Three days of darkness

Kahu Fred and Master Kirael created together channeled the book I'm trying to imagine tezisno. Work "Kirael: The Great Shift" is written on the seven levels of reality. Kirael — your guide, if you go on a journey to the ancient worlds of Atlantis and Lemuria, and pass into the world of extraterrestrial life and UFOs. Great transition takes place already, become a conscious part of the process now.

The book "Kirael: The Great Shift" was created in 1998, when few people talked about the Great Shift. The truth of this event is very dark and a detailed description of Drunvalo Melhisidek in his book "The Flower of Life."

But his prophecies were perceived very unrealistic. Book KIRAEL-channeled collective work, it covers the basics you need to know about each transition in consciousness, to awaken the planet. And there is a reason as to why you chose this day to spend time and get to know this book.

Great transition — is the rise of a certain level of consciousness to the next. It's time to wake up the true nature of your self, your unique individuality. This new world will offer new test, made new ones: no voice chat, travel without a physical body, love without fear. Powerful governments of the world order, chaos and war — all thing of the past. Each of you has lived many lives in its evolutionary journey, and not one of them was a waste of time. Approximately every 2000 years the Earth plane undergoes a transition. 6000 years ago, a period called the "Age of the Pharaohs of Egypt," which lasted for 2,000 years, until Moses came and received the "Ten Commandments." A new era began when, in the evolution of consciousness has penetrated Christ. Now is the time and space of the earth in the Third Dimension is rapidly coming to an end.

Anything that vibrates at this level should go to new heights in order to function in the fourth dimension. Mother Earth is compressed and shifted, and with it all, including the time is compressed and shifted. Since the Hawaiian Islands, the former ancient continent of Lemuria, soon acquire the land, and many other lands of the world — will lose their borders.

One of the processes of transition — the entry into the energy of a photon through its outer edge — Belt. This transitional period is called the "three days of darkness." During this process the Earth plane subjected to darkness, which no one has ever experienced. Its hard to describe, full impenetrable darkness and cold. And every soul will choose their karmic path and your way to experience the Great Transition. There are three options, three possible test of this sacred process.

you can choose to return home (death).

you can go to the holographic world.

you can choose the ascension and move into the fourth dimension.

If you chose the third option, as is change your plans if you want to cancel a major purchase, or something else. No, all the activities in your life must continue. It is necessary to complete their testing and experience the third dimension. We all have a few years to go through the lower vibrations and heal them.

No one can escape the great transition, he will be accompanied by the photon energy, the impact of which we are already experiencing. And it requires now to start training for all systems of the body to the ascension. And not to succumb to the general chaos and fear that will permeate the entire Earth plane, you need to master the skills of meditation. That it provides settings to the highest vibrational reality. Fear is the only thing that should be avoided because it will block the evolutionary path. Fear will be displayed in any real negative. Therefore exempt from any fear.

Each of you are your mentors. A connection through meditation is all four bodies, it is an opportunity to communicate with their angels — mentors and receive instructions of what to do. Do not worry about their children, they immediately enter the transition in its entirety. Children interact on a particular level, and if you learn how to communicate with them on a non-verbal level, the connection is established for life. More say in heart, listen and do not use excessive force. If the children are very aggressive, to speak with them non-verbally, by thought, by sending in their hearts love and white light. Refer to the angels for guidance, they are very willing to be helpful in every difficult moment.

Photon energy is light.

Although we talk of darkness, to be sure that the photon energy is actually light. This is truly a real light, the essence of beings of light. The darkness will be as a result of the earth enters the photon energy. The outer edges of belts of photon energy is very dense and the Earth will take about three days to get it while it is in the light of the photon energy. Photon belt is completely cut off the Earth from the Sun.

Together with the impenetrable darkness comes unimaginable cold and the presence of emptiness, which impregnate the earth. After 3 days, the darkness will change to a brilliant light. Light photon energy will illuminate the Earth 24 hours a day, and the time will be assessed differently. People prepare for this event, will be a beacon of light for others. In the first few days it will look for an understanding of what happened. But, with this knowledge, people will continue to all the tests that they take place in the third dimension. And they must be completed before the fact of the ascension.

Photon energy is a much higher frequency than that to which we are accustomed. This allows for instant manifestation of thought. To bring the future, you want to focus "on the now." Live life fully and joyfully in the moment, exploring all possible.

Now we see that time is speeding up, but it will get the energy of the photon a different form. The average life expectancy can be increased to one hundred and fifty years, and respiratory rate to three — four breaths per minute. However, many social concepts, such as — money, luxury, government, communications — will be virtually off and undergo major changes on many levels.

Photon energy — itself as a fuel source will give independence from other fuel sources. It will satisfy the need for electricity. For it does not have to pay money, it will be in abundance. Nobody will be able to control or assign. The photon energy is currently the subject of studies, only a few brave scientists, but they do not know about all its features.

Photon energy has already crossed the Milky Way galaxy. Belt has reached the outer edge of the earth's atmosphere, and affects not only our planetary system, but also on many planetary systems, such as Sirius. Photon energy will pass through the apical chakra in the human body as a source of purification, power and even vitamins. The body will be mene dense, and meditation is a way of life, will require less water and moisture will be absorbed through inhalation. Changes in the physical body will be the first 15 years after the transition.

It will also be the beauty of a different attitude. If necessary, you will be able to choose your appearance, because it will depend on how you vibrate. Aging will be slower than you can imagine. Volume of the brain and the skull will grow, and more and more will use the unused opportunities.

Photon energy is not supported not evolving species, and many species will not continue to exist. All that is very tight and conservative — will go to the earthly plane. Cats and dogs will continue to make people happy. In the photon energy and the growth of plant life will grow by 20% and increase their nutritional value. A person will be mainly vegetarian food, we will absorb the photon energy in the process of respiration. Photon energy will be affected, and the crystals of the earth. As each of them has a personality, they will further strengthen its luster, and its vibrations will transfer energy of the Creator. Seriously change a person's behavior, it will reflect the inter-dimensional thinking, learn to communicate with angelic realities that will have to learn. To be continued … (how to survive the process of transition

The three days of darkness and bright prospects.

As humanity survive this time. He will of course, difficult, but very sleepy, some just sleep it off this time. And when you awake — they will be at the mercy of the fourth dimension. The physical body is adjusted to the light center. The main thing to avoid the fear, panic, terror. People need to know and be prepared for such events. The whole process will take 7-10 days, and the feeling of absolute confusion is inevitable. Fear will drive out of himself, as he soaks the entire Earth plane. But each passing through the transition, will heal with their own fears. It is the Creator's plan.

The first day will take place with the illusion of mass illness and horrific destruction. You really feel a shift of the Earth and the first 12 hours will not want to walk. Will host a series of earthquakes. So do not panic, it's very important. Then, the temperature will drop and decrease sunlight. Begin, the manifestations of psychic abilities, deceased loved ones can communicate with you.

Therefore it is very important now to master meditation. This is an opportunity at a critical time for advice and support of their guides.


Earthly darkness will soak the ground cold. This is a very deep cold as it will get inside you. At this time, you will communicate with beings of non-carbon-TYPE. And it will be a test, one of the greatest trials.

The most important thing to keep yourself in the world, the use of white light, and then consciousness will rise to the highest point and the test will disappear.

When you go to the photon energy, it literally blocks sunlight, but it will not be the Ice Age. Your body will undergo vibrational shift to compensate for the lack of movement, which will be felt by the majority. There will be no point in trying to get out, go to the store, no one would die of hunger in 3 days. Your metabolism will change so that you will not need food. You will acquire only the lightest substance from the plant world. And you will feel the true essence of their vibrations. Most will enjoy the new power supply


Mother Earth is fully seated in the photon belt and the actual place in the fourth dimension. It will be very dark because the light particles are so dense that create the impression of absolute darkness. The sense of time will also be distorted, it will take more time than 72 hours. Have no doubt that the energy of the body connects you to everyone and it is important to conclude all close in his arms of love.

At that time, most of the population is deprived of mobility. A sort of suspended animation, hibernation animals. Do not even remember all these experienced sensations. You wonder why you do not want to eat. There will be not the slightest stomach pain from hunger, and most of the fat disappear. You will realize that the plant in the window has amazing taste, and breath is already on another breath passes through the crown on his head. After the transition, when darkness begins to dissipate, it will take 3-4 days, will be quite as bright as day. You suddenly find that you can move around without touching the ground, you can jump in the air and stay there long. New energy and a completely new way fills your body, and the light shining from within. You feel your body to be completely regenerated and love new experiences. It should be remembered that you move into a new reality all former pending trial.

Therefore, it is important to complete all of their lessons of the third dimension. Most people take 2-3 years to develop a new reality, with the help of teachers and mentors. And they will be read for the skill that they have learned to the beginning of the transition. Master Jesus came here to teach without fear, too, did the Buddha. Do not fall into fear, the photon energy is coming and this process is irreversible. The more brothers and sisters you can prepare for the transition, the more beauty and light to all in the fourth dimension. During the transition, the magnetic field of the earth is reduced to 0. it is the zero zone. In this case, the planetary system itself is compacted, the land masses are compressed at different volumes. This turbulent period will be followed by regular earthquakes. We will live without gas. electricity, radio, TV, but will replace the electrical energy of the photon. Will the two energies with which you can work. This is a light and sound, for the physical body of the third dimension — is the molecular structure also consists of light.

There are three ways the three pillars of the preparation of the physical body to the light transformation. It is a meditation, automatic writing, programming in the dream state with crystals, activation of DNA, pranic breathing.

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