2012 offset the inner core of the Earth and the prophecies …

Many of the prophets predicted that in the near future will begin global tectonic upheavals. What are the causes of the forthcoming catastrophe?

"If you think of a simplified structure of our planet, in the Earth's inner core is iron-nickel, which is like the yolk in the egg" floats "in the liquid outer core of our planet.
At the beginning of the first systematic observations of the geomagnetic field (1829) noted that the magnetic dipole of the Earth (and the inner core, respectively) offset from the axis of rotation of the planet at 252 km in the Pacific Ocean. According to the 1965 is the offset increased to 451 km, and continues to grow!

Displacement of the nucleus of the planet must somehow express themselves, but because of the sheer momentum of the Earth in comparison to the inner core, the changes will be minor. In the first place it should be reflected in slower speed of the planet. In 1991, the length of the day increased by 1 second, in July 1992, has been amended to day time by 1 second, and in 1993 increased on two seconds. Even now there is a slow shift the North Pole towards Greenland, increasing the amplitude of the movement of the instantaneous pole, increasing daily nutation axis of rotation, there are significant fluctuations in the polar geographical latitude — due to changes in the axis of rotation of the body of our planet and the shift of the center of mass of the Earth nucleus.

Now there is a significant shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth, significantly reduced the intensity of the magnetic and electric fields of the planet. In the direction of displacement of the inner core, between Australia and Antarctica increases the magnetic field strength and already reaches 0.7 Oe, almost like on a pole. On the opposite side of the Earth in the southern Atlantic Ocean opposite the magnetic field has decreased by 10%. In the future, all of these changes should be further enhanced.

Scientists at the German Research Center for Geophysics Helmholtz in Potsdam and the National Space Institute in Denmark, found significant changes in the mass distribution of matter near the earth's core. This redistribution causes significant changes in the magnetic field of our planet. With the help of the German CHAMP satellite and Danish scientists have managed to fix Orstaed magma flow on the outer boundary of the core at a depth of 3500 km. Monitoring with the satellites and ground stations were for nine years. During this time, the European Geophysics created a model that describes the behavior of the outer layers of the core and the molten metal around it. In 2008, the equipment recorded a rapid redistribution of matter in the world and significant deviations from the conventional norms. Equipment recorded the magnetic field caused by the redistribution of the mass of the liquid core.

And if ordinary magnetic field fluctuations are seasonal and depend on solar activity, the sun and moon, the committed changes are saved as the result of the redistribution of mass within the Earth. The opening of European geophysicists significant in that committed changes in the liquid core, therefore, the magnetic field of the earth, there have been too fast for geomagnetic restructuring our planet took less than a year. This suggests that within our planet are unknown processes that are likely to cause displacement of the Earth's inner core.

At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, scientists at the California Institute of Oceanography have discovered a new type of volcanic activity. Multiple mini-volcanoes ("spots of activity") fire breathing lava pour out of the cracks of the crust. Earlier, a similar phenomenon was observed. Perhaps, the inner core of the Earth, with its off-center of the planet, the magma pushes to the surface.
Scientists have documented increases in water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean Heat a huge volume of water in a relatively short period of time, it is impossible. Warming, the human factor can not explain. Perhaps the Pacific Ocean warms already red-hot inner core of our planet, which is shifting to this region of the world. Increase in water temperature in the big ocean of the world will have disastrous consequences. Change the direction of currents, air currents and monsoon rains. Accordingly, substantially swap climates on Earth. Increase temperature contrasts in the summer and winter. Floods from heavy rains, drought, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, etc. — This is only a relatively harmless effects of rising temperatures on the planet.

The approach of the core with the mantle of the Earth will increase the number of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, particularly in the Mediterranean, Indian and Pacific crustal faults — Japan, Kamchatka, Indonesia, the Philippines, in the south-east Asia — Pakistan, India and China, as well as the west coast of South America.

Seismic stations constantly monitor the "trembling" of the Earth, recording even minor variations in the subsoil. Available statistics suggest that earthquakes on our planet continue to increase. In the XX century (1900 — 1930 gg.) Were only 2000 earthquakes from 1940 to 1982 — the year about (!) 1000 earthquakes. In 1983, there were 300 000 aftershocks, more than 800 per day. Since 1984, the number of recorded earthquakes of 1000 for each day! Since 1994, the world as a two-fold increase in the number of long-focus, that is, coming from the depths of the earth, earthquakes. Number of tectonic catastrophe in numerous victims is also increasing. In the first half of the XX century, those counted 33, and the second half is 95. Some of them carried off hundreds of thousands of lives!

The threat of a tectonic shift caused by the cataclysm of the inner core of the Earth is very real. The consequences of this terrible disaster will be the most devastating.

American "sleeping" prophet Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) warned in advance of this cataclysm, "If you feel as though something in the depths of the earth moves and rumbles, it began to shift the inner core of the Earth." According to him, the earth's core was "slipping out of its gravitational engagement" in 1936.

The earth is a kind of gyroscope with three degrees of freedom. If the motion of the inner core in the direction of the earth's surface continues, over time will shift the center of mass of the planet so that the earth is just kuvyrknetsya in space, like Julia with a displaced center of gravity, to take a more stable position of the rotation axis. According to the law of conservation of moment of inertia of the water of the seas and oceans fall on the waterfront, sweeping away everything in its path. Flood comes next!

At the same time the inner core of solid rock to reach the mantle of the world, will begin strong earthquake with devastating consequences. In the predictions of the prophets described in detail this future catastrophe.

According to the prophecies of St. John Chrysostom,
during the devastating tectonic cataclysm happens 4 stroke out of the ground. Fourth strike will be the most devastating. Perhaps the earthquake will begin in Aries — the end of March or early April (21.03-20.04): "When Aries opened the sixth seal, there was the first blow of the earthquake, and the sun became black as a black hair bag, and the whole moon as a spot of blood, and the air Stars seemed to fell to earth like a fig tree shaken by a strong wind, drops its still immature fruit. And part of the sky separated, curled up like a scroll, in the form of storm clouds, and every mountain and island moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, and the princes and generals and the rich and powerful, and free, and slaves took refuge in caves and under the rocks of the mountains …
And there were lightnings, and thunders, and sounds, and the second blow of the earthquake occurred … hail and fire mixed with blood. They fell to the ground, and a third of the trees and all green grass was scorched …
And in that moment, there was a strong earthquake hit the third, and a tenth of the strongholds-rock collapsed and died while crash seven thousand herbs, human likenesses, and fear fell on the other, and gave praise to the God of heaven …
And then there was thunder and sounds and thunderous boom and a large fourth strike of the earthquake, which has not happened since then, as there are people on this earth. Such a hit! So big! And the Great Rock of Russell into three parts, and fell village people. And this was before God vspomyanuty great "Gate of the Lord" that he gave them to drink the cup of his indignation and anger. The whole island seemed to be ran, and coastal heights not become more. Hail stones weighing up to six pounds poured from heaven height on people. And people blamed God for the wounding of hail, because the pain from them is very hard … ".

In the predictions of the biblical prophets,
who lived more than two thousand years ago, there are many predictions about the future of global earthquakes. I will cite just a few.
"And the foundations of the earth shake. Earth is utterly broken, the earth falls, the earth is moved, the earth wobbles like a drunkard, and sways as the cradle … She falls, and do not get up. " Isa. 24: 18-20.
"For thus says the Lord of hosts, once again, and it will be soon, I will shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land, and I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations." Arr. 2: 6-7.
"Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken." Mf.24 29.
"Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: And great earthquakes in various places, and famines, and pestilences, and fearful sights and great signs from heaven." Lk. 21: 10-11.
"There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken," Luke. 21: 25-26.
"But in the last days, God says … I will show wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and vapor of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon — the blood, before the day of the Lord, the great and glorious. " Acts. 2: 17-20.
"And when he had opened the sixth seal, I looked, and, lo, there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood. And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, as a fig tree shaken by a strong wind, drops its late figs. And the heaven svivshis like a scroll, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. " Open. 6: 12-14.
"Zion shall be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of this house — a forest." Jeremiah 26:18.

Prophecy John of Jerusalem
the devastating earthquake: "When the millennium after the millennium followed suit, in many places where the earth shake, all the cities will perish by going underground. Everything that was built without the advice of the wise once — everything will be destroyed. Mud with mud bury selenium, earth asunder under new palaces. But man, pride, obsessive, obstinate and stubborn, will not hear the warning, a message from Earth, as again and again she calls out to him. And new fires destroy the new Rome, and the poor and the barbarians plunder, despite the legions abandoned castles. "
The almanac for 1563 Nostradamus wrote: "… in various Eastern countries would face severe earthquake, the sudden and unusual, that many cities will be absorbed deep abyss."

Prophecy of Leonardo da Vinci
on tectonic cataclysm at number 957, "will be released from the depths of someone who horrifying cries deafen standing nearby and his breath will bring death to people and the destruction of towns and castles" (displacement of the inner core, tectonic phenomena and its disastrous consequences — Comm. author.).
958. Large stones (volcanoes) will spew a fire, they will burn firewood many and great forests, and many wild and domestic animals.
956. Oh, how many great buildings will be destroyed because of the fire.
866. We'll see how the land flip upside down and look at the opposite hemisphere and open holes savage beasts (offset axis of rotation of the Earth and volcanic activity).
888. Will be ruined countless lives, and in the land will be made countless holes (dips surface).
896. Water will be largely the cause of death of cities … (flood).
920. And … many of the greatest nation be drowned in their own homes.
945. So great are the puddles that people will walk on the trees of their country.
871. It will be a great many of those who, forgetting their existence and the name will lie dead on the remains of other dead.
914. Oh, how many will be those which, after his death, will rot in their own houses, filling the district fetid smell. "

Predictions about the future of the cataclysm of the collection of medieval prophecies Liber Mirabilis,

first published in 1524. The book was translated from Latin into French by Jean de Vatigerro in 1831. Prophecy of the 21st century: "All the elements will change over the centuries. Land in many places will be in a terrible state and the destruction of many living beings will be absorbed by it. Numerous villages and large cities will be destroyed by strong earthquakes …. Zashumit Sea and hit the country around the world. The atmosphere will be polluted and completely spoiled because of discord people and the many wars …. Air will cause the pestilence and disease will spread through it. People will become like animals and would have cheered the new variety of diseases. They got sick and quickly die of indescribable and sudden plague of famine and suffering. Will be terrible suffering in the world and no one in the West will find a place of salvation. From the very beginning of the world there was nothing more frustrating as a disaster. "

September 19, 1846 fifteen shepherdess Melanie Calva (1831-1903) and eleven Maxim Giraud near Grenoble (La Salette) a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who told the children about a series of world wars, ruined cities, and various disasters of the future: "For evil is done by people, even nature will cry and earthquakes will occur in protest against those who have committed crimes in the world. Earth will shake and you will tremble, those devoted to the service of Christ. You engaged narcissism, tremble! The Lord will give you in the hand of your enemies, because the holy places are infected with distortions, many monasteries are no longer God's house, but pastures Asmodeus, that is the devil, demons and their followers. "

Prophetess Marie Julie
in 1880 predicted a catastrophe that must occur on the planet, "The earth will be like a huge cemetery. The corpses of the wicked and the righteous completely cover it. Earth tremble to its foundations, and then huge waves, stir in the sea, moved onto the continent. "

Brigham Young (1860): "More and rearing, leaving its banks will absorb huge city."

Emelda Scotia (1933): "The earth will tremble, and come out of the sea coast."

Madame Sylvia
(Pseudonym of Austrian Countess von Bock Bianchi), before his death in 1948, left to posterity numerous records with the predictions of various events. Here is one of them: "The world has lost support, and his heart is broken …. Earth sighs and swirl terrible catastrophes. Some continents and islands are destroyed and washed away into the ocean, and the other — has risen again from the depths of the sea. Water will come out of the coast … ".

Prophecy Anton Johansson (1918):
"Unheard hurricane raged on two continents …. I mentally walk through the city of the eastern coast of England. I saw ships beached, many collapsed buildings and a lot of wrecks, rocks on the sea waves. Many ships were sunk in the sea. Then, before my eyes appeared in Belgium, the Netherlands and the German states on the North Sea, which have been hit hard. I have heard that among the most affected by the destruction of cities mentioned Hamburg and Antwerp …. Elements did not spare even the northern coast of Denmark and the eastern part of Sweden. "
"Higher power lifted me high, high above the Earth, and showed that it would be in Europe and America more than a hundred years.
In Russia, the disaster will be particularly strong, for her great disbelief. If I remember it right, a quarter of its people will kill ulcer, and a fourth part — the war. One of the worst plagues will dazzle people and their loss of reason. Patients with these diseases is very dangerous to drink alcohol. Being internally blind and consuming a lot of alcohol, they will quickly die, leaving no offspring. And then I was shown the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, on the coast of the North Sea, which often beat the storm. Among the most affected cities, I heard mentioned the name of Antwerp and Hamburg. Even Denmark, its western and northern coast and the west coast of Sweden suffered. Dam will burst, and half of the Netherlands will flood the sea. The water level rose apparently because many of the coastal areas of land were flooded. Then they showed me the eastern coast of America. Instead of the Great Lakes was one big sea. Water covered part of Alabama. Norfolk in Virginia became a huge seaport. New York, which was destroyed either by war, or an earthquake, rebuilt. I saw a lot of new buildings. Most of the houses were made of thick, smoky glass. "

The prediction of the famous American seer Edgar Cayce
was called the "sleeping prophet" because the information about the events of the future, he reported during sleep. Casey's prophecies about the future tectonic cataclysm: "There will be the following changes to the physical appearance of the planet: the territory of the western part of North America will be split, most of Japan will go under water, and in an instant change in northern Europe, the east coast of America will land.
In the Arctic and Antarctic crustal shifts occur, leading to the eruption of volcanoes in the tropics. Then follow offset [provisions] poles, resulting in polar or subtropical zones can be … the tropics. "
Question, "When will become apparent changes in the earth's activity?".
Answer: "As soon as a first cataclysm in South Sea (South Pacific), and will be observed diving and raise land almost diametrically opposite side of the globe, in the Mediterranean, near Etna, — this will be the beginning."
Question: "Will there be any changes to the earth's surface in North America? If so, what areas would be affected and how? "
Answer: "We find that the whole country will be reconfigured to a greater or lesser degree. The biggest change in America, we believe that there will be in the north Atlantic coast. Be alert to New York! "
"Little by little will change the geographical conditions in this country and around the world. Will be destroyed as many areas on the east and on the west coast, as well — the central part of the United States.
In the coming years there will be more land in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and many coastal areas will be the bottom of the ocean. Even many of the modern (1941) Fields covered with waters of the oceans, seas and bays, there will be new ground with a new world order and the new developments.

Disappear many parts of the eastern coast near the modern New York or even most of the New York. However, the destiny of future generations. Sooner cease to exist south of the state of Carolina and Georgia.
Water lakes (Great Lakes), most likely, will enter the Gulf (Gulf of Mexico), and not in the water (Gulf of St. Lawrence), as was recently conducted a discussion. Area (Virginia Beach), which is now being, will be among the safest, and so are areas in the modern states of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, as well — most of the southern and eastern Canada. At the same time, most of the western lands be destroyed, which, of course, will take place in other countries. "
"Crustal faults occur in many places. First — on the west coast of America, and then the northern part of Greenland will go under water, more land will be in the Caribbean. By devastating earthquakes shake the whole territory of South America up to the Tierra del Fuego, which produce a new earth and a new strait. "

Predictor of later more detailed account of the effects of tectonic disaster in North America, "Look at New York, Connecticut and the like. Many areas on the east coast will shake, as well as the central regions of the United States.
Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of these cities will be destroyed even before New York.
Areas near the coast of New York, and possibly New York itself almost disappear from the face of the earth. Here, however, will live another generation, as for the southern parts of Carolina, Georgia, they will disappear. And it will happen sooner. The waters of the Great Lakes will merge into the Gulf of Mexico. "
"I believe in man's free will and do not believe the future quite inevitable. There are many people who have been warned, for example, in a dream about the upcoming misery, and they are showing a precaution, have managed to avoid them. A classic example is given in the Bible.

In the Book of Jonah narrated that all repentant city was saved from God's wrath. If a person as an individual and as a citizen is aware of his true nature and his relationship with God, he will be able to avoid repeating past mistakes. "
When the terrible natural disasters Russian territory, as predicted by E. Casey, suffer less than other countries. Huge continental plate on which our country is to remain almost untouched. Area from the Urals to the lake will be a modern analogue of the "Noah's ark.

Native American vision of Robert Wolf-Specter: "The darkness and the darkness will descend on the Pacific coast of the U.S. at the beginning of the new millennium, a few months will be as dark as it is only in the long polar night. That's because that dozens of volcanoes spewed out almost simultaneously, ash and smoke for a long time will cover the entire western part of America. But the eruption of volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean cause a sharp rise in the coastal waters of almost one hundred meters. "

Predictions Apache tribe shaman John Ranninga: "Before the end of the world will be a strong earthquake, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of people will die. Then war breaks out, and the moon will turn red and disappear from the sky. There will come a prophet, and to preach the new doctrine. For some it will be the Messiah, while others call him the Antichrist. "

The vision of Pastor Marc Lebrun (17 February 1998) Tsunami in France:
"The scene takes place on the beach in the small fishing port, which may well be in Normandy or Brittany. Supposedly stands far out at sea, I do not know if there is a lighthouse. I see small and large houses on either side of the embankment on the right and left of the pier. Most large houses have three or four floors. On either side of the marina are boats. I'm on the pier overlooking the sea, quiet.
Suddenly, a wave, a huge, scary huge, which significantly exceeds the height of the houses. Darken the landscape, it rises into the sky. Strong wind accompanies it. Wave invaded the harbor, destroying and breaking everything in its path. I've never seen anything so terrible and ruthless. No one can avoid the huge waves that engulf the country.
I run to home seekers. Tsunami on the right and left, especially on my left. I see the sea water hit with great force. When I run, I do not have the strength and can not feel my legs. Breathe, but no matter what, I continue to run. Knowing that I could not take … more. "

Vision (2008), Pastor Kilpatrick of the devastating earthquake: "In the Church of His Presence, I had a vision, which lasted for about two or three seconds. In this vision, I saw the earth caves in front of me. It was so real that I actually moved aside to avoid what I saw. I knew immediately that it was an earthquake, and in my mind came the thought that the damage from this earthquake may exceed the damage from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Please understand that I am not saying that God told me this. This just came into my head … After this amazing dream I woke up, shivering and shaking, at 5:00 am. It was one of the three most profound dreams that I've ever had during the ministry to which the Lord has called me. I feel that this dream — an application to the vision that came April 27, 2008.

In this dream, I saw the words wind and water. I just saw the words, but did not actually see the wind or water damage. Then I saw that I was looking at the river, which at once became so wide that I could not see any of its banks. Then the dream changed direction, and I'm with one of my parishioners running through an old abandoned school house. This empty building began to shake. The shaking was so strong and seriously, it was like a wild horse race, throws us. My teeth were chattering so much of this shaking, I tried to bite them, to prevent them from knocking. In the dream I knew that he was in a strong earthquake. The sounds were so catastrophic that the thought came to my mind that the devastation could probably exceed Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I have not seen the devastation behind me, and I just heard it. In all my life I have never heard such catastrophic sounds. They were the scariest sounds I have ever heard. Then sleep again changed direction and ended with two names on it seems, the old Spanish map. One name was read as both Indianola — Europe. When I woke up, I was shaking as if I had chills and fever. I could not stop shaking …

After seeing this, I think that the dream could relate to the devastating earthquake in the New Madrid fault …
I do not want to give the impression of alarmist about what I saw. I also do not want to introduce fear in society, or body of Christ. However, I can not help but feel that God gave me this as a warning, to prepare us for the coming days and pray for this question. Please know that I have not seen any time as to when this might happen. Please pray with me about this vision and a dream. "

Description of future tectonic cataclysm — the message of the Virgin Mary by Oris (Tsveleva SV): "The hour of the Court, terrible for anyone living in lies and hypocrisy, and the saving of those who hope for speedy triumph of Truth. Remember: how to begin disaster that will affect the universal and all countries, continents and the continents, no one can hide from them in underground bunkers to hide or run away at the North Pole.
Lord God of truth will not leave any martyrs for him, all those who hope will wipe away the tears and undergoes. But neither actor albeit not count on an easy escape.

Will redraw the whole continents, because on the eve of the Last Judgment has great redistribution. Since some will fail crosses an invisible and be baptized in the Spirit.
Scary Court. Do not forget. The Holy Spirit will flow like a sword, and slaughter, and crush everyone who did not know him. Already shivering hell. Do not count the years and months, days and hours of miserable. The Lord's coming in glory!
Within days equalize sinful Cup of nations. World in such a state that only universal global catastrophe sobered Adam's race. And stating the signs of great strength and behold then set fire signs of heaven, can penetrate the worlds and outshine the stars.

On the eve of the great events in the heavens reign tense silence, the eclipse of the light and the total darkness.
Behold, he cometh New Heaven, the three disasters, watch the Transfiguration. Three disasters — Three Great Confession, three debt that Heavenly Father listens to the dying humanity. Each of the disaster will mean phase of the Transfiguration. No more than three days and three nights in the complete absence of the Transfiguration, but first — in the inner.
Early in the first disaster the whole earth tremble as of a terrible explosion, and will feel that the whole expanse off the ground and raced down the slope. And may live thousands of volcanoes, and the buzz unbearable fill the earth shake. And begin a terrible hurricane. The strongest and yet unseen by you on power high winds will pull trees with roots and destroy huge houses like toys.
In the first hour of the pipe sign angel of God will drop the cup dates, and poured out on the ground avalanche of red light. And a third of the Earth will be burned in the fires.

In the middle of the first disaster suddenly cuts in from the sky blinding force Pillar of Light — a lot of white illustrious rays strike the earth. And then spilled to Earth Ray of Light of Lights, and will be wonderfully transformed all the solid earth beneath.
And all at once break out the thunder from the sky and hit a terrible lightning, who raised Christ from the tomb — and incinerated in an instant the whole earth! And while many dazzling stars will fall to the ground, like a white-hot coals, and all will have experience as a visibly accomplishes the end of time. "

Vyustenrufera clairvoyant vision of Lower Saxony (October 6, 2004) of the time after the tectonic hazards:
"The voice went on to say, while the following places as the top shows me on the map, but in each case, respectively, magnified, so I was able to glimpse the street. Regensburg will be looted. Augsburg destroyed. In Munich, the reigning confusion.

Now I saw Austria and was overjoyed. The voice said: "Austria will save us, God bless Austria!".
I saw Italy. There were wild disorder and chaos. Many people cut each other with knives indiscriminately. Italy will suffer.
I saw Switzerland. There was peace, but no one came outside to look for refuge there.
I saw France. I was there as chaos and anxiety of people, it was worse than in Munich, but it was not as bad as in Italy. In addition, people in France do not seem to have lost his mind. They were to help Germany, and above all, Belgium.
Belgium has been a great need, I do not know why. Belgians hoped for help from Germany or France, but know that in Germany, the war began. Netherlands sunk by a good 2/3 into the sea, a small strip along the German was still above water. I heard a voice: "Northern Germany, you will suffer. Lord closes your sins. " Now I saw the water covered part of the North German coast, especially in the north of Lower Saxony.
My note: I come from the west of Lower Saxony. He lay there in my home town of flooding, I do not know, I heard, but, after that voice again: "Homeland, you have to suffer."

Now I saw Scandinavia. In Norway, it was relatively quiet, but very big concern and fear. In Sweden, there was a very fierce battle with the aggressor from the east. Of course, I can not say that it was a Russian, but it is possible. Finland has been mobilized. The Finns were no longer masters in their own country, but no grief from happening, but their suppression. I saw Shlezving Denmark and Holstein, but no people in Denmark was only a very little Shlezving Holstein. I wanted to know what it was mean, but his voice was silent and did not explain it to me.

Now I've seen the UK. South-west of the country sank into the sea, the bay rose to where he was in London, even a little higher. In the south-east of England, I saw another land, how big it was, I do not know, but I could clearly see its edge. I heard the word "Dover." And he knew that the city was lost (fell down). Scotland kept up to several islands and coast lines of bands, the most part of it. There was peace. This, it was felt this way, as if God was holding my hand over the people. I tried to focus on Ireland. When it was possible, I had the following situation: in the south you can see the low, round concave, where the ocean flooded the country. The remainder of Ireland lived, but the country was almost flat, never had the mountains and left only a little hill.
Now I saw a small child, but only vaguely. Woman with red-brown shoulder-length hair was for him. I could not recognize her face. Whenever I tried to concentrate on that, the picture was slipping away from me, but I've seen — the people I knew. She looked a little sad, and, above all, be closed. Suddenly I understood. Those were my wife and my child.
Note: "I am lonely and do not even know the woman, which could fall this view. The woman was sad, because I was not with them. I could see myself in a dark background. I saw myself in the picture, I was about 30 years old. Now my age — it's three months before my 24th birthday. "

Boris Kulagin vision about tectonic cataclysm in Moscow:
"Quite a long time, about three years ago, during the three longest hours of my life, I saw what would be the end of the world … However, I was driving in a car and driving, and was fully conscious, did not drink alcohol and any other stimulant … In general, first thought that all went to the roof. So, I saw suddenly the entire visible area was a wave height of about 4 — 5 meters, this was just a wave from the ground — soil, there was a feeling that the ground for a moment became as water, wave motion its velocity was enormous .
I do not know how to measure or describe, but after a wave remained nothing even remotely resembling a building or road, I saw everything as if I'm standing on the dais at the Ring Road, which is Volokolamsk Highway to Moscow, where the church is still standing. I was looking at Moscow, or more precisely on that desert which was left … Everything was burning, exploding, but almost no moans and screams, and the majority were killed immediately.

Then I saw the remains of people gathered, and fight for a piece of bread, killing each other. I walked to the north further and further away from the city, everyone was razed to the ground, then saw excerpts faces — who was dying, who survived, it was so realistic that my wife and I moved to live in a remote village, 400 km from Moscow 3 years ago.
Now I wait. But, unfortunately, I do not know when it will happen. Not happen again once. In the words of my father in the church — "Sometimes the Lord lifts the curtain on your own, but sometimes naughty devils can obscure understanding."
I was here 55.831199,37.402411 (coordinates) — was driving to the center and saw that everything breaks down quickly. Saw the corner of his eye, as it were, stopped, jumped out of the car — at this point the wave was at a distance of around 500-600 meters away from me and was even on the horizon of the Soviet Era.

After about a second, I was pushed to the ground. When I got up, everything is finished …
Everything around is destroyed, the buildings did not have any in sight as far as the eye could see. It was about 15 — 16 hours of the day, the feelings of August — September. Almost everyone who rode in cars crashed and burned. The road has disappeared — a feeling that the asphalt was breaking of the ice. Everywhere was either smoke, or steam. Somewhere something underway. There's still a little more filling and to the left for some reason it did not burn when I saw it. Decided that we should get out of town, I knew that his wife was there, where we live now (Yuhovo, Maksatihinsky Tver Region) and I need to get there.

What is important, in front of my eyes drifted thousands of people and I could see how someone died or not, saw my girlfriend took off her feet and she lived for a time about five minutes, she was hurt, but it was fixed … saw her eyes … then By the way, I'm at work for about a month at a meeting with the people saw it live or not, even as a client to explain something, I try and suddenly I see that it was crushed under the rubble of apartment buildings and I stand, I look at him and think, why am I here crucified, after all you are dead … well, horror!
In short, I went home to the north, was about a month in secret, because the path of the 50 km zone of large cities met flocks crazed people who really could kill each other for a piece of bread, found under the rubble. All around the corpses, no food, water, travel by car is impossible, since the terrain was impassable … ".

From the book: Nostradamus. Six, anthologies and writing about the future of mankind

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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