Yanukevich: from Bangalore Square we will refuse

Minsk City Council to authorize the March 25 rally in Bangalore Square in Minsk. The applicants sought leave to the gathering of the Freedom Day celebration on Yakub Kolas from there marched to the square of the Yanka Kupala, where the rally was to be held.

One of the applicants' action, the leader of the BPF Yanukevich said that the organizing committee decides March 21.

"I think at the moment it seems that the version of the action in the area of Bangalore, we will refuse. At the same time we take a collective statement and decide how and in what format action will take place."

"After December 19 the authorities have taken such information wave, trying to show that the purpose of the opposition was to prevent the normal operation of government agencies. Like, if they wanted to protest, then there are plenty of other places that are not close to government buildings. Is the route that we proposed in the application, do not lay near some government buildings and could not create any obstacles. That which is absolutely categorically denied completely, it just shows that it is not in a destruktyvnastsi opposition, and the fact that power just absolutely do not want to allow a modicum of dissent. "

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