World government and new world order. Part 2

Another influential MP structure is three hundred Committee, which includes, in Kollemanu, three hundred of the world's richest families. This is a very old secret society founded in 1729 the "black nobility" by the British East India Company to resolve the problems of international banking and trade, and to ensure the opium trade. It is directly controlled by the British Crown. It includes the entire global banking system is the most important representatives of Western nations. Through the Committee of three hundred, all banks are connected with the Rothschilds. Committee closely related and important to the Illuminati, therefore, obviously, is located on the top of the pyramid of world government.


Interlocking and breeding functions of global governance can dedicate a significant structure in the MP — "Syndicate". By N. Hagger, an organization dynasty, the idea of joint control the global money supply, which created the Federal Reserve to the U.S. and involve known and repeatedly transferred the names of wealthy families in the world. Now its dominant function — money and oil, so it is with the group Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Closely connected with the syndicate zakulisnyhe such structures as the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, etc., where the powers that be decide to secretly major international issues. Syndicate, however, as other similar structures already prepared to dominate the world.

One of the key Masonic Order MP and powerful force shaping the structure of the various MP defining their strategy is the Jewish secret order of B'nai B'rith — "sons of the covenant." It was founded in the U.S. in 1843. Its roots are in saddukeystve, Talmudic, kabbalizm, Satanism. This is sort of the Jewish International Finance International — the Masonic world empire, which has about 2,000 lodges in the most countries. B'nai B'rith openly aims of world domination through the creation of a single world state ruled by Jews. In most of the organization affected Russia, the Soviet Union, is now living out his short life Rosfederatsiya. The main enemy of centuries-ontological B'nai B'rith is Slavic-Russian white civilization, the Russian people and Orthodox Christianity.

At the end of 1 century B'nai B'rith formed and made his weapon Zionism. This political Zionism is not to be confused with the spiritual Zionism — a Middle Eastern cultural and religious streams late Rus-Indo-Europeans, who had invested his share in the formation of Christianity. In this sense, it is necessary to understand and early Priory of Sion and the knightly orders, which were not Judaize and captured Jews. Over time and through Jewish resources Zionism became synonymous with world Zionism, who allegedly intended to carry out his Jewish messionizm. It has been said, we label it as a geopolitical phenomenon Great Zionist project. Appropriately, the late political Zionism called private or Small Zionist project, although in reality it as a global phenomenon can be neither private nor small. Despite the fact that the purpose of the Small Zionist project — "the establishment of a Jewish national home" in Palestine is reached, the energy continues to gain strength and have great Zionist project. Today, for example, moves of ideology — "where Jews live there and Zion."

"B'naiBrit' (Sons of the Covenant)

Is the "All-Seeing Eye of Zion"


Zionism — a political organizational form of Judaism. Judaism — the spiritual content of Zionism. Modern Zionism — a system of many organizations around the world, and the metropolis of the State of Israel — the base reference point of these organizations. The ability to mimic Zionism clearly described Chairman of the Central Bureau of Jewish section VKPb S. Dimanshtein immediately after the revolution of Russia: "Zionism has many faces. He pastes over any sort of theory. He was a Socialist-Revolutionary, Marxist — of all hues. We could see it under any color. This shows how the Jewish nationalism can adapt, which he is a master in this respect. No other nationalism of a people does not come to this, this can only Zionists. "

Today, international Zionism consists of large and small, public and secret organizations. The largest and most influential of all the open — the World Zionist Organization, which has branches in most countries of the world. In these countries, there is not a Zionist Organization Zionist banner — The World Jewish Congress. It gets to where explicit input Zionists difficult or undesirable. In 1913, B'nai B'rith Antidefamatsionnuyu league created to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic. The organization in the U.S. called "Jewish Gestapo", referring to her account a long series of political assassinations.

Followed by hundreds of youth, women, charitable, cultural, educational, labor, socialist, communist, liberal, democratic, religious, scientific, students, workers and other organizations, foundations, committees, institutions, corporations, associations, conferences, councils, leagues and others use multiple instruments and mechanisms for all occasions. Zionist headquarters, pressing on certain levers actuate the organizations that perform the task on a change of government, orange or bloody revolution, destabilization of the social situation in a given country, the terrorist actions, etc. etc.

Zionism cynically using the bulk of the Jews as a means to achieve the objectives of the occult Judaism, periodically organizing pogroms, expulsions, the Holocaust … It was not until Jesus Christ, because it was directly under Christ, finally, also in Germany and the Soviet Union in the twentieth century, the same is thing Rosfederatsii HH1 century. B'nai B'rith estimates, the world's Jewish community by the following method: the Jews on his mother — about the population of India, if they add the father of the Jews — then it is the Chinese population, about one and a half billion people. In our opinion, this is highly exaggerated in advocacy and deterrent purposes of evaluation. However, a characteristic that a genuine and identical B'nai B'rith carries only 17 million Jews. Consequently, the other as inferior, you can safely donate.

The Jesuits

Played a major role in the Counter-Reformation


In the archipelago of secret societies of their special role distinguished Jesuits. Jesuits, its official name "Society of Jesus", was founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola in the most rampant of the Reformation in Western and Southern Europe. This male religious order of the Roman Catholic Church was approved by Paul 111 in 1540 and made a vow of obedience to the Pope. His task, in particular, is to return the monastic orders, infected heretical spirit of Judaism and Freemasonry, to their spiritual roots. Were based new moves designed to bring together the spiritual life of Christians with the teachings and precepts of the Saviour. The Jesuits played a large role in the Counter-Reformation, holding apostatical processes that have already purchased the geopolitical parameters. Order purposefully fought Semitic and Jewish heresies. He made one of the most influential Catholic magazine «Civilta Cattolica», which sought to preserve Europe on sound Christian values. From 1592 to 1946 the ranks of the Order did not take people from the so-called "new Christians", that is, people from facing Jewish and Muslim families. For its active religious, intellectual, scientific, educational, social, and international activities in favor of European civilization Jesuits repeatedly accused of spreading anti-Semitism.

At the end of XIX century. in Germany and Austria appeared "new Templar Order" or "new church", which took as their emblem swastika, which the Tibetan sorcerers do the symbols of rebellion. According to researchers L. Powell, M Berger [1] born in Germany after more than two decades of fascism was the result of socio-psychological experiment, organized by some secret occult society, as a failed artist and Blood Adolf Hitler was elected as a capable and adept received specialized training . It is known that in 1923, Hitler was an occultist mentor General K. Haushofer — member of the "Lodge of the World", a branch of the Teutonic Order "Thule Society", later the founder of the geopolitics of the Third Reich. In turn, mentor Haushofer was born in Leninakan George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, who took him to a secret lodge Tibetan lamas. Gurdjieff was also the personal magician Hitler and had an enormous influence on the development of fascism. Presumably, Hitler created the secret society was revived Templars, through its apex. Demonstrating some of the national political independence, but being brought up Jewish-Masonic ideology, Hitler was able to leave the circle of her ideas: world domination "superior" race genocide of other nations and create a "perfect society" under the authority of the sole dictator. In his behavior Hitler was based on occult philosophy, and considered himself the messiah of a new religion. The result is known.

In Russia, under the patronage of Oriental Templars Lodge "Great East" acted Order of the Russian intelligentsia. It was founded by Alexander Herzen, Mikhail Bakunin and Belinsky, after execution of the Decembrists and the new prohibition of Freemasonry and attracted to its ranks many deluded intellectuals. The purpose of the Order was to build an atheistic republic on Masonic recipes, its first president, Mason predicted illuminate MM Speranski, who as secretary of state in Russia has created a bureaucratic control system anti-people, live to this day. In a letter to Prince Vyazemsky Pushkin describes the members of the Order as a "stand in opposition to the government, and to Russia." Members of the Order of the Russian intelligentsia were later included in the Bolshevik and Soviet government. The Provisional Government was in full Masonic and Trotsky, Tukhachevsky and many others. We know that Lenin abroad many conversations with the Masons, and met with the founder of the German "New Order of the Knights Templar" Liebenfels. Freemasonry now found confirmation of Lenin. Stalin was also associated with Masonic structures through Gurdjieff. With him he studied at the seminary together, in 1899-1900 years. lived in his family, making friends with the Tibetan teachings, and allegedly, was dedicated in the Masons, Rosicrucians. Stalin and more often met with Gurdjieff, and traveling abroad, contact with new Templars.

Kerensky — the head of the Masonic Lodge



If we talk about the first people of the States and their party commands, the simple common sense demands to recognize that, without being Freemasons and members of secret criminal sooobschestv without using their support, relationships, finances, etc. Lenin, Stalin, Kaganovich, Mikoyan, Yeltsin Hitler, Goebbels, Brant, Merkel and others simply could not come and stay in power, either in Russia or in Germany or in other countries.

Space Afro-Judeo-Mohammedan area were also infiltrated by secret societies, spiritual forerunners of the organizational structures of the World Government and the various representations of the New World Order. To those include the Zealots and Sicarii, well organized and consistently operating in the eastern province of Roman Judea in the second half of the 1st century BC — 1st century AD Zealots — the most active "zealots", "followers" Jewish "emancipation" and rule over all nations. Sicarii — "kinzhalschiki" — the most radical and terrorist wing zealots. The main goal — the overthrow of the legitimate government of the Roman world power and the establishment of an "ideal king" — the Messiah from the tribe of David, the "freedom" of the people of Israel and the salvation of mankind. Later messianic ideas passed into various religious and mystical currents of Islam. Sikar heritage has been used in modern times in Zionist organizations. Thus, members of the Jewish underground organization calling themselves Sicari planned to blow up the Al-Ax to build in its place a "third temple."

Founded in U11 century Mohammedanism, in effect, a simplified modification of Judaism, so it was infiltrated by secret sects, orders, societies and used as a smokescreen that hides the true control forces of the World Government, and as a tool to capture Christian geopolitical space. A symbol of Islam — a pentagram with a month on the wane, which means in translation from a secret language Kabbalistic symbols: "spreading false pious (or pseudo-humane) anti-Christian teaching." The consequence was the process of rebirth and enlightenment, a series of civil wars, the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, division of Europe into Catholic and Protestant, the destruction of the Slavic peoples, attacks on the Orthodox Russia, and more.


Green CrescentSymbolIslam.


One of the oldest and most well-known organizations, which formed the basis of modern technology and the Islamic, Arab, Israeli and international terrorism are the Assassins. Assassin — derived from the Arabic hashshishin literally — consumers of hashish — secret sect, formed at the end of the XI century. by religious schisms. This occurred during the Shiite branch of Islam, a radical sect of Ismaili and closely merged with Nizari movement Fatimid Caliphate.

Carriers of Shia Islam is basically preserved in the Middle East hybrid Russ-Indo-Europeans, the representatives of the extinct white Aryan civilization. That is mostly non-Arab population. Shiites are a minority, often persecuted by the Sunni ruling majority, therefore, as a rule, were forced to remain in hiding. At the same time, the foundation of the state apparatus of the Caliphate, the backbone of the most combat-ready forces of the army and navy were Slavs, Christians of various denominations — Orthodox, Catholics, Nestorians, Copts, etc. The establishment is also blended leadership of Christian churches with their conservative positions. This historical situation was due to the fact that the predominating type of Arab clans, having come from the backward regions of the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa were objectively revolutionary destroyers Sunni state. Major confrontation Sunni and Shiite bloodshed characteristic feature of modern Islam.

The founder of the Order of the Assassins was Hasan ibn Sabbah. He was born in 1050 in a privileged family in the Shiite town of Qom is located in northern Persia. Having moved to Qom from Khorasan, the family still has its roots in one of the South Arabian tribes. Consequently, Hassan i Sabbah became Shia by birth, was a Semite origin. The father sent his son to school harsh Imam, which said that he teaches not only the Quran, but also many other tricks that give dedicated tremendous power. Obviously, there is a view of Kabbalah. At school he met and befriended Hassan Omar Khayyam, Persian Aryan, who later became a great poet, an outstanding mathematician and astronomer. Another friend of his son was a large landowner, Nizam al-Mulk, as Aryan Persian. Three other agreement entered into between themselves that one of them, who will reach the greatest success in life, have to help others. The first success was achieved Nizam. He became vizier of the sultan, who ruled in Persia, and then with his successor Malik Shah became the most powerful man in the state of Seljuks.

Assassins — Members of the secret religious

Shia Ismaili sect


Hasan ibn Sabbah by Nizam became a minister at the court of the Shah, but because of the intrigues was exiled to Egypt, was introduced to the secret doctrine of the Ismailis. At the Cairo court of the Caliph, he spent three years again wove various intrigues and was sentenced to death. After the abolition of death, back to Persia, created terrorist Ismaili state of Alamut, which lasted until mid-H111 century. In Alamut Hassan set harsh lifestyle, reminiscent of the communist utopia: canceled the traditional sharia law, introduced universal labor service, banned any expression of luxury and pleasure to have killed the difference between the higher and lower classes of society, established sole control and unlimited obedience conquer spiritual leader- leader, introduced the death penalty for the slightest deviation. Around the world, its agents preachers were buying rare books and manuscripts, keeping a secret knowledge. Hassan i Sabbah "thanked" his former friend Nizam that made him the first victim of his assassins, murderers.

Since the beginning of the Crusades Assassins hired detachments fought with Christians against the Seljuk and maintained relations with the European secret orders. Many Muslim rulers, military leaders and a number of European Christian rulers have fallen by the daggers of assassins. It is noticed that the Assassins by his example inspired many secret societies of East and West. European Order imitated them, adopting the techniques of discipline, the principle of appointment of officers, the introduction of badges, emblems, symbols, etc. Semitic spirituality, technology and practice, deceit and cruelty have found fertile ground in the Masonic organizations. End terrorist state Ismailis came in the 50's of the XIII century by Nestorian Christian army of Hulagu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, who invaded parts of Western Persia. By order of Hulagu Khan, the soldiers leveled once evokes horror mountain fortress of Alamut, bet "mountain sheikhs," the rulers of the Assassins. The anti lost, to be reborn in another place, at another time.

Crusade Hulagu Khan

The siege of Alamut

H1H century witnessed the internationalization of the secret world government structures, their access to the transnational, global management level. Simultaneously became gradually line up second, lower, tool echelon of secret organizations, movements, etc. Its main objectives were wrestling with Christianity, through the dissemination of "secular-education" of heresies such as "liberty, equality, fraternity", liberalism, democracy, socialism, communism, etc. Other organizational and practical activity was the destruction of the traditional monarchical state, decomposition tools Masonry elite nations and states, arousal, and the wickedness of the peasants, artisans and urban workers, etc. The most characteristic and revealing was the so-called international alliance of democratic forces.

The Union is a union of secret revolutionary democratic organizations on the basis of the old Carbonari under the patronage of Masonry and the bankers of England. Developed the most active during the period when the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the British government of Lord Palmerston. Its active agents were Giuseppe Mazzini, Napoleon 111, and many others. The results of its operations in Russia, among others, was the Crimean War and the "infamous" Treaty of Paris. Under the direction of G. Mazzini in Europe and around the world have been established for over thirty revolyutsionaristskih secret international organizations with the same type named "Young" — Young Italy, Young Germany, France, Austria, Russia, America, Turkey, England, Greece, Europe, etc. etc. etc. All of them were opposed to Holy Alliance monarchical rulers of European countries, demonstrated the revolutionary-democratic vision of Europe, in the image of the United States. Under their influence, a wave of so-called bourgeois-democratic revolutions.

By XX century Freemasonry is a leading international political force and the secret world government, have been resisted by the traditional society only in the Orthodox Slavic countries, mainly due to the presence of the Orthodox Church. Therefore, from the XX century, all the attention of the Judeo-Masonic elite is sent to capture and disruption of these states, in particular — Russia, which was able to successfully do this, first by the October Revolution, and then "perestroika." By the middle of the twentieth century, through the Second World War, the planet confidently manage the structure of world government. As a result, Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam conferences world was divided into eastern and western blocks and a zone of "free hunting" — the Third World, where gladiatorial games were played from different Masonic groups. Leading in the world in that period by three masonerii. Clearly they were presented at the Yalta Conference. All three leaders and their advisers were Masons and were British, American and Soviet Masonic lodges. Churchill expressed the interests of the Zionist Rosicrucians, Roosevelt — American Templars and elite elite "Skull and Bones", Stalin — the Bolshevik "Grand Orient."

 Redivision of the world winners. 1945.


As for Freemasonry in the USSR, it should be the following refinement. Indeed it was forbidden and persecuted. During the bloody rivalry in the 30's, with one obvious side were eliminated political opponents, thereby strengthening the dictatorial power in the party, the state and the country. On the other — behind the scenes, this repression carried out in the interests of the Masonic elite, which came to power, as a rule, removes the bottom, is unnecessary and disturbing levels of the pyramid, which led her to the top of the USSR. That is, in reality, the secret was to reduce the impact Sephardic groups — pro-European and pro-German Masonic Templar "Grand Orient" and the position of the group increased dramatically Ashkenazi — Rosicrucian-Zionists. Only changed the balance of power, and the "Grand Orient" as he was, and remained, and today still works effectively on world government.

The Cold War, which was launched by the World Government after World War II, was designed to separate the nation-states in the world and bring them to the area of influence of the Soviet or American units, with the ultimate goal of the future one-time merge into a single world state. In addition to the new world order, this strategy made it possible for each of the units to sell weapons and make huge profits. Polygons and the gladiatorial arena in which for geopolitical performances were Korea, Vietnam, Egypt and the Middle East, Africa, South America, and then everywhere. Now there is a struggle for the transformation of the planet Earth in the "Rockefeller" single universal Sephardic-Shiite republic Templars or "Rothschild" Zionist Ashkenazi-Shiite one universal monarchy, which will be the descendants of the kings of Jerusalem, and falsified the Merovingian dynasty.

Last century the structure of world government transformed into a comprehensive imperious secret power, which took control of much of mankind. Formed in the world behind the scenes and an extensive multi-service network of shadow, not really hiding the organizations, which are now largely control the vital functions of the planet. The most famous — the Council on Foreign Relations (1921), the Bilderberg Group (1954), the Trilateral Commission (1973), The Club of Rome (1968). It also includes banking, industry and intelligence and information groups such as the RAND Corporation, a dense network of non-governmental organizations in the preparation and conduct various blood and velvet revolutions, management structure and behavior of the mass consciousness like Tavistock Institute, terrorist, anti-terrorist centers, drug syndicates, clubs such as Rotary Private militias like Black Water, etc.

Secret and polutaynye organization always complemented respectable official international bodies such as the League of Nations, the UN, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, OPEC, EU and others, as well as supranational bloc-military-political organizations, not just sharpened to provide a regional, national and state security but, above all, for global domination. Such was the Warsaw Pact and NATO is. The whole sandwich conglomerate concerned not so much national and international security as alignment of a world order that would minimize the problems of survival and domination degenerative occult elite and the "gold" billion.

Obviously, the share fell HH1 century anyway to implement the idea of the World Government and the establishment on earth of the New World Order. It is also obvious that such should not be imposed now match consumer patterns and represent the spiritual and organizational paradigm of the black race Afro-Asiatic etnomassiva. This, as has been mentioned, the disastrous scenario. What a way to be elected? This is the way the creators of the Aryan white race, Slavic-Russian super-ethnos and Sons subsidiary branches. Accordingly, so must be the representative of the World Government. This should be the only Russian world order. It is in this scenario there is some hope of rescue and survival.

The main features of a world order has long and repeatedly proposed and painted, is only briefly repeat that thesis was ending. This dominance of authentic traditional spiritual and religious, cultural, moral, and ethical and aesthetic forms of light brown Indo-white civilization. Fidelity to the Christian Church and the teaching of the Holy Fathers, devotion Russian Orthodoxy, the true God, family, created in His image and likeness. Orientation to the North-East, the tradition of the world's Eurasian geography, aerospace, socio-economic, scientific, informational, media-virtual and other geopolitical space. The national government, the political organization on the autocratic monarchical traditions of the White King, the kind of priest-kings, religious and secular teachers in accordance with the words of the Apostle Peter: "But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people, a peculiar …" . Superethnic fidelity and racial traditions of the Great Russian people, as well as complementary features of peoples and nations, historically involved in its orbit. The priority of social justice, protection, security and national family and community factors in the system of production and distribution.

Valery Petrov

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