Wind tore off the roof of the college in Sydney, 700 people evacuated

About 700 people were evacuated on Friday after heavy wind collapse damaged the roof of one of Sydney's Catholic colleges, two people were injured, according to the publication Herald Sun.

Wind reaches a speed of 75 kilometers per hour, and is forecast meteorologists will increase during the day.

Airport operates Australia's largest city with delays — passengers have to wait for their flights in an hour. Ferry service in Manly interrupted.

In addition, as a result of rampant elements energized 3.8 thousand houses in several parts of the city. Rescue teams are working hard to restore power in the affected areas.

Meteorologists expect that by Saturday morning the wind speed will decrease, but the danger element will be until Monday.

Dvenadtsatibalnoy on the Beaufort scale wind speed exceeding 75 kilometers per hour, the storm is.

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