Zabaikalie: in the railway Naryn1-Gazimurskii plant laid golden link

June 9 at the station Gazimurskii plant railway under construction "Naryn — Lugokan" in the south-east of the Trans-Baikal Territory ceremony of laying the "golden section", which symbolizes the end of the railway line from the station Naryn-1 under Borzilo to Gazimurskii Plant.

Due to the construction of the site remote areas of the south-east of the Trans-Baikal region are now connected with a network of Russian railways.

  • Railway construction in August 2011
  • Railway construction in August 2011

Built in 3.5 years railway length of 223 kilometers will be the base infrastructure project for a number of large-scale development of polymetallic deposits in the south-east of the region, in particular, ensure the economic feasibility of building Bystrinsky and Bugdainsky GOKov by the same name fields.

Total funding for the updated passport in 2010 of the investment for the development of the south-east of the Trans-Baikal region is 104.6 billion rubles — 24.2 billion from the funds of the investment fund and 80.4 billion by the private investor — "Norilsk Nickel", of which 72 , 4 billion rubles will be spent on self-development of two oil fields.


The project involves the construction of 223 kilometers of railway and two major GOKov — Bystrinsky and Bugdainsky. Construction of the road, in which the state has invested 24.2 billion rubles from the investment, began in late 2008, the forces of "the Corporation Inzhtransstroy." By the beginning of 2010 contractors have built 130 kilometers of road to the station Alexandra plant. About 2.5 years it took to reach the Gazimurskii Plant. Total to build a railroad from the state budget and resources, "Norilsk Nickel" was allocated 32 billion rubles.


At the same time, "Norilsk Nickel" has started construction Bystrinsky and Bugdainsky GOKov — this is the first time in modern Russian processing plants that are being built from scratch. They should be started in 2016. To ensure the construction of electricity in April put into operation two substations worth 1.2 billion rubles, and a total capacity of 64 MVA.

 Construction Bystrinsky Mining began in 2011, putting the plant into operation in 2016. The planned annual production Bystrinsky Mining includes mining and processing 10 million tons of ore a year, 62 million tons of copper in copper concentrate, 6.3 tons of gold in concentrate, 2.1 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate.

 The work on the construction of Bugdainsky Mining began in 2012. Delivery of project documentation must be completed by 15 November 2012. It is planned to launch Bugdainsky Mining held at the end of 2016, and the output at full capacity — in 2017. Planned construction of 36 kilometers of road and rail access routes to the GOK. Bugdainsky mine must ensure production of 16 million tonnes of ore a year and process it into a molybdenum concentrate with approximately 9,000 tons of molybdenum.


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