Typhoon victims in South Korea were eight

Victims struck South Korea powerful typhoon "Bolaven" were, at last count, eight people were left without electricity for more than 200 million homes, according to local media.

Most of the dead — people aged 80 and older. There have been reports of destroyed homes and damaged element cars. Most shops are closed until tomorrow. Classes in educational institutions canceled.

On Tuesday in the Yellow Sea near the island of Jeju during a typhoon sank two Chinese fishing boats. According to the latest data, killed five people. The search for another ten continuing.

Completely closed traffic on one of the longest bridges in the world — Incheon bridge linking the Incheon International Airport on the island with the mainland Eongiong South Korea. Canceled all domestic and international flights.

The South Korean agency Yonhap reported the emergency stop high-speed train at 415 km south of Seoul due to the collapse of the roof of the train tracks.

Destroyed 17 homes. At one of the churches on the island of Jeju foiled dome. In the capital, damaged dozens of cars.

Currently typhoon "Bolaven" to the north-west of the South Korean capital, passing the Incheon International Airport is just 120 kilometers away, and is moving north at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. According to meteorological agencies in the country, the pressure in the center of the typhoon was 965 hPa. Squally wind speed accompanying the cyclone reaches up to 40 meters per second.

On Monday, the government declared a state of high alert. In addition, the Ministry of Defense of South Korea ordered to relocate all military ships and aircraft stationed in areas in the area of operation of the elements in a safer place. Also ordered the organization of 67 groups of special response in case of emergency in the country.

On Monday, the typhoon "Bolaven" hit the Japanese island of Okinawa and Kagoshima Prefecture, which led to massive power outages and stopping air and sea links with the region. As a result of the disaster, according to recent reports, one person was killed, about 10 people were injured.

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