WP: It is necessary to stop Gaddafi

In today's edition Washington Post a regular contributor to this newspaper, Richard Cohen, urged the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama's intervention in the civil war in Libya and the establishment in this country of a zone free of aviation Muammar Gaddafi.

We offer you the translation of fragments of this article:

December 21, 1988 Muammar Gaddafi killed Theodore Cohen [Daughter of the article's author — PC]. She was among the 259 people on board the plane, flying Pan Am Flight hundred and three agents Gaddafi also blew up a night club "La Belle" in the former West Berlin, where the U.S. military is going. Gaddafi supported other terrorist acts. He approved the murder of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich and attempted Anwar Sadat. He killed dissidents in Libya and also would send their agents to kill dissidents abroad. If he wins in the ongoing civil war, it will kill your enemies. Is preparing a bloodbath.

How do I know? I do not know. I can only look back to the past — to see what Gaddafi was doing — and concluded that it will do so in the future. But it can be stopped. If the president Ronald Reagan avenged vzarvanne "La Belle" bombing of Libya, Gaddafi realized signal and calmed down. If Gaddafi saw that America took up the search for (alleged) weapons of mass destruction in the country Saddam Hussein, he got rid of his. He even paid compensation for the Pan Am aircraft vzarvanne hundred and three Muammar Gaddafi — crazy, but he — not the fool.

In calling for the establishment of the zone in Libya, free from flies, many American politicians and others cited various historical examples to back up their point of view. (…) Libya — is not Rwanda. Libya — is not the Balkans. But it can be one or the other.

To exclude this possibility, it would be helpful to the Obama administration finally said something to this effect specific. (…) Ironically, the White House wants to wait in this case will not do something about all of the other — the UN, NATO, "multilateral organizations and bilateral relations," as we said in an interview with Ben Rhodes of the National Security Council . This pompous way of saying that first you need to arrange a meeting, then a committee, and then to inform the discussions, after a while … if the good God permit.

All this is very cute — and so unlike George Bush malodshaga. But Obama abachlivasts borders delay. The international community is almost never on anything not converge. She always looks which way to go to the United States. President of France Nicolas Sarkozy established diplomatic relations with the Libyan rebels, but the world hardly noticed it. After all, the value is just what the United States does. We have the money. We have the knowledge and experience. We have an army. We lead, they follow us. (…)

It is not late to the UN imposed a zone free from flies. (Even the Arab League called for it.) Kind of the West is not necessarily sent to us on a slippery road. No U.S. military did not go to Bosnia before the truce established there. We must immediately make it clear to Gaddafi that the United States will not allow him to commit the slaughter of his opponents as Saddam Hussein committed with the Shiites and Kurds — to the eternal shame George Bush stareyshaga. (…)

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