18 most stupid rules of behavior in the workplace


Rules of conduct in the office can be a lot, and they can be stupid

Recently, the U.S. media was told about the arrest of 16-year-old for his scientific experiment did not go as planned. The incident caused a heated discussion on social networks Reddit, where the participants brought thousands of absurd rules and regulations in the companies where they work and education where they learn.

Edition of Business Insider has compiled a list of the most ridiculous bans, which include regulation of the size of the beard, or a requirement to wear glasses when using a stapler.

1. May not bring to the office soda, as this may break the monopoly established in the corridors of vending soft drinks.

2. Employees are not allowed to drink water from a bottle. Can only small cups, which after use should be immediately discarded.

3. Each sent a corporate e-mail must be in one of the proposed topics, including "non-official memo" or "request for time off."

4. Trade unions prohibit employees move a table in the offices. For any change of location of furniture you need to call the special workers.

5. Sleep in most offices also impossible.

6. In one institution permitted to use a stapler without goggles.

7. Above the printer hangs order banning him off ever. The prohibition is explained by the manufacturer's warranty.

8. A lawyer shall inform the Secretary every time where he is going and for what period of time, leaving the office.

9. The wait staff at the restaurant must follow the five rules for wearing beards, which, among other things, strictly regulate its length, a possible combination with a mustache and sideburns prohibited.

10. In another institution is strictly prohibited any hair on the face, except for his mustache. And the need to grow a mustache during the holidays, so that they in entering the work was of a certain length.

11. Officer forced to spit out not completely chewed cookies for the fact that he took it without permission from the tray in the hallway institution.

12. Some companies follow not only the size of the beard employees, but also for its form

13. In one insurance company employees fined for being late for 1 minute with a lunch break hour or 15-minute pause.

14. Couriers in a law office can not wear the box, even the smallest hands. Only in the cart.

15. In cold storages companies are forbidden to wear a hat, even bald employees.

16. The institution is strictly forbidden to bring the work of popcorn (as, for example, out of the theater), or cook it in the microwave in the dining room. This is one of the first lien, which is reported to each new employee. The reason for dislike of the popular American delicacy explain the incompatibility of talking on the phone and eating popcorn.

17. One company does not allow its employees to have any items in your pockets, reminiscent of a mobile phone including a wallet and a pack of chewing gum.

18. In public institution employees are allowed to have on your desktop, only one personal item. Furthermore, the table it should be according to a rigid instructions. Thus, the handle can be located only at the top left side of the keyboard.

19. The employee was given a warning for what he said "good luck" sneezer colleague. Moreover, for this "offense" was sent to the courses of professional conduct in office.

20. Employees are not allowed to smoke in your own car if they are going to work from one office to another.

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