the kidneys and joints. Their number should dramatically reduce the expense of increasing the healthy foods: lean white meat (mainly poultry fillet), due to complex carbohydrates. "

The influence of diet on the risk of developing certain diseases studied well enough. However, for reasons of health in old age no one did. Scientists have observed the five thousand volunteers for 24 years. When the patient was 51 years old, the researchers summarized. Only 4% are kept healthy, normal for their age, and had no chronic diseases. In 12% — a stroke or heart attack, and another 3% of the cases they were fatal.

The typical Western diet contains a lot of fat and sugar. It contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease — the main threat to health after 40. It is proved that if a man in his youth does not overeat and eats mostly organic food, it can prevent diseases of aging. You need to train yourself not to eat something from which there is no benefit, nutritionist explained Olga Perevalova:

"Sugar for us — a product favorite, although it's nothing but the bare calories. In sugar no vitamins, no protein, no macro, micronutrients — pure glucose and everything. Sugar love just because it's a treat. It is added everywhere : not, do not, even in sauces — those who run the meat, poultry and fish — and all the pastries. "

The ideal diet is very simple. For breakfast, nutritionists recommend to combine dairy products and cereals, egg dishes or cereal. At lunch — a light soup, as a side dish to the main course — vegetables. Before lunch, a snack of fruit stands, and after — you can drink fermented baked milk or eat a handful of nuts. Dinner — no later than 9. Ideal — fish and vegetables. And from sweet fruits, potatoes and bread is better to abstain. And if you allow yourself treats, it is only in the morning.

Ekaterina Ivanova

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