Typhoon Tembin brought rains to the south and east of Primorye

Typhoon "Tembin" came in Primorye after aktivnogotropicheskogo cyclone "Bolaven" on the way to the region lost power, and brought to the south and the east edge of a little rain, said on Monday Primgidromet.

Typhoon "Tembin", named by the Japanese name of the constellation of Libra, the approach to South Korea has caused the death of at least two people and three others received injuries of varying severity. Wind speed accompanying element, reached 20 meters per second.

"Typhoon" Tembin "before finally disappear from the weather map, marked by rains in the southern and eastern regions of Primorye. Precipitation mostly were moderate. Only in the night from Friday to Saturday in the area of the eastern coast of the region, from the village to Olga Ore Docks experienced heavy rains, "- said in a statement.

According Primgidrometa, Monday to Primorye from Mongolia and China will approach the front cyclone. In some areas of the province, he will bring precipitation on the coast — the fog. Temperature in this case will be quite high — up to 30 degrees Celsius in the continental areas of the region and up to 24 degrees — on the coast.

"On Tuesday, small and moderate rains across much of the region. Due to the dense cloud cover air temperature drops by 3-5 degrees. Finally fronts leave the edge on Wednesday night. Since the second half of the week under the influence of an anticyclone in Primorye established warm rain weather ", — stated in the release.

At the same time, on Wednesday night in Vladivostok expected fog and drizzle, turning into rain. Improvement in the weather forecast for the day of the medium.

Earlier, the weather in Primorye defined typhoon "Bolaven." Born in the southern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean, it passed south of Japan and the Korean Peninsula. Emergency power supply violated a number of settlements in several regions of the Far East, but it has helped to extinguish all wildfires in the Khabarovsk Territory. Wind speed at the center of disaster reached 70 meters per second, the wave height — ten meters. These figures were recorded for the last time more than half a century ago, in 1956.

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