Typhoon Bolaven leaves Primorye without serious consequences

Tropical typhoon "Bolaven" (Bolaven), which had previously passed through the territory of Japan and the Korean Peninsula, on Wednesday came to Russia, causing many energoavary and creating serious problems in shipping and road traffic. Regional authorities state that are well prepared for the disaster, and note that the consequences could be more serious.

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Typhoon "Bolaven" originated in the southern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean, on Saturday, he reached the south of Japan and came to the Korean peninsula, the wind speed at the center of disaster reached 70 meters per second, the wave height — ten meters. The last time this figure was recorded in 1956.

Weather Service of the Russian Far East, the active monitor the movement of Typhoon, which rushed to the north, and on Wednesday night reached the territory of Primorye. Wind increased to gale force, its gusts reached 25 meters per second, on the coast — 30-35 meters per second. This force winds observed in Primorye once in 10-15 years. In the second half of the medium element left the south of the region.

It could be worse

"In the south of Primorye and Vladivostok typhoon has caused dozens of accidents on the lines of power lines, caused problems in shipping, the seaport, the traffic on the roads. However, the effects of Typhoon could be more significant if he arrives and rescue authorities, businesses are not prepared to livelihood advance ", — said the representative of the regional administration.

He noted that, at 15.00 local time (8.00 MSK), the situation in the region is stable, the impact of typhoon "Bolaven" waning. The strongest wind effects recorded in the city of Vladivostok and Khasan district.

"According to forecasters, the typhoon is now over the territory of China and shifted to the northwest at about 60 kilometers per hour. According to the operational staff through timely application of preventive measures, including public information, no one was hurt," — said the agency.


More than 70 accidents occurred on power lines Primorye during passage of tropical typhoon. Was de-energized pumping station "weasel" without cold water were part of the May Day and the Leninsky district of Vladivostok. In addition, nearly 30 streets were without internet.

Large energoavariya was fixed in the neighboring city of Vladivostok, Artem, where left without electricity 15 blocks and 81 private house, two kindergartens and two clinics.

Currently, electricity is fully restored in Primorye. In the works have been involved 42 teams of specialists to the number 149, used 58 units of special equipment.


More than 100 Russian and foreign trade and fishing vessels in the bays last nochyuukrylis Primorye by the typhoon, which caused a strong storm in the Sea of Japan.

"Masters of Russian and foreign vessels in advance received a message about the impending typhoon. They have been encouraged to change course and take shelter in bays to wait out bad weather," — said the representative of the regional service monitoring fleet.

Only in Olga Bay bays were more than 100 fishing vessels, the DPRK and South Korea. All of them were fishing in 20-30 miles off the coast of Primorye Territory. In Nakhodka Bay typhoon sheltering dozens of Russian and several foreign vessels, dozens of ships took shelter from the elements in the other bays of the southern and the northern coast of Primorye.

On Wednesday evening the court began to leave the bay, the sea has been the excitement.

"In the oil port of Kozmino terminal raid sent all tankers that arrived for the next batch of oil for export to the Asia-Pacific region," — said the official.

Maritime Company "Mortrans" canceled due to the storm movement of passenger ships on the island of Vladivostok. In the afternoon, when the wind dropped, the boats and ferries were gradually go on line.

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