Vladislav Tretiak. Goalie without a mask watch online

Vladislav Tretiak.  Goalie without a mask watch online
The movie is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the best hockey goalie Vladislav Tretiak of the twentieth century.
About the hockey exploits of three-time Olympic champion, world champion and ten- Vladislav Tretiak filmed hundreds of miles of film and written thousands of articles. Especially when Russian authorities. Komsomol organizer of CSKA and USSR carefully sculpted image of the ideal citizen of Russian youth to know, "do life with someone." In the documentary film viewer will see a completely different Tretiak — without tight hockey mask on his face. Seventeen years Vladislav Tretiak praised the "noble and mighty Russian alliance" on icy areas on both sides of the Atlantic. He urged the bow in front of him, even Canadian experts. Meanwhile … His kids grew up without a father's care, and loving and selfless breathtakingly beautiful wife Tatiana almost every day he wrote heartfelt letters, suffering from loneliness and endless waiting rare meeting with her husband. Eventually, Vladislav Tretiak could not resist the oppressive barracks environment in which lived Russian "Ice Knights." After a triumphant — the third one's own victory at the Olympic Games in Sarajevo 84 — he asked the coaches permission to live in the family. But received a categorical refusal. Then the goalkeeper decided to hang up the skates — in the prime of life and skill. Then he just turned 30 two …

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