Weapons Armageddon

Nuclear weapons for many years represents perhaps the most tangible threat to human existence. The principle of its operation is based on uncontrolled chain reaction of nuclear fission. It is traditionally believed that nuclear weapons were developed during World War II, v1944 year. The first bomb was detonated during the test, the second and third Americans dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is — the well-known facts, but they have been predicted long before XX century.

Predictions monk

The appearance of this terrible weapon saw contemporary Nostradamus Franciscan friar Nero. Use the language of his time, he has described very similar nuclear blast with a huge black mushroom in the air, sowing death for long distances. He also said that there will be several explosions, the first three — the most terrible. Predicted Nero and another explosion in Eastern Europe in the late XX century, which no one will know until then, and that will bring unprecedented "white disease."

Fiery lightning of the Third Reich

As you know, "the weapon of retaliation" was a kind of fixed idea in the days of the Nazis in Germany. Thus, the Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler once uttered: "We have not used our latest wonder weapon. Certainly, the" V-1 "and" V-2 "are very effective, but it still is our main weapon has such power that no one present currently can not. Just one or two shots to London or New York vanished from the earth. "

This is confirmed by a letter and Kurchatov, who, having received intelligence report, immediately informed the Kremlin that "in recent years the Germans have made in Thuringia two powerful explosions. They took place somewhere in the woods in secrecy. Within a radius of five or six hundred meters from the center of the explosion had been felled trees … The prisoners, who were in the center of the explosion, were killed, and many of was gone. … The other prisoners were burned face and body … The bombing has created a powerful shock wave and accompanied by extremely Temperature growth. bomb itself is a ball diameter of 130 centimeters … It supposedly contains uranium-235. "

Interestingly, the employee Kurchatov, GN Flerov, visiting Germany, immediately went to Thuringia, as he was ordered to examine the test area. According to a resident of a small village, near which the test was a "secret weapon", Claire Werner, "half-past nine in the evening … suddenly became as bright as if hundreds of lightning flashed. Middle of all the lights red, and the edges — yellow. Newspaper could read in that light. But it was some moments, and then all went out again, and we just noticed that the wind got up. " Preserved evidence of local residents who helped to destroy the SS people dying from the horrible experiment, and many were Russian. One of the prisoners of war — our countryman — said that dying mumbled words: "a huge lightning."

It is believed that on the day of the explosion at Ohrdruf killed up to seven hundred people. They were the first victims of atomic weapons, still inferior to the American and Soviet power bombs 50s. Villagers complained of in the days of severe headaches, many mouth was bleeding.

Horrific action "retaliation weapon" like the power of the "divine weapons" described in ancient sources. This is likely because the Germans have always respected the occult and seriously studied the mythology of peoples have retained knowledge antiquity. Many researchers have associated the famous expedition to Tibet with the development of a "secret weapon." Moreover, that the description of weapons stores and deities in India, and in Buddhist monasteries. Access is limited, at least from the point of view of people uninitiated.

Light brighter than a thousand suns

But can you imagine what our ancestors did not fight with a spear and a bow and used the technology on a par with modern or even surpassing them? Traces of such wars is found in the legends, myths, and legends of many peoples.
The most serious work of them — "The Mahabharata."

For the first time a parallel between ancient legends and the atomic bomb had Professor Oppenheimer, when he struck by what he saw on the nuclear tests, read a passage from the "Mahabharata" about "the light that is brighter than a thousand suns." During the battle of the gods, besides the usual weapons, used by some other — belonging to the gods. It was loaded "all the power of the universe", "incandescent column of smoke and flame, bright as a thousand suns rose in all its splendor.

This was an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which turned to ashes the entire race and Vrsni Andhakov … corpses were so burned that they have become unrecognizable. Hair and nails fell out; dishes broke without apparent cause, and the birds were white … after a few hours, all products are poison … to escape from this fire, the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their weapons … "Is displayed text — not a description of a nuclear war!

References, such as this one are not isolated; battle with a fantastic arsenal of weapons and flying cities are common in the Indian epics. Texts "Mahabharata" tells the powerful explosion that followed the appearance in the sky "blinding light" and "fires without smoke", from the sizzling hot "water began to boil," and "looked like charred fish."

According to. "Mahabharata", at the end of IV millennium BC the large-scale war involving nuclear and other weapons have killed more than 80% of the then population of humanity. Especially interesting is that the people, according to the Mahabharata, the deities are asked to give them the opportunity to learn science astravidyu that lets you use a divine weapon. After the test, only Arjuna receives such a right, and five years removed heavenly city to study.

Death of the world's nuclear

An indirect confirmation of the fact that humanity in the distant era has survived a nuclear war, is the fact that in 1962 during the excavation, archaeologists found skeletons, and the level of radiation penetrating the bone, higher than normal in more than fifty times. Similar skeletons were found in the streets of Mohenjodaro. The conclusions of the scientists, people apparently died instantly. Ancient cities whose brick and stone walls literally glassy, fused together, have survived in India and Ireland. Scotland, France, Turkey and other places. Glazed stone fortresses and cities there is no other logical explanation other than a nuclear explosion. One gets the impression that the world has reached the heights of civilization in a nuclear conflict again rolled to the Stone Age, and the few survivors tried to pass miraculously preserved fragments of information descendants through myths and legends.

But such memories of the horror, unfortunately, nebyli prerogative only of the ancient India. Hindus consider themselves Mahabharata history of mankind.

And researchers found worldwide giant funnel that were according to the laws of soil formation flatten when they occur calculate according academic dating. Craters found over a hundred.

Surprised many scientists and the ruins of castles and Ekoss Dundalk in Ireland, which store huge traces the impact of temperature is so high that the blocks of granite, which are composed of walls, melted. The melting point of granite is 1000-1300 ° C. You may think that is where the terrible weapons used ancient traditions.

Note that in Russia — in Karelia, in the museum features a unique trail shod human foot, which is etched in molten granite. There also remained a huge picture of a man of gigantic proportions. Local legend has it — Kuyva, freak from birth, angry with the whole human race has come to destroy it.

Then the shaman turned to the spirits, and the spirits incinerated the aggressor. Most image Kuyva reminds known from photographs prints shadows of Hiroshima. Only he's much taller.

Another trail possible use of nuclear weapons was discovered during excavations in Turkey lost ancient Hittite capital Hattusas. Its ruins are located near the town of Boğazköy, near Ankara. Hattusas once destroyed sudden terrible heat. Brickwork houses melted and turned into a homogeneous solid mass of red. Speckle stones and cracked. In the town there was not a house or temple walls, which would have avoided this terrible heat. It is clear that the usual fire, even a citywide scale, could not create such a temperature.


There is one more argument in favor of the probability of a global nuclear catastrophe, which occurred on Earth in the distant past. In many areas of the Tradition, which became centers of total disaster.

A careful look at the map you can see that almost all of these areas coincide with areas of modern deserts. According to Chinese legend, the number of such places is in the little-explored part of the Gobi Desert. In India, some parts of the Indus Valley, where in ancient times has many flourishing centers of civilization, now also turned into a desert. In Egypt, the Sahara is a vast territory.

And after all of its sand and barren rocks, archaeologists are finding new artifacts. And over the most ancient centers of civilization in the Middle East, the ruins of the great countries of Sumer and Babylonia wind rolls sand waves multimeter thickness. The same can be said of the deserts of Mongolia, the Americas and Australia: in the vast and utterly untenable space scientists discover traces of settlements, which in the past have turned into ruins.

Academician B.L.Smirnov in comments to the translation of the "Mahabharata" says: "One can not wonder highest moral sensibility of the people, dozens of centuries ago who managed to not only put the moral problem of permissible use of" ultimate weapon ", but to solve it." The existence of a restriction on the use of "higher" species weapons highlighted in the "Mahabharata" repeatedly. The same Arjuna gets his hands "brahmashiras" with instructions to "…

This extraordinary and totally irresistible weapon … never be used against you people, for thrown into impotent, it can burn the whole world … If any non-human enemy attack you, O hero, then it was used to destroy the weapon in battle. "

So that atomic weapons perceived ^ ancient, primarily as a directed not against people, but against the kinds of intelligent beings, we currently unknown.

The tragedy of the past ages must now serve as a warning. The same Indian, treatises say: "Arjuna, not to indulge in a marvelous weapon! .. It never let him move aimlessly. And the goal without extreme need smite not … the abuse of these weapons can happen great trouble! '

Author: O.Pogoda
Source: "Miracles. Enigma. Secrets" № 5 (76)

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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