Yanukevich preparing the defense of the island of freedom

BNF was not going to leave office in the center of Minsk and preparing for action around the clock non-violent resistance.

March 31 ends the lease by the BPF party central office at Prospect Masherova (formerly Varvashenya), 8.

Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich in an interview "Our field"Said the organization is not going to go away from the farm:


"We are preparing a defense. This will be a non-violent, but resistance. We organize the squad, which will be on duty around the clock in the building. This will be the members of our party. Moreover, We encourage the public to show solidarity — to protect the "island of freedom" in the center of Minsk, which for recent was the venue for a huge number of cultural events. "

March 28 the party will go to court to appeal the decision to evict her ZHREO from the premises.

ZHREO refuses to renew the contract due to the fact that the parties were "systematic delay on payment of rent."

The party believes in abvinachvanni "systematic delay" unreasonable.

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