Veronica Lyuken vision of the star of Atonement.

In the visions of Veronica Lyuken have many details of the approach to the planet unusual celestial object, which she calls "a fireball." I will cite just a few.

Dame Veronica Lyuken vision (1988): "I, your Mother, I am terribly depressed by this knowledge of the ills that come to mankind. I see in the distance from me the ball, big ball, which appears next to the Sun. This ball is similar to the second
The sun in the sky. But it will be a ball of destruction. I say to you, my children, we must return to godly living and be ready to hunger and suffering.

Eternal Father said: "Look, my daughter." And he pointed to the sky far away look. The human eye can not yet accept that there is, but there is a ball of "unknown origin" — for humanity.
But it is known to me — is the ball of redemption.

Fear not, my daughter, you have to see it, because it's important. Within a century, the ball returns to the human race.
My child, I raised you from the bed of pain and illness you to tell the world, prepare now. Otherwise it will be too late.
Also requires urgent that all people of the earth come to an agreement, and Rome say, look and see what lies in the dioceses.
Outside of your windows ball that quickly rushes to the earth! He will be here within a century, if not earlier. Even scientists fail, and know the speed of the ball. "

A vision of Jesus Christ: "It's sad, but it did not escape … two big penalties should be established for humanity: the scourge of war and Ball of Redemption. How soon, you ask? Does it matter when it's time. Are now? It will happen fast and come at you unexpectedly. Then the two suns to appear on the horizon. Fear gripped the hearts of many. This fear comes from knowing that you have rejected warnings from Heaven and did not act. "

Veronica: "I see the sky, it becomes very, very red, almost orange, red-orange. And it shines so bright that it hurt my eyes. And I see this huge ball. In the center, it is almost dark. I do not know of what it consists. Now it begins to change color, become misty purple, orange. Now he moves with great speed. And when there is a rapid movement of the sky, its parts are broken. Currently, he is the sun. I saw a huge ball of the sun. This ball of fire. Near another fireball. His piece breaks off and falls to the Sun. And there. Ah! It's a blast. I can not see … ".

Veronica: "I see the ball again. It seems that it changes color. This is a huge ball. It is white on one side, but when it turns, it shows the orange and red colors. Now he sometimes shoots, I think it is like fire. Now he is moving quickly across the sky. At the ball very long stream of smoke and fumes … it is extremely large. "

Lyuken Veronica: "Oh, my God! Feel like I'm suffocating. Approaching a huge black ball in the sky. And he has a dark tail. I've never seen anything like it. He is a terrible future! This will bring you to death! He has a terrible look. He frantically spinning in the sky. It looks like it's moving in a curve and goes down, as if the trees. Oh, it's a terrible sight! O Mother of God! ".

Veronica Lyuken vision of July 25, 1973: "I see a large globe, hanging in space. This globe. I see another big ball that is moving quickly. Moving away from the head of the long tail of atmospheric gases. He is very big and long. In the far distance I see the ball, as the sun. It glows red. Now the tail pointing away from the Sun. The ball seems to be moving around the sun, but no, now he is rejected.

Now the ball is sent to the Earth. I see that it spins like a top. It passes near the Earth, and the tail pointing away from the Sun. Ball close to the Earth, and the tail drifts to the ground. I see now the ocean waters. I see the water that rises up and the earth sinks into the water. "

Veronica Lyuken vision: "I see terrible heavenly body, it looks sort of like a ball of fire. This is frightening! It pulsates and now it seems it has no control, as though not in the same place. From it came off another one that looks like a comet, something was thrown to the left. "

The vision of the April 14, 1984: "Now I see that there is a huge ball in the sky next to the Sun. It looks like two large sun in the sky. But the ball on the right has a tail and it begins to twist around the sun. It moves and furiously wriggling accompanies this ball. He is now back in the direction of Earth. The ball hit one time, and something happened. And then he goes to another part of the world he changed his way and hit the globe. I see now that the whole of the lower part of the world on fire …

Fire appears on one side of the globe. I see the area. There's fire and a big hole, uh, it captures half of the globe in its opening. That's all. World struck a large fireball. Oh, this is terrible. I feel its heat.

Veronica: "I see the star in a different light — around a lot of rings. This is a huge body with rings around it. I do not know what it is, the star, the planet? And it seems to be going crazy. Jumping up and down, moving back and forth … Oh! If it continues its way, then grab the moon. Ah! Oh my God. It seems that this body is the star that came out of nowhere … ".

Veronica: "I see this big ball again … He turns in all directions. Now I see a big, huge rock that falls into the water. When he falls into the water, it rises too high. Thud, as if it was a bomb. This caused a wave, they got very, very high, and I see a few ships that fail down. This rock is immersed in what looks like an ocean. I see three or four ships that sink along with it. It's like a whirlpool. "

Vision from November 1, 1974: "My child, you will feel warm, unusual warmth. Know that this is the time of God's punishment of His Son. The bright light will shine all night as by day. The heat will turn your winter into summer. Yes, my child, the heavenly body cast down large amounts of heat to your land. "

September 13, 1975: "The solar system is a ball of Doom, which is close to the Earth. He has an unusual origin. Those who discard the knowledge of supernatural grace, suffer the penalty close! When it appears in the middle of the solar system, all will be filled with fear. Many flee to hide themselves, recognizing the wrath of his God.

Foreclosures ball comes to Earth and bring their shell out of the fire! Many will die in a great flame of redemption. As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be on your Earth punishment far greater than any punishment against humanity! This punishment, my children, the time of the Court … and cleaning of humanity. "

Vision from July 1, 1985: "My children, I warn you, I want you to be mindful of the instructions that I gave a few years ago. I warned you what would you keep in your homes a good supply of canned food … they will support you during the big penalty. It will be a ball of fire which will ignite many of the chemicals that are designed to destroy the country.

The destruction of the world is covered onslaught, but a few of you have the opportunity to understand what happened. People were running back and forth, trying to escape from the punishment. Do not look back, my children, the black corpses that lay among your tracks, and do not touch them or you will die.

Want all the world to know that droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, are but minor disasters compared with the number of lost people who will die in the great punishment. Good and bad people should die together, my child … ".

Vision of 14 August 1973. "I see a planet with the shape of the mountains. This globe. It is a large globe of the world, very big. Terrible Ah! This ball is near.

Veronica: "I can see the road. I see people fleeing. Their clothes in tatters. It seems as if they hit something what fragments that tore their clothes and bodies. But worst of all, the off-road. I see the body and the bodies strewn in the streets and homes. I see the light water. I see foaming streams that rise higher and higher, washing off the coastal shores of the sea ".

Vision of June 12, 1976: "There will be very high waves that roared take away with them the city. Buildings swept away from the foundation. The air will be heated to a high temperature. Atmosphere of gloom and darkness will be fatal to mankind …

I say to you, as night follows day, the darkness will descend upon mankind. "
Veronica: "Oh! Oh my God! I see, I see the ball. It spins very quickly … I can see the picture. Yes, this is Earth. Ah! Oh my God! I see the water rises very high above the ground and buildings. Sea strikes and floods the building …. I still see that the buildings were demolished. I see people. They are very scared and run away in all directions. Mary: "My child, this sad scene, I must show you."

The vision of the March 18, 1973: "Then there will be darkness in the world. The air will decrease the oxygen content. Then there will be light …, the heat will increase. "

The vision of the September 24, 1976: "No one can escape retribution ball Atonement. Effects should remain in the body of every man, woman and child — on your Earth. "
Likely impact of the X-ray and gamma radiation from the star — (Note SV).

The vision of the May 30, 1978: "Many warnings have been given to mankind, but they went unnoticed and were rejected. Scientists do not warn mankind of the crash. Will your men of science find a way to stop the Ball of Redemption. I tell you, "No!" …

A vision of Jesus Christ: "Now let's talk about retribution, my children. For when the night turns into day and day turns into night, the time will come when you will be screaming for mercy, but it will be too late. Redemption will take the ball from three-quarters of the Earth's humanity.

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