Wholesale insanity in Europe

According to the latest survey by the German psychologists, more than 160 million Europeans suffer mental illness — it's almost 40% of the European population. Social scientists from Dresden made a list of the most common mental disorders among the Europeans, writes German magazine Spiegel.

The scientists from the Technical University of Dresden claim that 164 million people across Europe suffering from various mental illnesses. Most of them are caused by epidemics of drug addiction and depression for years rocked Europe. The data on the mental health of the residents of the 30 EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, the German sociologist, and concluded that 40% of Europeans should immediately go to a psychiatrist.

The researchers compiled a list of major mental illness that affects people of Europe. About 14% of Europeans are constantly experiencing bouts of fear, often unfounded. More than 7% of European citizens suffering from prolonged depression and insomnia, and about 4% — alcohol and drug dependencies. In addition, 5% of European young people aged up to 17 years in the literal sense of going crazy because of lack of attention from parents and peers, and 30% of older people have a dementia — age memory loss, decreased interest in life, senile dementia.

One of the main reasons for the grim statistics of the German scientists see a relatively low level of health care in most European countries. The authorities need to better inform the public about the symptoms and, more importantly, on how to treat certain mental illnesses, experts say. In addition, the researchers say, "crazy" often are unwilling or afraid to admit that they have a health problem. Only a third of Europeans suffering from mental illness, see your doctor regularly.

According to Dresden scientists, economic costs Europe mass spread of mental illness is more than 385 billion euros per year.

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