Yevgeny Morgunov. Unbearable joker watch online

Yevgeny Morgunov.  Unbearable joker watch online
About Eugene Alexandrovich Morgunov from time to time read: "Power to the famous trio of gaydaevskih movies — is the image embodying the actor himself. His unlike Vitsin and Nikulin in the role of unimaginable bugger, totally do not need to play." And you have to see that this world did not appear out of nowhere. Morgounov adored not just hitting, and sometimes even shock and disturb the public. All football matches it, using his own popularity, was held without charge, spent with a lot of friends. At one point, a demonstration on November 7, Morgounov bet with friends that will break through the mass of guards and come to Alexei Kosygin. Incidentally, while the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Union. Bet on a box of cognac … And won. The bodyguards did not dare to stop powerfully built man, with a huge head of the harsh appearance and strong energy. At the premiere of another movie Gaidai Morgounov come with a fan and a guitar. And at the request of the director to leave the hall outside, Morgounov rudely began to defend his companion, later defiantly stood up and went along with it. After that incident, Gaidai finished filming Eugene Morgunov. And such cases in his life were many.
But the film says about the other, the unknown Eugenia Morgunov. He was a man with an impeccable ear for music. Person every day to overcome unimaginable pain — tortured him half a lifetime of diabetes. Eugene Morgounov adored his wife and kids, was the zealous and kanitelnym owner — always and all the Memoirs wife and close friends, carried into the house. Besides, Yevgeny Morgunov was narrow and vulnerable to sudden moderate than either man.

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