Zavolzhsky plant began production of engines standard Euro-4

In the main assembly line of "ZMZ" (A part of "Sollers") assembled the first engine "Euro-4". This is a 4-cylinder gasoline engine ZMZ-40905 (2.7 L) for a complete set of UAZ.


Its assembly in order to develop technical process took place in the mode of serial production under the supervision of project managers, R &D and manufacture of the engines "Euro-4". The new product is set 27 original parts, but the basic components and engine systems are the same, they are unified with the previous family of engines "Euro-3". Design changes are mainly affected engine control and its components, ventilation and timing mechanism. This power characteristics and mechanical characteristics it is the same as that of the engine of "Euro-3." As for the differences, then the engine "Euro-4" twice tightened requirements for the release of hazardous substances, as well as the level of noise. Therefore, one of the key activities implemented in the new engine — the application of the timing mechanism gear chains, aimed specifically at reducing the level of noise.

OAO "ZMZ" — one of the largest centers in Russia for the production of internal combustion engines. The company produces more than 80 modifications of engines with displacements of 2.2 liters to 4.67 liters, corresponding to modern environmental standards for cars and buses of three automotive companies in Russia — UAZ, "Pavlovsky Bus" and GAS.

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