Weather in Russia now has the features of the four seasons

Weather in Russia now has the features of the four seasonsAt present, Russia has witnessed weather, common to all four seasons — unusually warm in the south and cold spells in western Siberia accompanied by erratic weather in the central part of the country — told reporters the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov.

"The current weather in Russia can be called the" four seasons. "In Siberia, the temperature anomaly reaches 12 degrees, Yakutia, the temperature drops below 50 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, in the Southern District of abnormally warm weather, the temperature is 12 degrees above normal," — Frolov said.

He added that the European part of Russia in the Central and Volga federal districts, there is a zone of very strong contrasts. In particular, it is connected to them held in Moscow freezing rain, writes RIA Novosti.

Saturday in Moscow and the Moscow region was "freezing rain": drops, which were formed in the atmosphere with positive temperature, before reaching the ground, instantly frozen, meeting the cold air near the surface. As a result of all the streets in the capital turned into a skating rink, dropped or damaged thousands of trees not withstand the rigors of an ice crust.

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