Ukraine: Chernivtsi blossom trees in December

Abnormally warm autumn has led to the fact that in mid-December in Chernivtsi flowered forsythia bush.

Usually this plant catches the eye for its yellow flowers in March and April. Biologists to the phenomenon calmly, although a bit concerned that during freezing, the plants will suffer and not be able to bloom again in the spring.

— We have already seen in the warm autumn like apples or chestnuts are tied. Forsythia but — for the first time, — says the engineer Trust green economy Chernivtsi Alla Khomutovskaya. She also admits that it is precisely those flowered shrub branches that have not bloomed in the spring. As botanists say that if the autumn of this year was not only warm, but also rain, the trees and bushes to disband in December for a lot longer.

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