To serve under contract in the sun may not be doing military service by conscription

RIA Announcements. Defense Ministry invites for military service under the contract in the Armed Forces (AF) and those who had not previously served on the call, said the head of the head of the Personnel Russian Defense Minister, Colonel-General Viktor Goremykin.

"After 27 years of these categories of people (not to perform military service on an appeal), we for recruitment contract will be happy. But if you come to us 18-year-old young man and immediately asked for a contractors, we offer him a year to celebrate the beginning of the call, "- he said in an interview posted Wednesday on the website of

Goremykin clarified that the value of the selection of candidates for service under the contract is given to citizens who have already served in the Armed Forces, who have the right level of education and the required military occupational specialty. According to him, currently focuses specifically selected by the quality of candidates

"It does not mean that those who did not serve on an appeal, the doors to the contract closed. In life there are different cases: one received a higher education, someone brought up kids and for this reason was not intended "- highlighted the general.

He added that at present about one sixth of the total number of contract servicemen in the Russian Armed Forces are ladies. "In the main they hold positions in medical personnel, communications professionals. Female snipers or grenade in the Russian army so far," — explained the head of the personnel department of the Defense Ministry.

According Goremykina, from August to October, the items for the military service contract selected and sent to training military units more than 4 thousand people.

"Eighty-six percent of military men — aged 20 to 30 years, 17% have higher education, 53% — secondary education and initial prof, 30% — the average total. Virtually all candidates were male military service on the call, "- said the general.

Earlier in the Russian General Staff reported that the Defense Ministry plans to annually select a contract with about 50 thousand man. By the end of next year, the number of contractors in the Russian army should grow to 240 thousand people, to the final in 2014 — up to 295 thousand. In 2015, the contract will be for 350 thousand by the end of 2016 — 400 thousand man, in 2017 is planned to see the number of troops under contract to 425 thousand people, that will be almost half of all users of the Russian Armed Forces.

Ministry of Defence has already opened in different regions of Russia Fri 66 people on the selection military service under the contract.

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