Yuzhnouralsk attack caterpillars


26.05.11.Nashestvie caterpillars Yuzhnouralsk. Gypsy moth destroys forests Uvelsky area at high speed. Gardeners seriously concerned — tracks have already reached the apple and pear trees on the plots. Spoiled leaves, bare branches of trees and lifeless. Already infected with 35 hectares of greenery — it is two times more than the whole of last year. South Ural foresters note: The last outbreak of this level was in the eighties. Not less worried and gardeners. Uninvited guests with great speed matched to the suburban areas. Salvation — poultry. We need a serious electronics, avionics and heavy drugs. But this is not enough. Head OSU "Uvelsky forest" Gennady Pogorelov said: "Process and need not wait for it to grow to the size of his last, when he will be long and 5-6 centimeters thick almost a finger." To handle not only the forest but also gardens to keep the next harvest. Oksana Kuzmina


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