Who will not receive a pass to the Golden Age? Prognostication of palm libraries

Who will not receive a pass in the third millennium

You may already have heard predictions of scientists and spirituality of the approach of the Golden Age — an era of prosperity. Those who have an understanding of concepts such as karma and the karma of the individual communities are well aware that the Golden Age will include only those whose minds and behavior will match this era.

That is, before the onset of humanity is to abandon the material world and embark on a path of spiritual development of civilization. If people do not do it in advance, there will be a kind of "screening", leaving only those who have learned (or — seeks to learn) to think more sublimely and unselfishly. How much to trust the predictions?

I do not know, but during the first trip to India vesnoy1996 year, I witnessed how my wise and learned friend, PhD, closely questioned Jagannath Patra — one of the servants of the temple of Jagannath about what will happen in the near future, will World War III, etc. (Jagannath — one of the names of God, which means "Master of the Universe" — Sanskrit).

Looking at the reverence with which my friend listens to this hospitable Indian (he politely invited us to his house and fed), dressed only in a loincloth, I just waited and thought wistfully, "This is necessary so to get caught! After all, the very fact — no head, and the Council House, the famous scientist and believe in predictions … some Indian who and read — that probably does not know how he goes over the ears, and he listens, and his mouth open, naive … "

Catching my skeptical mood, the priest suddenly turned to me and without warning began to talk about me as if he knew me more than I do "… You live in a four-room apartment, even though you received initiation from a guru, you are now more tied to his spiritual brother, who gives you a lot of valuable instruction, and which you saw first, even though you do not know it, your mother is a back problem and was admitted to hospital with osteochondrosis (as I found on his return from India, it was true) … "etc.

When I realized that even tell me what I'm afraid to admit to myself, I believe that this man really knows how to read the information contained in the information field of the universe.

Realizing that I had "neutralized" and will no longer stop him from his thoughts, just as the priest suddenly turned to my friend and continue the conversation, which ended with the words: "really a lot of trouble to occur on Earth. But they can not occur, or occur, but to a much lesser extent, in other words, if you actively preach and help people to inspire your life. If they realize their mistakes and become better, then Mother Earth will not have to punish them so severely, and will not have all this loss … ".

There is a known prophecy Indian saint and mystic Bhaktivinoda Thakur that "… Russia and Prussia will be the first countries to be live by spiritual laws and rebuild dive varnasrama-dharma." (The spiritual way of life in which everyone does precisely the activity that best suits his inner nature, doing it as an offering to God and others).

How can this transition happen? Based on the work of Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky in 1991 in Russia was completed long-term cycle of unique research. On this basis, it is proved that the Earth — is extremely high power and highly organized system, which has a crystal structure and having the daunting form of holographic memory.

Many studies have shown that the Earth as a self-regulating system, in response to external (from space) and internal (from unreasonable technological human) exposure to within the ideal computer "includes" compensatory mechanisms to maintain vital parameters.

But every year the Mother Earth harder to compensate for the "man-made hooliganism" of mankind, accompanied by the release of plasmoids from the depths, earthquakes, and other man-made disasters.

Nature has a range of means, the use of which would be perceived by us as any kind of adversity and hardship. "Apocalypse" means "time change". But it should only be afraid of the people who "live in evil," in denying the harmony of the universe. If they do not change internally, figuratively speaking, "do not get a pass" in the third millennium. The same thing, in our version, can be attributed to the states, nations, and human civilization. Individually AIDS affects mainly lecherous, alcoholism and drug abuse are killing intemperate and weak-willed.

By way of influence on the whole community living against the "interests" of the cosmos, are social conflicts, epidemics of known and yet unknown diseases, ozone depletion, changes in the usual parameters of the environment, natural disasters, and even reversal of the Earth's axis. This information about the properties of mutations environment contains many sources of religious information of almost all religions of the world, because they have a common root.

"Time to change" — the same "bottleneck" that our civilization must pass in order to reset the accumulated "cons." Losses are inevitable. However, their level is determined by our own behavior. If the ending phase of the two thousand years of human existence could somehow live with character, contrary to the harmony of the Cosmos, the climax of the coming period to reach only "clean" the individual and society.

The soul of every man must be pure as a child, reason — wise, like an old man, and the body — chaste, like a young bride and groom. These guidelines for the content simple, but difficult to implement, since their execution encounters opposition of all the forces of evil, which especially now — at the turn of the millennia — very powerful. This is well known to all the various "isms": political extremism, vandalism, nationalism, religious fundamentalism …

But God is with us! God is not made-up, and all-powerful God is real. We must, at last, to unite science and religion, the real science and "cleanliness" religion, whatever it may religions embody.

In order to save life on Earth, humanity has to make the transition from irrational negative to significantly positive trends being. Healthy life based on the harmonious spiritual development is "pass" in the third millennium — both for individuals and for nations and communities as a whole.

Prognostication of palm libraries

 Foreword by the translator:

I wanted to convert part of the book "The predictions of the future of Europe from palm libraries" and send you to Russia.

This does not apply in your country directly, but affect the whole world. As there is a prediction about the upcoming events in Russia. The purpose of the author — do not panic, and he is not an adherent of Gnosticism through his books he tries to explain to people the importance of spiritual values. According to him, the predictions come true, to the extent to which people are now materialistic.

So, if they spiritualize and change your life, then the predicted may never come. Palm library — store all kinds of knowledge, written on palm leaves in Sanskrit or in pure starotamilskom language emanating from the great sages (rishis), mentioned in the Mahabharata. The author mentions in the book of his visit shrines dedicated to Bhrigu Rishi, Asite and Agastya.

Yadu Chandra

So, here are the parts of the book published in Germany by Thomas Ritter

"Predictions of the future of Europe from palm libraries".

"… As the standard of living in the EU will continue to deteriorate, the society will escalate social conflict. People will try to stand up to future challenges. During this time, many EU countries will escalate protests against the people of other nations, even if they live in other countries. migrants coming from other parts of the world worse. These people will flee from famine, war and drought, turning their countries into the desert.

The European Union and the Company, some countries are beginning to crumble from within. There will be more protests against the government's policies and financial powerful, in control. At first it would seem that these protests affect the affairs of the government, but it would be a fraud. Claims and arguments of the protesters will be ignored and exposed to ridicule.

People who speak out against the government line, will be humiliated, their lives will be in question, they are presented as criminals and convicted. (Thomas Ritter, who has published the material in German, has faced great challenges from the German government — note a Russian interpreter.)

In 2011 will be a big economic difficulties. First in the U.S., and later in Europe and all the money will quickly lose value. It will be a display of the result of lost economic and monetary policy based on the percentage of the system of interest and on the belief in the infinite possibilities of financial growth.

Top of society in the United States and in Europe for decades thought that the world is a playground of their greed and self-interest, they can change the way they wish. First, they believed that there will always be only just bigger. But they themselves will be deceived by the illusion blinded their minds. The earthly world is not infinite and it will never be unlimited happiness and growth. Their system will come up against their limits. The fall of 2012 or later, will probably collapse of the financial system.

The state will not be able to meet its obligations to state employees. Will not pay the soldiers and government officials, because the money will not have a value. This situation will lead the world in the mess. Numerous firms, factories, banks will have to close down. Many people lose their jobs, and even the very basis of its existence. Come greater turmoil and looting, especially in big cities. Many people will die.

Armed citizens will rob the peasants in the provinces in order to get food. The U.S. government will try to get the order to use military force, employing more loyal troops. But control of the situation would only be partial. The collapse of the U.S. economy will lead to riots, comparable to the civil war, which will continue until the second half of 2017. Then in the conflict will help northern neighbor, which effectively resolves the situation. The battle lines will cross the country. But, in contrast to the first civil war between the North and the South, the West will fight with the East.

The decline of the American economy and the depreciation of money also affect Europe. There are also worthless money, but not as much as in the U.S.. Nevertheless, the consequences of such a development will be very serious, especially for the common people. Many will not have a living wage and become beggars. In the big cities will be an attack on government offices, state representatives and a rich part of the population. Size of violence in Europe reaches the U.S. level, as in the European Union there are so many weapons in the private population, and also because there will be no collapse of the security forces, police and army.

In America — on the contrary, would be to attack the soldiers and police who have not paid their salaries, and they will immediately use weapons. In European cities will revolt, especially against foreigners living there. Particularly bloody battle will be in Paris and Rome, but will also significantly involved in Madrid, London and Prague.

The least affected by the crisis, Russia, China and India, which will mutually support each other's economy. Riots in Europe will continue until 2016. Times, like the Civil War, will be changed only through the intervention of Chinese and Russian armed forces, which will be called the rulers of Europe for help. Their coming to restore order, but many people in Europe will see them no help, and the invaders.

Before the collapse of the U.S. monetary system and economic rulers of America, Europe and their allies will take all they can to stop falling down. As has already happened twice in the 20th century, organized by them war and destruction in other parts of the world will revive the American economy. So the American army and their allies from Europe will be the means to wage war around the world.

Officially, these governments will justify the use of weapons against other countries desire to save the world and freedom, but in reality, they want more power and territory. The ruler of the United States will feel the man chosen by God to spread around the world the Christian religion. He will repeatedly make their claims in public.

But also in the occupied countries, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, people will think that their religion is the only true and worthy of follow up. They, like him, will call all of a "holy war." After the capture of Iraqi Americans plan the attack on neighbors — Iran, but terrified of a possible use of dangerous weapons by the enemy. This weapon will be a destructive force equal arms of Americans.

For this reason, the U.S. erected military bases in most of the countries surrounding Iran to threaten him so all sides. The U.S. Army will conduct up to 2013 many wars in Africa and Asia. Military operations will be carried out in Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. These military conflicts will lead to the polarization of the world. European and Asian countries divided into two camps — to support America and reject everything American. The U.S. Army will bring the war to all parts of the world, but such a war, which twice was in the 20th century, did not happen.

In many places in Europe will be the local conflicts in Europe, primarily in the Balkans (Albania, Serbia, Bosnia). Prolonged crisis of Western society would plunge the United States into foreign insignificance. By 2014, U.S. forces completely deserted by all countries. At the heart of Africa will be very bloody war that will force millions of people to escape and emigration. Also in Central Asia — Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan — are protracted civil war.

Since 2009, in many parts of Africa and Asia will not fight wars over land and resources, and for drinking water. In the Middle East escalate the conflict between Palestine and Israel after the apparent calm after the murder of a senior representative of Palestine. In the war will be drawn as Jordan, Syria and, to a lesser extent, other neighbors. It will be in 2011. In Europe at this time will be no war, but people are to feel the war in other parts of the world. High taxes and fees, higher prices of raw materials and supplies, as well as refugees from the hot spots, particularly in Africa, Turkey and the Middle East, will be the result of these wars.

Central and Western Europe will become targets of terrorists. The number of events is small, but with huge consequences. Governments will use it to strengthen the power that even they succeed for a while. From 2018 there will be new monarchy and dictatorship, community, built on a strict hierarchy, which will rule the tradition of a nation.

European Union countries will weaken and break more. Create new alliances … These new forms of cooperation in order to help start the European economy and the U.S. to stabilize. People will be willing to give up individual freedom for the sake of its existence and security.

But the time in 2017 will only appear calm. There is the potential new hazards. Not from the war, and the rapidly changing global climate. Average annual temperatures rise further. Gulf Stream, pumping millions of cubic meters of tropical waters to the north, will be voided, change direction and disappear altogether. Huge amount of melt water from melting ice masses north lead to a loss of force in the Gulf Stream just a few years.

The consequence of this will be the drought in the southern U.S. and floods in China. Scandinavia will turn into an ice desert and densely populated coastal states — most notably the Netherlands and Bangladesh, will be almost completely flooded. Millions of starving refugees to leave home and move in, according to them, the rich countries.

These events date back to the years from 2029 to 2034. Icy winds blow in Northern Europe, while destroying storms and floods devastate coastal regions. Forests are dying, and the plains in the North Sea and the Baltic states to freeze the tundra. Dramatic climate changes will lead people and government in an emergency situation. Combustible materials will become rare, and the few still extant alliances and agreements expire.

Participation of bloody conflicts, wars for resources, food and water desolate continent. In the course of several years, the world face anarchy. Country with an unstable government, such as Pakistan, will be tempted to use its nuclear arsenal to seize resources and fertile land. This will be a war between India and Pakistan in 2029. In this case, there is danger of nuclear weapons, which could result in the devastation of vast areas of India and Pakistan.

Very rapid cooling of the earth's atmosphere, and icing of large areas in the north of the USA and Scandinavia will be stopped after a few years of normal natural cycle and the climate is stabilized again. Since this will involve good yields and calm the tense atmosphere in humanity. In years of drought and flooding will be a new disease, and those who were considered losers. In these years, there are millions of victims.

Along with such contagious diseases as plague and cholera appearing in the Civil War because of inadequate hygiene, climate change will increase the risk to human health. During the warming of the climate, especially in Africa and Asia, but also in parts of Europe people will suffer from increased solar activity, which is manifested as an increased number of skin cancers and tumors.

Refugees from Africa will bring in 2023 in Europe, a deadly disease that can be called Coon. Infected is a high temperature, the internal organs will decompose within a few days. The disease will be almost always fatal and spread like flu. Two years earlier, there will be blood worms. This — tiny worms settling in internal organs — in the heart and liver. These bodies are destroyed in a short time. Infected rarely live more than one week. This type of worm is transmitted through the meat food products.

In Italy and Greece will wake up volcanoes. Will come from a variety of volcanic gases, some of which are poisonous. The consequence will be rain with aggressive corrosive materials. Millions of people will die from earthquakes and floods. It will be a huge amount of damage. Disasters will peak in 2046.

After disasters … begin restoration work, the economy will flourish thanks to the unprecedented demand in all sectors. After disasters climate in Europe gradually gets warmer, and will remind the Mediterranean climate. Snow in the winter is only in the mountains. Agriculture will flourish. Tectonic activity change geography. Many islands and coastal regions of Eastern North America, England, part of Japan, and California will slide into the sea. In the Atlantic, there will be new island.

At this time in Europe will gradually form a new society. His task will be to create the coming Satya Yuga (Golden Age — the era of spirituality approx. Per.). This time is characterized by a large freedom of the individual, followed by a subordinate and choice of the public good. Events of recent years will be taught many people how demoralizing effect man management, desire for profit at the expense of others.

This new community will extend from the western coast of Europe to the east coast of Asia, but the direction of each region will be local. People will address important questions on the spot, rather than waiting for a centralized solution from afar. Land and water resources will no longer be privately owned, as people realize that they have no right to appropriate the fact that there were up to them, and it will exist after. But everyone will have the right to have his house, which he built or bought.

In 2049 humanity will realize that it is not alone in the universe. During restoration work in Europe and the Middle East will be found historical evidence of extraterrestrial origin. This will lead to a reformation of some religions and philosophies.

An era that will come after 2048, will be the beginning of a new, spiritually oriented time — "Golden Age."

Leakage of information about economic Armageddon in September 2008

The following material may be only one of many signals, warning us of the coming global upheaval of the world in the near future.

NIGHT SESSION OF CONGRESS USA March 13, 2008 was only the fourth in 176 years, when Congress closed the doors to the public. With this special night session of the House of Representatives of the United States behind closed doors started leaked.

Congressmen discussed not only the new conditions of observation, as was stated as the reason for the closed session, they also discussed:

— the inevitable collapse of the U.S. economy, which should occur by September 2008,

— imminent financial collapse of the U.S. federal government by February 2009,

— the possibility of civil war in the U.S. as a result of the collapse,

anticipated gathering place "rebel forces of American citizens" to fight against the government — detention of detained rebel camps "REX 84? built throughout the U.S.

— possible reprisals against members of Congress during the crisis,

location of "safe facilities" for members of Congress and their families, where they would live for the expected massive civil unrest

— necessary and inevitable connection of the United States with Canada (for its natural resources) and with Mexico (for its cheap labor force)

— issuance of a new currency — AMERO — for all three nations as the proposed solution approaching economic Armageddon.

Congress members were forbidden to make public what has been discussed. But several congressmen were so furious and concerned with the future of the country that have started to give information.

This information would look fantastic too, if not for some of the details of its proof. First, about the Amero it was before. Second, most people have already said, to "think about the unthinkable" is quite clear text:

"First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF), John Lipsky turned to the financiers of the world to" think about the unthinkable "and prepare in advance for emergency financial and economic sphere. Speaking yesterday at the Institute of World Economy in Washington, he warned, that has taken the world measures "may not be enough" to respond to a "low probability, but can have serious consequences," the events that may occur in the global financial system due to the experienced by its recent turmoil. "

The world was stunned recently when the largest U.S. bank Bear Stearns was sold for just pennies — all for $ 236 million, while its market capitalization was $ 3.5 billion for the week before. The bank did not survive the "subprime crisis", although once survived the Great Depression. And that can only mean one thing — the situation is very similar. Although the Fed frantically Cuts as much as much as 0.75% in the hope to revive speculation on the exchange, everything is hushed in anticipation of the storm. Bank Bear Stearns in this sense served petrel, but not so proud as Gorky.

But this is not all. Information about the closed session of the U.S. Congress, devoted to expect a collapse of the U.S. economy, has another important confirmation. The fact that the idea of joining the United States, Canada and Mexico, and a North American Union (NAU) was the main outcome of the summit between Presidents Bush, Fox and Prime Minister Martin, held in March 2005 in Texas. Then it seemed like the natural result of the partnership under the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). A joint statement issued after the meeting of leaders of the three countries reported on the first stage of the formation of this alliance, "Partnership for Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP). And in May of that year, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) published a report of a special analysis of the "Building a North American society", which sets out concrete plans for a new superpower. In it, in particular dealt with the elimination of borders and a common currency.

Although all of the officials spoke only on very remote unification plan, one of the American journalists Harold Turner said there was collusion and accelerated the integration process without discussion and participation in the process to the public. He even posted pictures of the new coins of 20 Amero, which he allegedly gave some of the employees of the Treasury.

The reporter says: "The U.S. government deliberately and purposefully squanders money in order to finally and irrevocably bankrupt the country. Idea is: first the state government will demonstrate the real prospect of economic disaster. And then, when millions of Americans begin to panic, and offer them a solution — the merger of the three countries as a "the only way to avoid the loss of all that is the American people." According to Harold, the U.S. government at that time, "Canada will be forced to go to the merger, blackmailing its citizens that, in case of failure of the entire U.S. currency held in their hands, suddenly devalued and Canada to save the economy will have to join the North American Union. "" They will be able to correctly present the idea and the Mexicans, explaining that their purchasing power and standard of living will rise immediately by the merger. "

Of course, the words of the "Soren money" — simplification, can be attributed to the economic illiteracy of a reporter. "Soren" state money — the only way to avoid a crisis and it has proved Keynes and practice reforms Roosevelt. Even military spending to help avoid the problem of excess productive forces — the growing crisis in the first place is associated with an elementary overproduction. Another thing is that this method has bottomed out because of a problem separate from the state printing press, which led to the already unpayable debt and imminent government default. However, the fact that the policy of the Fed actually purposely leading the country to an inevitable economic disaster can hardly be doubted. This moment noticed another prominent economist and writer William Engdahl, mentioning in this regard the book of John D. Rockefeller, "The Second American Revolution." This revolution really is underway, but it will not be the initiator of the American people, and the financial oligarchy. But the nations will serve only a tool, as it has often happened in history.

Any revolution, and even simple reforms are possible only on the wave of popular discontent. So it happened in Russia in 1917, as it was in the Soviet Union in 1991, and so it will be in the U.S. in the coming year. The reasons for the mass civil speeches may be objective, be the result of the natural evolution of the system, but can be subjective, that is to have an artificial origin. Ability to manipulate the mood of the masses is not there is some new technology. "Political technology" — the term is fresh, but the idea has very ancient origins. Italian Communist Gramsci described many elements of the revolutionary technologies in the 30's of the last century and is now studying its findings in the elite universities of London and Boston. But many of the principles used are the Jacobins and the Masons. Plans for the next revolution in the U.S. obviously include many technologies already tested and one of them is an artificial growing economic problems in fomenting popular discontent for later use its energy to undertake profitable financial oligarchy reforms.

The basic method of this kind of technology is simple — to hide the real causes of the coming economic disaster, assign the main culprit for the state and its authorities, and suggest a "problem-solving", which reduces to a reformatting of the state in accordance with their interests. That is why the culprit irredeemable debt are not bankers, owners of the Federal Reserve, a slate of emission center, and the state under its supposedly too much spending. A new superpower called "North American Union" (North American Union) would have been a very different nature, to which the current American democracy has a weak relationship. In essence, this is a big private corporation controlled by the financial oligarchy and the people will be as far from the center of decision-making. Association of countries with different histories, cultures and languages within a single state structure is part of a project to its mondialist to create a world government under the control of the financial oligarchy. New superpower should be the next step towards achieving this goal.

The publications of the journalist Harold Turner could be handled with a grain of salt, but he was not the only one who has started to disseminate information on the government's plans to merge the U.S. with Canada and Mexico. Another journalist and author of many books by Jerome R. Corsi in 2006 published a paper describing the plans and concrete steps, including the creation of a single currency — the Amero. According to Jerome Corsi, co-author of the analytical report of the Council on Foreign Relations, Robert Pastor, director of North American Studies at American University, at a hearing in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, said:

"NAFTA has failed to create a community, because North American governments have not changed the way they interact with each other. Principle of bilateral relations following the U.S. government continues to dominate and annoying. Adding a third party to bilateral disputes vastly increases the chance for which rules, not power, will resolve the problem. This three-pronged approach to institutionalize the new North American Advisory Council. Unlike the clumsy bureaucratic structures of the European Commission, the Council should be lean, independent, and advisory, composed of 15 prominent people, 5 representatives from each nation. Its main goal should be to prepare a list of issues to be discussed by the leaders of states for a two summits, and monitor the implementation of the agreements obtained. "

Pastor offers a lot more then, but how will be chosen "outstanding" representatives of the three nations Pastor silent. However, based on his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, it will be people at the same Council, that is, representatives of big business and the financial oligarchy. Thus, the legislature of the three countries is conditioned by the financial authorities, international. Obviously, the plans for a joint powers would not find support in the parliament of the country under normal conditions. But the conditions of civil war and economic collapse may well persuade the MP to this union. Especially if the experts from the Economic Community together will call this union the only panacea for future troubles. And that, in fact, is almost true, if we understand the true causes of the crisis — the overproduction and the corresponding fall in demand. Joining poor "developing" Mexico will give a much-needed demand for U.S. manufacturers, providing them to the same cheap labor. Canada, being on a par with the U.S. in per capita production, appears here only as a makeweight USA. Flywheel economy really needs to spin up for a while, until the demand is born in a poor Mexico would not be satisfied. Of course, that Mexicans have to still provide high wages, usually in the United States. And producers respectively to give loans to build factories in Mexico. And will start a new cycle of debt. But in a new currency … However, this will only happen if a future cataclysm will go in a controlled manner.

In all of these mysterious plan is only one not entirely clear question — when they start to work? According to the leaked information about the closed session of the Congress, the date of the economic disaster is already scheduled — September. At this date, there is justification. At this point, the Fed exhausts its ability to stimulate the stock market by lowering interest rates, and a wave of bankruptcies will spread from the financial to the real sector of the economy. Refinance (refinance) their debt becomes impossible, the State in its latest attempt to stimulate the market and avoid a social explosion due to bankruptcies will use up the last reserve of public debt. In September 2007, Congress raised the statutory bar of maximum debt to 9.815 trillion dollars. In November of debt is 9 trillion and growing at a rate of 1.4 billion per day. By September, increasing at such a rate it will reach $ 9.4 trillion, and by February 2009, the U.S. government will become insolvent. The same calculation confirms the estimated budget deficit — 410 billion, however, and by September the remaining stock of 400 billion the government can spend in trying to stabilize the situation.

Material prepared

Alexander Usaninym,

employee of the Krasnodar Regional Centre for UNESCO

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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