Zhytomyr UTOH sews clothes for abroad

The President of the Polish Union of the Deaf Krzysztof Kotinevich an official visit to Zhytomyr Training — Production Enterprise of the deaf.

Krzysztof Kotinevich convinced that cooperation between the Union of the Deaf Ukraine and Poland should be the partner, and its result will be the introduction of joint projects, both cultural and educational. In addition, the Poles are planning to share the experience of rehabilitation of people with hearing impairments. During the visit, Mr. Krzysztof invited to tour the Zhytomyr Training and Production Enterprise. E. Alexander, director of the UPP UTOG said that the company is engaged in sewing uniforms, overalls, bedding, sewing the top and women's clothing.

UTOH also carries out orders for tailoring of customers from abroad. In the experimental shop are all examples of models. It employs designers, constructors and the blocks. Using new technologies in cutting models — CAD program (automatic control). The shop cutting fabric cuts out the different parts of the product. Each part — detail, has its own number to make it easier to sew.

UTOH also owns two shops tailoring. The first, which sew clothing, in the other — for products abroad. Faith Levine, chairman of the Zhytomyr Oblast organization UTOH says that the company is working on tolling. Fabrics, accessories, patterns obtained from the customer. In Zhitomir only tailor and sew. Finished goods are sent to customers. That is, the company is only performed the easiest job. On the day of the seamstress can sew, for example, three skirts — it is the norm.

Krzysztof Kotinevich noted that in Poland all the companies which employed people with impaired hearing, has decayed, so Germany in particular, makes an order or in China, or in Ukraine, because it is cheaper. In addition to production facilities, two of which in the enterprise: making clothes and for foreign customers, there is still a section on development patterns, tailoring shop on that warehouse, where you can buy the products. Set of clothes worth 190 USD.

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