ZAZ resumed production after a month of inactivity

"ZAZ" (ZAZ) resumed car production after a month in standby mode


PJSC "ZAZ" (ZAZ) resumed car production after a month in standby mode, the company said on Tuesday.

"Zaporozhye car reacts to changes market domestic and export markets. Carrying out regular preventive and maintenance work is completed, and all departments of the enterprise started to work according to the technological cycle, "- said in a press release ZAZ.

The company operates in one shift production plan for the first quarter was 4 million vehicles.

ZAZ clarifies that on 1 February reopened harvest area press shop, then — the armature and the production department of plastic products, from February 4 — welding shop. Work paint shop will begin on February 6, the conveyor assembly workshop kicks off on February 8, and the first batch of finished vehicles in 2013 will be handed over at the beginning of the second decade of February. In production now time Cars are Sens, Lanos, Vida, Forza for the domestic market, Chery A13 model for export to the Russian Federation and for SKD kits of cars Chance for Kazakhstan.

Plant recalls that the suspension of production has been associated with the introduction of Russian utilization fee on imported cars and fierce competition in the domestic market. In particular, the growing share of imports of new cars (over 70%), there is a tendency to demand the redistribution of C-class cars in the direction of the representatives of premium-segment (up 17%) and remains duty-free access to the models of the Russian Federation market Ukraine.

In addition, demand in the domestic market decreased significantly due to the lack of suitable conditions in the country of the consumer lending adds ZAZ.

Plant indicates that the stop was planned production: Due to the introduction of Russian utilization fee ZAZ production program has been revised to maximum displacement of production for the period prior to the entry into force of new rules that before September 1 (entry into force of the collection in the Russian Federation) to form a stock car on the Russian stock.

Overall in 2012, the company has reduced car production by 29.8% — to 42,695 units, while their export — by 28.1% to 21,107 units. In particular, was released: Chance — 4861, Sens — 5800, Lanos — 4984, Lanos-van — 721, Forza — 2853, Vida — 11 550, A13 — 8429 KIA — 1440, Tata — 290 buses — 615.

In 2013, the company plans to produce about 30 thousand cars.

ZAZ is a company UkrAvTo and is the largest automobile manufacturer in the Ukraine.

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