These mysterious animals / Weird Nature (6 episodes) watch online

These mysterious animals / Weird Nature (6 episodes) watch online
Many of us have read a mind-blowing stories about the extraordinary animals living in the forests and in the depths of the oceans. Of course they are only in our imagination. But do you know how many surprises prepared for us nature? We can assure you that litsezrev with our eyes, as simultaneously changes the coloring of a chameleon, Spivey with the surrounding vegetation as flying frog as a predator hypnotize prey, and that in turn receives the most unusual forms, to lull him care, you probably will forget about the fabulous unicorns and other fantastic creatures. And this is just the tip of the iceberg wonders of the natural world. New BBC documentary series "These mysterious animals" in all details to tell and show you all the complexity and unusual nature of the animal world.

List of series: 1. Unusual traffic methods / Marvelous Motions

2. Unique methods of protection / Devious Defences

3. Amazing breeding techniques / Bizarre Breedingg

4. Typical methods of producing food / Fantastic Feeding

5. A strange partnership / Puzzling Partners

6. Unusual cravings / Peculiar Potions

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