Zhigalovsky shipyard launched the new ship Puteiskiy 222

The new ship designed to transport, repair and maintenance of navigational marks lowered today, May 16, on the Lena River. This is the second ship built from May 2012 to Zhigalovsky shipyard.


A year ago, the water was lowered ship, named after the famous Yakut putejtsa Victor Litvinov. Then the chairman of the AP region Ludmila Berlin and Head of Fleet FBU "Lena State Basin Department of Waterways and Navigation" Paul Snytko smashed a bottle of champagne on board the ship, after which the ship was launched on. Such court Zhigalovsky area were not built for 15 years. The mayor of the district Zhigalovskii Igor Fedorov said that the new ship was the 259th built on Zhigalovsky plant, which operates since 1912.

Chief engineer Verhnelenskogo area waterways and shipping, affiliate FSI "Lena Basin Water and Shipping" Ivan Maslennikov said that the construction of the ship began last year under the federal sub-program on development of inland waterways. Currently test operation will be performed for its use. Motor vessel named "Puteiskiy 222." According to him until the end of the summer will finish another vessel.

Lyudmila Berlin noted that currently Zhigalovsk shipyard — the only state shipbuilding company working in the area from the Urals to the Far East, being a Zhigalovsky factories in the area. "It is therefore very important that the company is working, people are working, which means that there is confidence in the socio-economic development of the region and successful future", — said the speaker.

Brief specifications:

Displacement of the vessel — 765 tonnes

Crew — 14 people

Autonomous navigation — 12 days

The ship takes on board to thousands of buoys

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