After a two-hour meeting with Alexander Lukashenko Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as a decided matter said the merger of the Belarusian MAZ and KAMAZ Russian.

"Assets of the largest producers of heavy trucks Belarus and Russia — MAZ and KAMAZ — will be merged. Creation of this alliance will promote the manufacture of competitive products of Belarusian and Russian businesses, new jobs," — said the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin.

"This is a significant step in the integration process of Belarus and Russia with regard to the real economy," — said the Russian prime minister, saying that the parties have "a lot of good investment projects" — BelaPAN.

Meanwhile February 16 the first deputy prime minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko noted that the proposal of the Russian company "Russian Technologies" on the establishment of the Russian-Belarusian holding company "Rosbelavto" has received approval in principle, and the only question in the valuation of assets that are expected to join in the holding.

But on February 19, Alexander Lukashenko said that all the talk about the merger of two companies — "this is pure insynuatsyya and stuffing." On He said, in Belarus, "did not even launch these issues. "

Earlier MAZ has a joint venture with the German company MAN.

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