The world is ruled not by politicians, secret societies rule the world

The world is ruled not politicians rule the world secret societies. They control the banks, security forces and entire industries. Conspiracies, bloody wars, financial crises, political intrigue — all with a light hand is not the presidents and parliaments, and a handful of conspirators who dream to destroy 80% of the population and live forever with the help of advanced technology. In the hands of the secret societies — money, power, and our and your life.

Student tusovka or shadow government?

Illuminati "Bohemian Grove", Bilderberg — the activities of these organizations are strictly conspiratorial little is known about them and are reluctant to say contradictory, cautiously looking around. And about the Order "Skull and Bones" and they say they know even less, but just as it has most of the richest men in America — from the family members of Bush, Rockefeller, Davidson, Phelps, Har-Rome, Payne to prominent politicians, businessmen, bankers and artists . It is in this Order to solve political and economic affairs of state, it is here that heard by the fate of many countries and convict — to punish or pardon, it is in the walls of the headquarters of the Order establishes the date of a regular military operation profitable …

Yale University, one of the oldest and most famous educational institutions of America, is also known as the location of the Order of "Skull and Bones". The local students have always been quick wit and imagination. William Russell, the son of a rich family, who made his fortune in the opium trade, is no exception: he is very fond of history of secret societies, dreamed of becoming a member of one of them. Beckoned him power and strength. But one day William hopes dashed: the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa fraternity was not accepted. Russell, however, did not stop dreaming, but the usual membership in a secret club did not seem to him so desirable.

Why obey other "rulers", if such can be the most? In 1832, along with his friend Alphonso Taft and a few like-minded university Russell organized a secret order. Only in 1856 it managed to officially register as a society "Skull and Bones". By the time the club had its own bank account, the holding company to protect their investment and headquarters on the campus, where there were secret meetings and mysterious rites of initiation into the Order. Fun students? Not quite, if you look closely to the rules and rituals of the organization.

First, the club accepts only the educated elite of society — came from aristocratic families, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon origin. After graduation, these students quickly climbed the ladder and held high public office, and in fact for Russell money and power were in first place. Second, the Order was necessary authority and envious sighs of those who could not be "chosen": the rules have not changed since the foundation of society — "Skull and Bones" get no more than 15 people a year, and what happens at the meetings of the club, remains a big secret.

Since the XIX century to the present day, reporters and researchers have been able to learn a little about the activities of the Order. It is not easy to shed light on one of the most mysterious secret societies of America …

"Closed-private club. Show your badge! "

Imagine: in April night you stripped naked, kicked herded into a gloomy tomb, decorated with antique furniture in the style of "a la hell" and called the "grave", then brutally flogged with whips, get covered in mud, forced to lie in a coffin and in the smallest details tell the knights of the Order, dressed in Halloween costumes, about their sex life, their most secret desires and dreams. And then the "knights" together for you to help. But that's not all — at the end of this action you will find a few sips of this blood out of the skull and the requirement to perform the feat. As an example the "feat" Prescott Bush, grandfather of former President George W. Bush, who excavated the tomb of Silla Fort Apache leader Geronimo and gave him the Order of Skull … '

No, this is not a scene from a Hollywood thriller, this unchanging ritual of initiation into the community of "Skull and Bones". William Russell thought out all the details.

• Blackmail — the main reason a reliable silence all members of "Bones." Unlikely after such an "initiation" the former president of America or the offspring Rockefeller would want to reveal the secrets of the secret society, the members of which they entered.

• «Feat" gives passport to impunity and permissiveness, omnipotence and power. Club members call themselves the "Center of the Universe", and all the rest — the barbarians …

Both U.S. presidential candidates in the 2004 election — George W. Bush and John Kerry — were members of the Order and to journalists only sparingly smiled: "It's a secret! No comment! "

Headquarters, which is called "grave", has no windows, doors with a huge padlock only a sign: "Private Club, present a membership card." Representatives of the wealthiest American households own not only a membership card "Skull and Bones", but also the power to turn the wheel of history and in the right direction favorable to them. Silence — gold? No, for the members of the Order of silence — this power, the power of billions of dollars.

Bloodshed — credo Order

Question of all time: how to rule the world? — Secret order decided extraordinary: to rule the world have in managed military conflict!

15 Anthony Sutton, the famous explorer plots, studied the order of the "Skull and Bones". He figured out a long time, like Germany after World War II — the country bankrupt and crowds of hungry people — could become a super-power in a few years? According to some reports, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Bushes helped Adolf Hitler coming to power and became the patron of the Nazis. "Skull and Bones" furnish money Hitler war machine. Millions of dollars have been allocated by the bank Union Banking Corp plans to finance the development of Adolf Hitler and the German industry. Director of the bank were members of the Order of "Skull and Bones". By the way, one of them — the one Prescott Bush, grandfather of former U.S. President George W. Bush and the Pope, George Bush. Bushes continued to cooperate with the Germans during World War II …

But decades before the same order of planned and financed … The October Revolution in Russia, and later — and the development of the totalitarian Bolshevik state. Funds went directly from international corporations of America, Britain and other countries, where the banks of the Order. Here he managed the military conflict: the exact calculation and the huge profits from the collision of two political forces — fascism and communism. Do you think World War II defeated the USSR and its allies? The real winner was the "Skull and Bones", funded by both parties. Order became a third force, resolve conflicts and won the right to establish a "new world order."

The formula of "controlled military conflict" successfully operates today, bringing huge profits conspirators: Afghanistan, Angola, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Georgia, Iraq …

Apocalypse or the enslavement of the world?

Most brutal missions and military operations for the "Skull and Bones" perform specific private companies. Correspondent of the New York Times by Leslie Wayne found out that one of these companies — MPRI, receiving orders from the Pentagon. Its budget in the hundreds of millions of dollars, the funds come from the banks of the Order. About 50,000 trained soldiers companies serve wherever they send the order, defying military regulations and making the dirty work. In Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and even in Georgia of "Skull and Bones" send their instructors to train special forces and the special secret mission of the Order.

In addition to the Army, the powerful organization now includes in its sphere of influence of the White House, the media, the many political and social organizations and the Church of the USA. Order creating their own foundations and think tanks, their research institutions. The main purpose — the protection of their interests and the introduction of a "new world order."

So what awaits the Earth — the death of an unknown meteorite or global enslavement secret order of "Skull and Bones"? It is likely that the latter will come much earlier …

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