V.Tsygankov: Putin may come to bill

March 15, Tuesday, arrives in Minsk, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He will attend a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State. About this event, as well as some of the trends of last week — a conversation with our columnist Vitaly Tsygankova.

LeadingVitaly what to expect from Putin's arrival? The backdrop is the visit of Russian Prime Minister?

Tsigankov: Of course, the original background created by a very light sentence participants Square, Russian citizens and Brevsu Gaponavu. Against the background of the four years that got Belarusian citizens Porfenkov, Atroschankau, Novik and Molchanov, fine, and sentenced Brevsu Gaponavu, once again proved that the sentences in the Belarusian judicial system determined by the political leadership of the country.

Recall before the election Lukashenko said that some candidates are funded from Moscow. But then everything changed dramatically: in cahoots now accuse Germany and Poland, and the Russian people, who first exhibited even charges of organizing riots, softened article on "involvement in the riots" and generally limited to a fine.

A penalty and sentenced Brevsu Gaponavu, once again proved that the sentences in the Belarusian judicial system determined by the political leadership of the country …

Obviously, after a quarrel with the West, Minsk was in great dependence on the Kremlin. The Belarusian economy zvedvae new problems, the external debt is growing at a frantic pace, and the West of loans already, obviously, he will not, because the relationship with him deteriorated sharply as a result of repression after December 19.

Moscow sees it and not let the moment to try to squeeze Minsk against the wall, thinking that now have nowhere to go to the Belarusian regime. And there are signs that Russia has decided to defraud the Belarusian partner (or, to be more correct to say "the customer"). It also talks about the nuclear power plants and the sale of MAZ, and the same confirmation of the information that the new duties on foreign cars will still be introduced on January 1.

Besides, we still do not know on what terms was the mysterious reconciliation between Lukashenko and the Kremlin for a few days before the presidential election on December 9. Then, we recall, after the heavy blows in the information war, the Kremlin suddenly actually supported Lukashenko. What is promised for the Belarusian ruler Russia? The public does not know. It is possible that Vladimir Putin arrives including invoice.

Leading: One of the main topics of the past week was the economic situation in the country, especially the issue of stability of the Belarusian national currency. Actively spreading rumors about the devaluation of …

TsigankovYes, on Saturday I was an active witness to the fact that these rumors have mastered the broad masses. It so happened that I needed Buy a very small amount of dollars. I did not foresee that meet such challenges. When I came to the exchangers, and said that I want to buy dollars, traders looked at me, as eccentric, and were told that they do not have dollars. With no less surprised to look at me people who were standing in queues at these exchange points. When I first exchanger, near which stood more than ten people, and asked if anyone is selling one currency, looked at me again, as eccentric, and then explained that all here waiting for someone to come and surrender to the exchanger euros or dollars. As a result, in five different places I have not been able to find any currency.

In five different places I have not been able to find any currency …

Obviously, this hype contributed several short-term factors. First, the rumors of devaluation, which appeared to March 9, but did not disappear after dates. Secondly, people are now actively buying cars, foreign cars — before the increase of duties — and for that buy up the currency. And finally, the last temporary point — is that 9 — 10 th in many state agencies give out salary, and against the background of financial instability, people rushed to turn it into a more reliable currency.

On Monday, we'll see whether the authorities will be able to bring down the hype some statements, or they will have to fix some urgent measures to ensure the cash currency exchange offices, which they have done before.


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