Trans-Baikal medical diagnostic centers presented on wheels

A helper to his hard work akshinskie physicians and dreamed of getting. The hospital lacks equipment for a long time, and with hard shots, and many villagers sometimes just do not get to the district center.

Nikolai Vasilev, resident. Aksha: "We live in a far-Baikal. And Aksha border area. And the fact that here is a technique that's such complexes, the same thing, I know that's how — to bring us living far away. I think I speak for the residents of my village and my district: thanks to everyone who helped us. "

Mobile clinic set up on the basis of PAZ. Two entrances lead into isolated from each other offices: the first is intended for therapeutic inspection and sampling analysis, in the second reception will conduct subspecialists: dentist, gynecologist, and others. Here is the equipment for functional diagnostics. That is a big plus: ultrasound of the heart, for example, residents of the area — a procedure that is almost inaccessible. 

Haroutiun Gasparyan, the head physician of the Central District Hospital with. Aksha: "The technical condition and the possibility of a bus is very high. Specialists will now be able to provide the entire population. Doubly We are interested to learn a new type of medical transport, to work on it and then to have some kind of experience."

This mobile center, they say, the first sign in the Trans-Baikal area. On the approach of three designed for the examination and treatment of children. Complexes were acquired as part of the regional program for the development of the region's health.

Michael Lazutkin, acting Minister of Health, Trans-Baikal region, "he was purchased to ensure the availability and quality of health care in communities where there is not even FAP. And we must provide them with the very availability and quality."

Medpohodov schedule drawn up now. The hospital plans to soon hold medical practices in all communities of the district. At the same time, and check whether the mobile complex to further transitions on rural roads. The arrival of the bus residents will be reported through the medical and obstetric centers and heads of settlements.

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