Typhoon Saola paralyzed life in Taiwan, six people were killed

Typhoon "Saola" raging in Taiwan since Tuesday night, paralyzed life on the island, with a population of 23 million people, six were killed, said on Thursday the Agence France Presse.

Information about the two victims came from the area in the north of Sansom — One person was buried under a landslide, and the other drowned. Two others pinned fallen trees in southern Taiwan. In the north-east of the island by a landslide killed two others.

As reported by the Associated Press, despite the fact that the second half of the day the typhoon weakened to a tropical storm, still continuing torrential rains. Less than a week on the island has dropped about 150 centimeters of rainfall.

Strong winds accompanying element, destroyed two runways Airport, also suffered from a tropical storm tracks. Leaders International Airport in Taipei was forced to cancel dozens of flights.

Offices of most public institutions and private companies in northern Taiwan on Thursday, did not work.

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