Triple flu epidemic hit in early 2011

Triple flu epidemic hit in early 2011After the Christmas holidays Britain could face an epidemic of so-called triple-flu — seasonal and swine intestinal. This is reported by the British media.

Hospitals in the United Kingdom expected influx of patients at the end of winter break. Many patients who are seriously ill, prefer to wait until the end of the holidays, before visiting the doctor.

In addition, the expected increase in hospital admissions of older people who can not move, and are visited by social workers. However, the latter will not come to his players during all the holidays, while older people can at this time seriously ill.

The influx of patients after the Christmas holidays complicate the already difficult situation in British hospitals, where doctors are fighting an epidemic of so-called intestinal flu or rotavirus infection — infectious disease that affects the small intestine mucosa.

Note that the incidence of influenza in Moscow in late 2010, does not exceed the epidemic threshold, and is about 63 thousand people. In Ukraine, in this respect, the situation is worse — in December the epidemic threshold was exceeded in Dnipropetrovsk and Chernigov by 1.8 and 4.2 percent respectively.

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