Unknown Prophets.

List of famous in the history of the prophets is very broad, but along with the illustrious names of Abel, Nostradamus, Wang and others will certainly need to remember the amazing prophets, the life and fate of which we have only very meager, fragmentary information. However, the inexorable progress of time have often allowed descendants verify the accuracy of predictions made by them.

Etruscan soothsayer Spurinna crowned with glory, was a contemporary of Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar. About the mysterious Spurinne us nothing is known except his prophecies. It was he who had predicted a victorious Caesar violent death as a result of a conspiracy.

He added: Caesar himself be proclaimed this the gods most indubitable way. A few months after predicting Spurinny in Capua digging old graves, intending to clear the land for construction of houses. In one of the tombs found a copper plate with an inscription in Greek: "When will Kapiev disturbed dust, then the child will be killed by the hands of his relatives and will be avenged great bloodshed throughout Italy." Kapy ancestor of Caesar. Later, in early March, news came that herds of horses that cross the Rubicon with Caesar dedicated to the gods and let free to graze without protection, refuse to eat and shed tears.

Horses were crying! Lord of Rome decided to bring the redemptive sacrifice, and here again Spurinna soothsayer warned him strongly advised to beware of the dangers awaiting Caesar, not later than the Ides of March — idami in the Roman calendar called the 13th and 15th of each month. Spurinna promised that the gods sent Caesar a prophetic dream, if he does not want to listen to the prophet and try to avoid the accident. Indeed, on the eve of the death of Caesar, dreamed a dream that he was flying in the clouds and he Jupiter shook his hand, and the ruler's wife Calpurnia dreamed that in their house by themselves opened the bedroom door, the roof collapsed, and her husband stabbed into her arms. Gaius Julius Caesar was murdered by 56 year of age, received 23 wounds inflicted by daggers.

First prediction came true Spurinny, and for three years filled and others — one of the assassins of Caesar did not live more than three years after his death, and none of them died a natural death. As historian Suetonius wrote: "All of them have been convicted, and all died in different ways — who in a shipwreck, who in the battle, and some struck themselves with the same dagger that they killed Caesar" …

Representatives of some of the noble French and Italian noble families, close to the throne of Valois, in the middle of XVIII century, mentioned in the letters quite mysterious soothsayer named Avezzano. No one knew how, through whose patronage and the capacity in which he found himself in Avezzano Versailles — the residence of the French royal court. In one of the letters from that time somehow casually said that he had been a monk. When and where was born the man looked like and why did an amazing prediction still quite young Infanta, the future King Louis XVI, remains unknown. Infante Louis was preparing to take the throne when things once glorious France went from bad to worse. Naturally, the future King understood this, and his desire to look into the future was fully justified: the recently ended the Seven Years' War, when the Prussian King Friedrich caught up on all the fear, but it was pretty bit of Russian, and even gave them Berlin. Mysterious Avezzano predicted complete breakdown of finance in the country, and then began to talk about the unspeakable things — France's loss of its overseas possessions in Canada, the West Indies and the East Indies. Become worse when the rebel mob and fall throne, and on the pavement shall flow rivers of blood.

Then, the new monarchy, but … is not your Majesty. Avezzano advised to fear the 21st and maintain sound policies. After a date with no mention of Infante Avezzano no more — perhaps he finished days in a secret dungeon of the Bastille. But Louis remembered the prediction and life superstitiously afraid of 21 numbers: never in the day took no action and did not appoint any affairs. In 1770 he married Marie-Antoinette, and in 1774 came to the throne and became King Louis XVI. As you know, his policy did not differ reasonably restrained, money devalued, people starving overseas possessions were lost forever. And all the main events, as warned Avezzano, happened when the calendar was fatal number: June 21, 1791, Louis XVI was arrested September 21, 1792 in France abolished the royal power, and 21 January 1792 the King was executed by sentence of the Convention.

A Christmas week 1789 Moscow Governor-General Peter Dmitrievich Eropkin was told: in the ancient capital declared the country waif, dressed in a tattered monk's habit. Wiping around churches and other public places, it happened the day before the predicted fire in the house of a merchant Ahlopkova — ran to the building and started throwing handfuls of snow in the window.

The police tramp told that his name was Login Trifonov son nicknamed Kochkaryov. He supposedly saw a house burning and rushed him to stew. Login locked in the cold, and the next day the house of merchant really fired up! On repeated questioning Kochkaryov showed that he is about sixty years old and all his life he travels to the holy places, predicting the fate of people and talking about upcoming events. Curious Peter D. ordered to bring Kochkareva. When a tramp taken under guard to order the rack and whip postraschav, General sarcastically asked: can login to say that he expects Yeropkina in the near future?

Kochkaryov does not bother and confidently announced — as recently as the next day the governor expect unintentional great joy! Much to the surprise of the day Yeropkina really happened unintentional great joy — Empress generously rewarded him for his loyal service by sending a gift studded with precious stones, gold snuffbox with his own portrait: it was tantamount to rewarding the highest order! General ordered Kochkareva evaporate in the bath, dressed, well fed and again to deliver to him for "private interviews." Soon, these "conversations" over the fact that prophet entered into a secret chamber in prison and was assigned to her strict guard, and drove to the capital Eropkin courier a personal letter to Catherine II. He wrote about the amazing predictions Kochkareva. The main thing that was predicted: in 1812 Russia invaded European nations, led by the self-proclaimed king "of the Germans," and, after a terrible battle, take Moscow, which is burned to ashes! Eropkin seriously feared that if the terrible prophecy seep into the open, a riot might break out .

Response from St. Petersburg came surprisingly quickly and was unexpected: the Empress ordered immediately send the seer to the capital! In St. Petersburg, he carefully examined the doctors, and when he had an audience, and the Empress. She later wrote to Peter Dmitrievich that soothsayer and she repeated the prediction about a war that happened in 1812 and is sure to end in victory for Russia. Kochkaryov also predicted a long war in the Caucasus, the accession to the empire of many lands in Asia and the terrible war in the early XX century. What is the seer told my mother, the Empress, remains secret. Rather, she found something extremely unpleasant or too scary, because after all traces of the audience soothsayer Kochkareva completely lost.

Source: "World forecasts"

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